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Part 72: Finishing the Fetch Quest

FoolyCharged posted:

We're in a kitchen, just use a knife

We don't have access to the knife.

DariusLikewise posted:

Put the bottle in the oven on low to melt the glue on the sticker a bit, works like a charm

Thesaya posted:

I am sorry, but that sentence made perfect sense to me before I read your comment on it. Concerning the label, all I can think about is to steam it off somehow.

Kyle won't do anything with the bottle. All we can do is use an item on it.

DeathChicken posted:

Get water from the swimming pool, put it in the jar, put the jar in the microwave with the bottle...

There's no swimming pool and I don't think we can get a jar.

I guess all this shows that the game basically goes "Fuck you, go read a guide" if you don't know what to do (read: what the game wants you to do).

Music: Straight Chaser

Left box There's a cardboard box on the bed. The products Ed sent over are in the box.

Adhesive remover

This should get the label off in no time.

Do you guys even remember this was a thing? I don't blame you if you don't. I guess the thing with the mini sewing machine earlier is so that you know this thing still exist.
I suppose the client list help to, but that was so long ago (and that was basically to tell you that you can store things in your suitcase).

Music: Monochrome
Music: Over Easy

Fun fact: it's faster to go through the restaurant than the left hallway and pantry. The main reason for that is that we have to go through the door screen for the left hallway and pantry.

Music: Straight Chaser

Use adhesive remover on bottle

First, we have to spread the remover on the label.

After that we just have to remove the label.

We CAN rip the label and get a game over, but it's not common. I'll show it off in the other timeline.

There we go.

(Wonder what kind of memories this wine holds for the old gal. Guess it's time she and I had ourselves another chat.)

Oh boy, do you guys know what this means?! It's time for... Item Descriptions!

Music: So Noted

That's it for new items. Now let's go see Helen.

Music: Monochrome
Music: Over Easy

Fun fact: the restaurant and bar door screen won't be available when the respective places opens. There's no doors to the kitchen, both from the pantry and the restaurant. Also, when going back to the middle hallway through the pantry and left hallway, we don't need to see the doors. All of the doors are one-sided. I hope you enjoyed today's session of Door Facts.


Music: Straight Chaser

What brings you here?
Rosa has her hands full. She asked me to bring you this wine label.
You came all this way just for me?
Please! Please, come in!

Music: Monochrome

Welcome to Room 212. We can't examine anything, so here's the painting. Yes, the lighting sucks.

Music: Slow Steps
I'm sorry that you had to run all over the hotel for my sake.
Don't worry about it. I got nothing better to do.
Oh, posh! I'm sure you're a very busy man.
But now that you're here, please feel free to sit for a spell. My room is your room!
Oh, I'm so happy...
Oh, yes, dear. Don't you get excited when friends come to pay you a visit? Everyone likes to have visitors...

That kinda depends on the visitor, actually. Also, about Kyle's friend... Let's not talk about that.

And you're not just any visitor! I find our conversations quite peculiar, Mr. Hyde, but in a very good way. You make me feel like I did ten years ago.

(??? What happened ten years ago? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

What happened back then?

What happened ten years ago?
Hmm? Oh, nothing. I'm just reminiscing. Please, forgive this old woman her fancy.
(The old gal is hiding something. Time to drag it out of her.)

Since we haven't given her the label yet...

But...Mr. Hyde?
I thought you brought a wine label for me?

Read note
And what are you reading in that little book of yours?
Write notes
And what are you writing?

We'll give the label next time since I think we all know where this is going.