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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 70: Learning About the Hotel's History

Music: Easy Feeling
You mind?
Need a refill, my man?
Not yet.
Then gimme just a sec here, yeah? I'm polishin' glasses, but I'll be done soon.

Music: High Spirits
With nothing to do, we get out of the bar.

Music: Over Easy

Well look who's there!

Music: Hangover Blues
You're still cleaning?
Oh, yes! Clean, clean, clean! That's all poor Rosa does!
This old hotel's about to fall apart, you know? Sometimes I think I'm the only thing that keeps it going...

I think everyone knows that by now.

Besides, the key to good housekeeping is sticking with it. Can't let dirt win!
Guess not.
So where were you? Huh? Did you stop by the bar?
Oh! And how was it?
Not bad.
That's good to hear!
Dunning decided to let Louis manage the bar all by his lonesome! That boy! When it comes to cleaning, he just wants to loaf, but he loves that bar!
Seems so.
Well, that's Louis for you.
I wish he would put the same effort into helping me! But will he? Land sakes, no!
How long has that bar been here?
Oh, quite a while now!
I heard it was opened to celebrate the hotel's tenth anniversary.

(??? When was the anniversary? ???)

Mmm-hmm! Me? I think it's too small, but folks seem to be taken with it anyway. It's always full! And the folks there always leave me a terrible mess!

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you reading there, Mr. Hyde?
Write note
Writing something, Mr. Hyde?
Show lipstick
Is that for me?
Yeah, I figured that Dunning doesn't pay you squat, so...
I knew I liked you for a reason! Thank you very much, Mr. Hyde. (Takes the lipstick)

That's all the reactions for the new items, but what most people don't know is that she has a new reaction for an old item.

Show room 217 key
Isn't that the key to Room 217? Are you supposed to have that?

Yes. Chapter 6 marks the time we won't get a game over by showing the room 217 key!

When was the anniversary?

So when was the tenth anniversary?
Well, let's see... The hotel was built twenty years ago... That was 1959, so... 1969! If my math is right, and I just know it is!
Ten years ago...
(Wait a second... That incident with the missing kid happened about ten years ago.)
So I heard about a strange incident that went down ten years ago. You know anything about that?

(??? So something did happen. ???)

Tell me about the story.

So the story's true?
So you heard, did you? I can just guess who told you!
Little bird.
I just bet! Well, I'm a terrible liar, so I guess I can't pretend not to know!
So it's true?
...Yes, Mr. Hyde, it's true. Every word.
That's interesting.

Oh, you should have seen your face... Whew! No, I'm afraid it's just a rumor.
Rosa... You made a joke. Did it hurt?
Oh, hush now! Anyway, when I first asked Dunning if it was true, he flat out laughed at me! And here I was, hoping to get a peek at a ghost! What silliness!
That's one word for it.
Dunning says that this kind of thing happens all the time! What with hotels changing owners and closing down and so forth?
Well, rumors get started and folks talk about ghosts and murders and there you go!

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh, look at me! Chatting away like I have all the time in the world! So much cleaning still to do, and look at the time! Busy, busy, busy...
I'll get out of your hair.
Oh, but, Mr. Hyde! Maybe you want to hear more about this hotel's history? Hmm?
Well, if I were you, I'd ask Dunning himself! Yes I would! I'm sure the old coot is around somewhere!
I'll do that.
You will? Good! And I'll get back to my cleaning!

Music: Over Easy
Now we have to find Dunning to ask about the hotel's past and hope that he won't kick us out. We can find him inside the restaurant.

Music: Hangover Blues
Hey there.

Huh? Oh, it's you, Mr. Hyde. Whaddya need?
Tell me about the hotel's history.
Its history? Now why'n the Sam Hill ya wanna go askin' 'bout that nonsense?!
I'm a curious guy. Look, I was just down in the bar, and someone told me a little bit about it. Said the bar was built for the hotel's tenth anniversary. That true?
So ya heard, did ya?

When was it built?

When was this place built?
Oh, 'bout twenty years ago, give'r take. Back then, place was whatch'd call real popular. Used'a have bands playin' in the restaurant, even. And weekends were outta control! Wild parties and everythin'!
Sounds like it was the place to be.
Yep. Used t'be all right...
But by the time I took over, the place'd changed.

(??? When did Dunning take over? ???)

No more parties or fancy bands. Reputation just went down the crapper.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
Whatcha lookin' at?
Write note
Whatcha writin'?

Remember when I said the room 217 key won't give a game over? That applies to Dunning too! And that applies to everything else too!

Show crowbar
Ya keep a crowbar with ya wherever ya go? Guess ya can't be too careful in L.A.
Show room 217 key
Now, why d'ya have that?

The screwdriver, pliers, memo and box doesn't give a small response. This means that one source of game over has just been eliminated! It's a miracle!

When did you take over?

How long you been running the place?
'Bout five years now. I'd been thinkin' 'bout startin' up a business when I saw this hotel for sale. Place was goin' for a song, so I bit. Talk about a sucker! Shoulda just buried my cash in a damn hole... I thought a hotel'd be a perfect way t'make some quick scratch.
'Course, after openin', I did nothin' but break my back every damn day! Can't tell ya how many times I thought 'bout hightailin' it back to my old job...

(??? What did Dunning used to do? ???)

But I tightened m'belt and just kept 'er runnin'.
Thanks to good people like yerself, of course!

You know, if you want your hotel to have a good reputation, maybe you shouldn't kick them out as soon as they seem suspicious? You know, just a suggestion.

What were you looking at?

So what were you staring at when I came in?
Yep. Take a look up above the piano. See them frames? Got lots'a old shots of the place in there. They're all pictures'a guests in the restaurants. Most've 'em are from before my time here.
That old, huh?
Real comedian, ain't ya, Hyde? ...'Course, they're all up'n gone now.
Shucks. Even a hard-ass like me can get a bit weepy thinkin' 'bout the past...

What did you do before?

What did you do before you ran this place?
What, ya mean my job? Ain't no business'a yours!

How'd you get this place?

Tell me something, Dunning. How does a guy like you get into hotel management?
Aw, it ain't nothin' special. I was just yer average paper pusher, ya know?
You saved up enough money to buy a hotel by working in an office?
Yep. Pretty much.
So what's a hotel run you these days?
I ain't tellin' ya that! It's a secret!
C'mon, you can tell me.
I said no! Ya don't just start askin' 'bout other people's cash flow! Ain't right!

Music: Hangover Blues
Aw, that's enough of hearin' my jaw. I gotta get back t'work...
I won't stop you.
By the way, Mr. Angel in 213 called me up a few minutes ago. Told me that whole mess'a his is taken care of. Found his missin' stuff in his own room. Just where I told him it was!

Kyle is so proud.

Don't I know it! Last thing I needed was the fuzz sniffin' 'round my joint.

Dunning heads out of the restaurant.

Here's the pictures Dunning was looking at, if you're curious. Just a bunch of generic frames.