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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 69: Looking After the Bar

Here's what the puzzle looks like without the Professor Layton edit.
There's actually two solutions to this puzzle, though both of them uses the same tactic.

In both, we put one of the coins in the edge of the long line on top of the coin in the middle of the cross.

Music: Slow Steps
Oh, you solved it! Wonderful! Perhaps it was too easy for you.
Very well then! As promised, I'll tell you a bit about my past.
I'm listening.

Wait a minute.

When were you here?

When did this happen?
I first stayed here twenty years ago. Then I returned ten years later.
Wait. You've been coming here once a decade for thirty years?
That's correct. Back then, the stories about Room 215 didn't even exist.


You lived in Vegas?

You lived in Lost Wages, eh?
Lost Wages? Ha, ha, ha! Oh, Mr. Hyde, I haven't heard that one in years! Yes, it was a long time ago, but I was a magician, you see!
Yes, before I lost this eye, I used to entertain huge crowds of people.
Las Vegas was the place to be for people in my line of work.
You were a MAGICIAN?

Hyde, my man? Do I have something special for you...

Oh my, look at the time! I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I must be off. Thank you for engaging this old lady in such spirited conversation, Mr. Hyde. Please enjoy the rest of your drink.
Bartender, would you please help me up to my room?
Huh? Oh, uh...yeah. Sure.
Yo, Hyde, Looks like I gotta run Grandma Patch back to her room. Can ya keep an eye on the place till I get back?

Helen and Louie leave the bar together.

Music: High Spirits
Now we need to wait for Louie. If we tried to leave the bar...

(Looks like I'll be watching joint until Louie gets back. Oh, sweet temptation.)

The time won't pass until we examine things. For some reason the jukebox doesn't count.

Well, if it isn't Mr. Hyde.

Music: Slow Steps
Oh. You.
Are you the only one here?
Yeah. Bartender had to step out, but he's coming back.
Yes, I should have expected that in this place...
So are you heading for bed, Mr. Hyde? I would hate to interrupt your leaving.
Nope. Barkeep asked me to watch the place until he gets back. ...Which will probably take a while.
I can't imagine why I'm asking you this, but would you like to have a drink together?

But thou must...

No thanks.

Sorry. Maybe later.
Oh really?
OK, I get it.
Get what?
You're not used to sharing a drink with a young, attractive woman such as myself.
(Think what you want, I still ain't drinking with you.)

If we try to talk to Iris...

You mind?
Not at all.

Never mind, I think I'll drink alone tonight.

I honestly don't know what to say, except that at least she's still better than Jeff. To progress, we need to examine things (again)

Music: Easy Feeling

And a fine evening to you, Mr. Hyde!
Summer. ...Don't you have a book to plagiarize or something?
So this is where you have sought refuge from the weight of this cruel world.
I thought you might be in your room, but found it empty.
You been looking for me?
Our last discussion ended on somewhat...awkward terms. I had hoped to start anew.
No thanks, Shakespeare.
I got no interest in anything else you have to say.
Your words wound me, sir. I had hoped to find you in a more charitable mood.
Perhaps you do not appreciate the gravity of my earlier confession. The truth remains that I revealed a secret which I had guarded for ten years.
And to a traveling salesman that I had met not hours before! You are a curious fellow, sir, and I find myself in awe of your gruff nature.
And so I thought we could engage in a further bit of light conversation.

Mr. Hyde?


I'll be leaving now. Do enjoy the remainder of your thrilling evening.

Iris leaves the bar.

I say...
Who was that woman?
She's the dame staying in 216. Name's Iris.

Hold it.

Bad Kyle! Your AA reference should've ended last chapter!

What's not right?

What's not right?
Oh, it's nothing really. I just had the feeling I'd seen that young woman before.

(??? He met Iris before? ???)

By the way, Mr. Hyde...
I have just remembered a small nugget that may be of interest to you.
Go on.
You recall asking me about Osterzone, yes?
Well, during our chat, I failed to mention something about the image on my bookmark. Three years ago, you see, that particular painting was on display, and-
Somebody nicked it.
Oh! You knew already?
But... But how could you possibly know this? Not two hours ago, you did not even know the name of Osterzone! How did you manage to find out about the theft so quickly?

Ah... the times without internet... And the time Kyle asked about Osterzone is almost 3 hours ago.

I did a little research.
Research, you say? And just how did you manage this?
I ain't playing twenty questions with you, pal. See you around.
Wait! Please, Mr. Hyde, just... One moment, please! It is as I suspected. You, sir, are no ordinary salesman.
Yes... Yes, it's clear as day now. It all makes sense.

(??? What makes sense? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you reading?
Write note
And what are you writing?
Show mini sewing machine
I believe that was in the parcel you received. Are you a...seamstress? Oh ho ho!

That explains why Martin would think Kyle could sew.

What all makes sense?

You figure something out?
Just a bit of deductive reasoning, is all. I am, after all, a mystery novelist first and foremost. I couldn't help but attempt to grasp your true nature!
(A thieving mystery novelist...)
You claimed to know nothing of Osterzone or his work. And yet you seem quite well informed on this matter. How is that? You are also employed as a salesman, but lack even the most basic of people skills. So what can we deduce from this, hmm?


But enough wordplay! It is time to, as they say, lay my cards on the table.
You, sir, are on the trail of Osterzone's stolen masterpiece! Yes, a work such as Angel Opening a Door must be insured for a princely sum.
I surmise that you are in the employ of this insurance company. You have been hired to track down the painting and return it to the rightful owners!

This salesman act is nothing more than a mink stole on a cheap lady of the night!
Now that, sir, is deduction! Behold the power of my reasoning and wit!
You done making stuff up?
Are you telling me that this is NOT your purpose here?
Yeah. That's what I'm telling you.
Oh... But I had deduced... I was so certain of it!
Well, I'm certain that you're an idiot, and only one of us is right. And you couldn't deduce your way out of a wet sack. That's why your books sell like fried crap at a county fair.
...I see. I suppose I should thank you for such honest advice. But know this! The more you resist, the more determined I am to learn about you!

How do you know Iris?

Where'd you meet her?
I think... Perhaps it was... No, I'm sorry, Mr. Hyde. I fear my memory has failed me.
But if I manage to lift the fog from my mind, I shall notify you posthaste!

Music: Easy Feeling
Make no mistake about it, Mr. Hyde! I shall discover your true identity!

Summer leaves the bar.

I've had about enough of that guy...

Another round of examining things later...

Music: High Spirits
Yo, Hyde, thanks for watchin' the place.
Anyone swing by while I was out?
Two birds showed, but they both left.
Aw, man! Wish they'd stuck around till I got back!

I don't know whether Iris would be better of with or without Louie.

You're better off this way. Trust me.
That's cold, Hyde1 I thought you were s'posed to be workin' with people now! Can't never let a customer leave angry, dig?
Louie, you're makin' my head hurt.
Sorry, man. Didn't mean to bring ya down.
Wasn't you. I think I'm done here.
OK, cool. Well, bar's open till midnight, so swing back if ya get bored, yeah? We still gotta have that drink together!

Fun fact: When we check the jukebox, the dialog changes depending on who's there. We already saw Louie's (there's no Helen's), and here's the others.