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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 74: Chapter 6 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

Louie was working the bar, and doing a damn fine job of it. The next person to stumble into the bar was...

No, that ain't it. Iris didn't come through until a bit later.
No, that ain't it. The Great American Novelist didn't swing by until later.


Music: Midnight
That's right. The old lady from 212, Helen Parker, was the next person to enter the bar. Me and Helen shot the breeze while she sipped a gimlet. The drink loosened her up, and she told me how she'd stayed here before.

Music: Play It Again

I picked Rosa and Dunning's brains to learn more about the hotel's history. I didn't get much, but what they did spill was pretty interesting. For one, the bar was built for the hotel's ten-year anniversary. Which means that the hotel was built twenty years ago. Also, I got Dunning to talk about when he took over the place. It was...

Six months ago
No, that ain't it. Six months ago was when the guy with my name stayed here. I gotta rethink this.
Three years ago
No, that ain't it. Three years ago was when all that crap with Bradley went down. Back when I was still on the force.

Five years ago

Music: Midnight
That's right. Five years ago. Put down cash on the barrelhead and took over that same day.

Music: Play It Again

After ransacking the whole place for the bottle, I finally got the label. What kind of wine was she drinking again?

White wine
No, that ain't it. Summer was drinking the white wine. Damn near told me every ingredient, too.
Rosé wine
No, that ain't it. Iris was the one who ordered rosé. I don't even know what that stuff is...

Wikipedia posted:

A rosé is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It may be the oldest known type of wine, as it is the most straightforward to make with the skin contact method.

There you go, Kyle.

Red wine

Music: Midnight
That's right. Helen had a bottle of Red. Went for the same stuff she had ten years ago.

Music: Play It Again

We got to talking about who she came here with ten years ago. Her companion's name was...

No, that ain't it. Helen didn't say a word about Dunning.
No, that ain't it. Kevin's name didn't come up.


Music: Midnight
That's right. It was her son, Alan.

Music: Play It Again

I told Helen, and she spilled her entire life story. I ain't much for sob stories, but I listened as patiently as I could. Helen told me that she left her son to become a...

No, that ain't it. Louie's the guy who's in love with bartending.
No, that ain't it. Helen didn't want to be a cop. Patch would make it hard to shoot straight...


Music: Midnight
That's right. A magician. Still can't wrap my mind around that one. She left her family to pursue the dream, and it's tortured her ever since. Maybe she sleeps better tonight.

Music: Play It Again

I know the dark. It's a cover that lets people's bad sides run wild. Envy. Doubt. Grief. ...They all come out at night.

Music: Silent Moon
Bradley... What do you think of at night? When the darkness comes? I've got until dawn to find out.

You know, Kyle might have the talent to become a poet.