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Part 73: Helen Parker

Music: Rainy Night

Show label

Here's your label.
Oh, thank you! This is simply wonderful! It will make for such a nice memory...

Music: Resolution

And what would that be?
Rosa said you shared that wine with someone a few years ago. Who was it?


C'mon. I'm just curious.

It isn't the end of the world, but it's been bugging me for a while.
You told me you've been here before. So when did you share a bottle of wine with someone?
Mr. Hyde, you are persistent! If you must know, that day took place ten years ago.

So the guy you met ten years ago? What happened to him?

Let me guess.

You don't know, do you?

You don't know where he is, do you?
I'm sure he's fine. It's just... We just haven't been in contact since that day.

Music: On the Rocks

Who was this person?

Let's talk about the person you met ten years ago.

It's obvious from the way she speaks that she loves him.

You care about him.

The person is pretty special to you, right?
Oh, yes.
That person meant the world to me.
But then I... I...

How did you betray him?

Why did you betray him?
Because I'm selfish! Because I was thinking only of myself. Of what I thought I wanted. I left him behind, Mr. Hyde. I abandoned him.

Why don't you contact him?

I wouldn't think it would be hard to contact this mystery person. But I bet I know why you haven't.

This one is less obvious, but the first choice is definitely wrong. There's no correlation between the second choice and the question, but it's the better answer.

You miss him too much.

You think about him a lot, don't you?
Oh, yes. Each and every day.
I want so badly to see him again... But alas, I cannot. I can't bear the thought of causing the boy more grief.

Who is this mystery person?

I think I know who you're talking about.
I... But how...
It's your son. Isn't it?

(Let's see if Rosa knows her hunches.)
...Yes. That was the man I met ten years ago. ...My only son.
What's his name?

Your son's name is Alan?

Your son's name is Alan?
Yes, that's correct.

Nice name.
We met here for dinner ten years ago, and then went our separate ways.
Any chance you gave him a fountain pen?
...Why, yes. Yes I did!
But how on earth could you possibly know that?
You gave him that pen, huh? ...Wait right here.
What? Does this have to do with Alan's pen?
Yeah. Give me two minutes. I'll be right back.
All... All right.

Music: Monochrome
If I'm cruel enough, I would've end the update at that Alan Parker name. But since I'm not, we're going to continue the chapter.


Who is it?

Kyle Hyde.

Music: Easy Feeling

Do you have some new business with me, sir?
Yeah. Your fountain pen. I need it. pen? But you gave it to me not two hours ago! Why do you now decide-
Just give me the damn pen.
...All right.

I don't know why that white question's there.

(This should do it.)
At the risk of having your response delivered to the bridge of my nose-
Don't ask.
...Very well.

Summer gives me the wary eye and shuts the door.

Music: Monochrome

Music: Straight Chaser

Won't you come inside?

Music: Monochrome

We still can't examine anything. By the way, here's Helen reactions:

Read note
What are you reading?
Write note
What are you writing?

Sadly, Helen also doesn't have special responses to items during her confrontation for both before and after getting the pen.

Music: Rainy Night

Show fountain pen

Ever seen this before?
Where did you get this?!

Music: On the Rocks
It's your son's pen, huh?

So this is your son's pen, huh?
That's correct. I gave it to him ten years ago, when we were finally reunited.

Show fountain pen (again)
This is his! There can be no doubt! This is the pen that I gave him.

You had to be reunited?

You were on the outs for a while, huh?
It was because I... I... I left him behind. I abandoned him, Mr. Hyde. I walked out of his life.

Music stops

Music: Insomnia
You must tell me! How did that pen come to be in your possession?
I found it in the restaurant. A guest dropped it.
A guest dropped... So my son...
That means Alan is in this hotel!
No. He's not.
But then... Who dropped the pen, if not him?
A friend of his. Well, he's not much of a friend, actually.
But... But why? How? Oh, this is all too much!
Alan is missing. Guy with the pen is looking for him.
My boy is missing? Please, Mr. Hyde, tell me that is not true!
As I understand it, Alan wrote a book and this chump stole it from him. Sounds like your boy was shook up about it, and vanished soon after.
That...that can't be...
Wish I had better news for you, but there it is.
My son had always dreamed of being a writer. On that night ten years ago, he told me that he'd almost achieved his dream. It was hard work, but I knew he would never give up. It was a dream, after all. Oh, to think that it has been taken from him! It breaks my heart... It truly does.
Yeah, that's a shame.
Tell me about this theft, Mr. Hyde!

Look, you're a tough broad and I like that, but it's too late. The guy who plagiarized your son's novel already fessed up. He's searching for your son so he can clear things up and make amends. I think the real question is whether or not your son will forgive him.

Music: Violet Sky (This is the part of the game where I fall in love with this song).
I have faith that he will forgive this man. I know my boy, Mr. Hyde. Alan will surely forgive him.
You seem pretty sure.
That's just the way he is. His heart is large, and he has forgiven greater trespasses before this. After all, he forgave his own mother for turning her back on him...
(She's finally going to spill it.)
Mr. Hyde, may I implore you for a favor? Would you lend your ear to a sad and shameful story?
Years ago, you see, there lived an absolute fool of a woman. In her youth, she became enraptured with show business...and magic.
But soon she married, and her husband convinced her to settle down. She agreed... But her secret heart yearned for a return to the lights and the glory.

At first, her return to the world of magic filled her life with color. She had chosen the path of the entertainer once more.

The woman lived for the moment when applause swept over her like a wave. But to her dismay, the more acclaim she received, the emptier she began to feel. Suddenly, being known as the greatest magician of all time mattered not. All she could think of was meeting the son she left behind so long ago. ...What a fool she was.
So the woman sets up a meeting with her son.
No, not at first. Their first encounter was a simple twist of fate. The woman had been called to perform at the grand opening of a new hotel. And by the strangest of chances, her son was invited to the same party.

Remember that Alan was a reporter.

When she saw him, she was filled with fear, and certain he would be enraged. But instead he took her by the hand and forgave her. That day, they made a promise to each other. A promise to meet in ten years at that same hotel. And ten years later, they did that very thing. The boy told her of his own dream. Of how he longed to become a writer.

It was the first and last gift she ever gave him... Or so I hear.
They made no more promises, arranged no more meetings.
The year after meeting her son at the hotel, the woman quietly retired. And this time, she walked away from the stage for good.
So where'd she go next?
That is the end of my story, Mr. Hyde.
Where she went and how she spent her days after that? No one knows.
Well, let me tell you what I heard.
The woman's son told his thieving pal how much the hotel meant to him. Said it was his most special place in the world. A place filled with memories that he treasured more than anything. At least, that's what I heard.
Oh, Mr. Hyde...
I think you should have this pen. Maybe you can give it back to its owner someday.
I... I don't have the words.
Anyway, sorry to take up all your time. I'll see you around.

Music stops

(Summer's going to do backflips when he hears this. And I'll probably have to tell him. OK, Hyde. Time to think.)
(Take a second and get your thoughts together...)