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Part 71: Accepting a Fetch Quest

Music: Over Easy

Now that we're done looking at the "pictures", let's go out.

Music stops

That a problem?

Rosa! Slow down a second!

What do you want?

What do you want, Rosa?
Oh, good! I knew you'd agree if I asked nice. Yes I did!
I'm not talking to Summer again.

Spoiler: We're going to talk to Martin this update.

Music: Hangover Blues
Just listen! It's about the restaurant! See, sometimes when our guests order wine, they like to keep the labels. Well, when that happens, we always deliver it to their room later.
But I'm as busy as can be, and Louis has to run that bar of his! And so neither of us can spare the time to do it!
And then when I saw you, I thought...
You thought I'd do it.
Oh, aren't you sharp! Yes, that's my thought. Exactly!

Rosa: After all, I saw Dunning but he wouldn't do it! He'd just say he's busy doing... whatever it is he's doing!

I do this, and you're just going to give me a dustpan.
Hush! I will not! And I'll give you a free breakfast to make up for it!
...Keep talking.
We've got fresh blueberry muffins and my very own Spanish omelets!
Sounds good.
So you'll do it? Oh, say you will, Mr. Hyde!
...Fine. Who wants the damn label?
Language! And the label goes to Mrs. Parker up in Room 212.
(The old woman...)
It's quite a touching story, actually! Yes it is! You see, Mrs. Parker ordered wine ten years ago when she came with her friend.

(??? Who was Helen here with? ???)

So tonight, the poor woman ordered that very same bottle of wine! I didn't want to snoop, but I watched her drink it, and she looked so sad... Well, when she finished, she started talking about this and that... And she told me how she wanted to take the label home with her!

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you reading?
Write note
You writing something?

Who did Helen come here with?

Who was Helen here with ten years ago?
I'm sure I have no idea! I told you all I know, Mr. Hyde. Why are you so nosy?
Just my way.

Kyle: Just my Adventure/Mystery Game Protagonist way.

But if Rosa had to guess... I'd say it was her son! Yes I would!
Her son?
Oh, I can't say for sure... But I'm sure it's true!
...You don't say?
I just know it! I saw how she talked to him back then!
I know she's just like me...

(??? ...Just like you? ???)

She's just like you?

Hold on. How is Helen Parker just like you?
Her son, silly! He lives far away, just like my boy!
You sure about that?
Of course! Well, kind of... Stop confusing me!

They're still talking about Helen here, so this is not a typo like I thought when I first read it. It's just weird placement.

I'd stake my mop on it!
Wait... You have a son?
Yes, I do, Mr. Hyde. Is that a surprise to you?
My boy lives in Manhattan.

(??? What's Rosa's son like? ???)

What's your son like?

What's he like? Your son, I mean. And what's he doing in New York?
He works on Wall Street.
No kidding.

Sounds like a band name.

You pegged him true, Mr. Hyde!
He went to a good university and found himself a nice place to work. Yes he did!
I bet you're proud of him.
Mmm, yes. I guess it seems like that from your point of view.
You're not proud of him?
It's not that, Mr. Hyde. It's just...he doesn't understand me one bit!
Well, you're a pretty complex person.

If this games pulls another Zero Escape reference before the games even exist I quit. Probably.

Do you know what he said to me? Do you?!

Do you understand life, LiRosa? Do you?!

He told me to QUIT MY JOB! Can you imagine? "Come to Manhattan!" he says! "We'll live together!" he says!
Sounds like a nice offer to me.
Oh? And what about it strikes you as nice?! I do good, honest work here! I support myself with my own two hands!
I'm not so old that I need my son to take care of me! And I'm sure not changing my life just because HE says so! Uh-uh! Not me! Not Rosa!
(This is a familiar tune... She sounds just like my mother.)

Rosa: After all, I'm the one who do most of the work here! This hotel will fall apart if I'm gone!

Music: Hangover Blues
Well, thank you in advance, Mr. Hyde!
So where's this wine bottle?
Well, lte's see... Two of them are in the kitchen, and one is in the restaurant.
Sounds like the old lady has a serious drinking problem.
Don't tease, Mr. Hyde! We had three guests order wine tonight! Mrs. Parker only had one. Mr. Summer himself drank the second bottle! And the third was the young woman in 216. Iris, I think her name is.

All three of whom visited the bar (except Kyle and Louie)! What a coincidence!

Anyway, I was so busy when I was clearing off the tables and cooking and so forth... And, well, I just lost track of which bottle belonged to her!
That omelet better be worth it.
Oh, it is! Don't you worry! Anyway, could you please find her bottle? When you do, just peel the label off and deliver it to her room. OK? Good.
I've got laundry to do, so I can't talk anymore. Busy busy busy, you know!
And thank you again, Mr. Hyde.

Rosa hurries off.

All right, who's ready for a fetch quest?! Wait, come back...
First order of business is to check all the bottles.

Music: Over Easy (Restaurant Map)
Music: Monochrome (Hotel Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Bottle There's a bottle of wine on the counter.
This is a bottle of white wine.
(??? Who had white wine? ???)<-- White Question

At least it features the reappearance of the white questions, right?

Bottle There's a wine bottle next to the microwave.
This is a bottle of red wine.
(??? Who had red wine? ???)<-- White Question

Bottle There's a wine bottle on the table.
This is a bottle of rosé
(??? Who had rosé? ???)<--White Question

Now that we know the types of wine, we can ask the people what they drink. Of course we can't ask Helen directly (she's nowhere to be found), that would be too quick. This chapter needs its padding!


Who is it?

Kyle Hyde.

Music: Easy Feeling

I got something to ask you.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
May I ask what you're looking at?
Write note
May I ask what you're writing?

What did you drink?

You had wine with dinner, right?
But of course! Food without wine is like a body without a soul to fill its-
What kind?
Um... Well, it was white. Yes, a crisp Chardonnay with hints of apple and a rich-
Don't care.
Oh, I... I see. Well...

Music: Easy Feeling
I guess we are finished here.
Yes, well...good evening, sir.

Summer closes his door.

If we try to knock the door again, he will say Go away!


Yes? Who's there?

It's me. Kyle Hyde.

Music: Slow Steps

You and me both, sister.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
Tell me, what're you looking at?
Write note
So what're you writing?
Show potato chips
I'm tempted to steal one, Mr. Hyde, but a girl like me has to watch her figure.
Diets and all that.
Show chocolate bar
I'm sorry, Mr. Hyde, but I'm not in the mood for chocolate.
I'm on a strict diet.
Show lipstick
Lipstick? For me?
Yeah. You wear the stuff, right?
Well, of course. Thank you. Wait... Is this going to turn my lips black or something? (Takes the lipstick anyway)

What wine did you drink?

I'll make it quick. You drank wine with dinner, right?
Why, did you want to see if there was any left?
I don't suppose you remember what kind?
Rosé. And it was quite nice. Why on earth are you asking me this?
Just checking. Don't mind me.
...So you came up to my room to ask me...

Music: Slow Steps
So that's it? Nothing more?
Well, good night then.

Iris turns and closes the door behind her.

If we knock the door again, she'll say Please go away. I'm quite busy at the moment.

Music: Monochrome
Back to the wine bottle.

Music: Straight Chaser

Bottle There's a wine bottle next to the microwave. wine. I bet this is the bottle Helen ordered. Looks like there's still a bit of wine in the bottom of the bottle. I don't need the whole bottle. Just the label.

That's right! In addition to walking around to check the types and asking around to figure out which one Helen drank, we now have go find what we can use to remove the label! Do you guys know what do we need to remove the label?
Christ, this is more annoying than getting Martin's autograph.