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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 68: Trying Out the Jukebox

Music: Rainy Night

Tell me about the jukebox.

You have a jukebox? And it works?
I know. Trip, right? Ain't the newest model or nothin', but it gives the bar some class.
What's a song run me?
Can't charge for MUSIC, man! Thing's free as can be.
You see a song you like, just give it a spin.

Talk about the matches.

So tell me about these matches of yours.
Dig it, man. Label's a custom DeNonno original! 'Fore I came, place didn't even HAVE matches.

So only Dunning saw him?

So Dunning's the only one who saw the mystery man?
You got it. Hey... Why don't I show the boss a photo of Bradley!
I'm sure the old coot could tell if he was the mystery guest or not, yeah?
Works for me.
Dig it, man. I'll just show him the photo like it's no big and see what he says.
Leave it to me, my man! Plan'l go down smooth as that bourbon!
Thanks, Louie.
You know, I don't get this, Hyde. Say the guy what stayed here really was Bradley. I mean, why's he come here? What's he thinkin'? Guy mostsa had SOME reason for comin' here, yeah?
I don't know, Louie. I can't figure that out.

Music: Easy Feeling
'Nother drink, my man?
Yeah, hit me again.

Oh, hey! Welcome to the Seven Stars!'am. Just take a seat anywhere ya want.
(It's the old gal from upstairs.)

Kyle, ALL guests stay upstairs. There's where the rooms are!
On that note, there's nobody to escort Helen this time and she's just fine, so why did she ask us to before?

Whatcha havin'?
What a nice young man! I'll have a gimlet, if you please. And mind you, a real gimlet is half gin and half lime juice, and nothing else!

Guess Helen likes it sour. (For those who don't remember on the top of their head like me, gimlet is half gin, quarter lime, and quarter soda. At least according to Wikipedia.)

New Music: High Spirits (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Let's do the usual rounds.

Table The counter's cleaner than an operating table.
Bottle It's a bottle of bourbon, and it's open. I like this place already.
Glass It's a glass of bourbon. Huh. Someone knew I was coming.

Obviously someone knew you were coming. You accepted 2 drinking invitations.

Poster It's a poster of a bottle of booze. Now that's classy.
Plant Nice plant. Wonder if they water it with leftover drinks.
Sticker There's a sticker on the jukebox.

The last star! The result of all that is 51, which is the code to get the special prize for the vending machine. We already got it, though.
Jukebox There's a big jukebox in the corner. ...Wonder if they have any jazz?

This is, in fact, a minigame. Just tap the jukebox.

Originally, musics we haven't heard will not be available here. However, in NG+ all of them are available even if you haven't actually heard them (such as Countdown/Sunset Men). We have heard all the music shown here.
The music we choose will also become the map music for the bar. I'll stick with "High Spirits" since it won't play otherwise.

Left frame There are some black-and-white posters.
Right frame There's some pop art on display.
Shelf They've got shelves on the walls to hold drinks. My kinda place.
Matches There are some matches here.

And then we're brought to the puzzle. As I said before, it's completely optional, so feel free to solve it. It's not hard.

Square Puzzle posted:

The goal is to create three squares. The hard part is to do so by taking away four of the matches.

Triangle Puzzle posted:

The goal is to create three triangles. The hard part is to do so by taking away six of the matches.

Kyle will give around 4 or so response for finishing/quitting the puzzle. It's not worth showing.

Talking to Louie again just brings us to the question screen, so let's talk to Helen.

Music: Slow Steps
And a good evening to you, Mr. Hyde!
Are you down here all by yourself?
I drink alone. Less hassle that way.
Oh, I couldn't agree more.
But tell me, what are you drinking this evening?
I'm a man of habit. First one's always a bourbon. Then I let others take care of themselves.
My stars! Spending a Friday evening chatting with a fine, bourbon-drinking gentleman! I can't even remember the last time I did something like this! Goodness, it takes me back. It truly does...

For those who cares, 28th December 1979 IS a Friday.

So... You have family?
No, I'm all alone.

(??? You don't have any family? ???)

And you, Mr. Hyde?
Same story. No family, no ties. I'll tell you something, though.
This is the first time I ever spent the last Friday of the year in a hotel bar. And the first one I ever spent with a nice, gimlet-drinking lady like yourself.
Oh, Mr. Hyde! You certainly are a charmer!
Now that I think about it, you said something when I first saw you. You wanted to stay in the room that grants wishes, right?
That is correct.
There's a wish of mine that simply must come true, no matter what.

(??? A wish that must come true? ???)

That's why I came to this hotel, you see.
C'mon, that's just Dunning flapping his gums. You really believe that fairy tale?
And is it such a shame if I do believe it, Mr. Hyde? Perhaps the fairy-tale nature of the story makes me more inclined to believe, hmm?

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at, Mr. Hyde?
Write note
Mr. Hyde, what are you writing there?
Show old photo
I wonder how old this picture is? And who those nice young people are...
Show potato chips
I'm sure those chips are very tasty, but I'm quite full.
You should eat them! They'll help you grow big and strong!
Show chocolate bar
Oh! Chocolate! For me? What a sweet young man you are! (Takes the chocolate)
Show lipstick
A present for me, Mr. Hyde?
Yeah. In case you find yourself with a...vanishing cabinet or...something.
How sweet of you. (Takes the lipstick)

I love how Helen said she's full but then takes the chocolate anyway. Oh, and if you're wondering why Kyle's talking about vanishing cabinet it's going to be explained next update. I just showed it a little early.

How long have you been alone?

You always been alone?
Oh no. No, not always. There was a time when I had someone in my life.

(??? So you had family once? ???)

A lot can happen when you live as long as I have.

What's your wish?

So what's this wish of yours?
Now now, Mr. Hyde. That's my secret. All people have at least one genuine wish in their heart, don't you think?
But you never really hear about such things, because they are so personal. Not the kind of thing you'd just give away to anyone, don't you agree?

You had a family once?

So you had family once?

Not everything you hoped it would be?
Oh no, it's nothing like that. It's just...
Well, it's all in the past, you see. Nothing interesting to speak of.
You don't want to talk about it, I'll mind my business...and my drink. Just hearing about you in the heyday might be a kick in the pants.

Music: Slow Steps
Sorry to keep ya waitin'!

Oh ho! What a rascal you are! Oh, and bartender? I'd like to order this man a bourbon.
Coming right up.

Louie heads back down the bar.

Now, Mr. Hyde, how would you like to play a little game with me? Just to pass the time until your bourbon comes.
I'm not much for games.
Oh, but you'll like this one! It's more of a trick, really.

Now, as you can see, I have six coins in front of me. You must arrange them so there are four in a row both vertically and horizontally. Oh, but here's the fun part... You can only move one coin!
Do you think you can beat my little game, Mr. Hyde?
OK, I'll bite. But if I win, you have to tell me about your past. Deal?

Music: Puzzle

Puzzle time! This one is mandatory, so good luck!