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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 75: 09:00 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

As always, the phone call with Rachel is a bit different.

And we then talked to Ed. The call is exactly the same, so we'll skip it.

If we try to walk away...

Music: Insomnia
(Wait a second...)
(What did he say again...?)
It's about the cat what stayed here six months ago. The one with your name? Yeah, so the day he stayed here? Me and Rosa were both out.
They were both out on the day he came?

Helen won't come until we ask about the matches and jukebox (that last one is optional). Since we didn't escort her in this timeline, her response when we talk to her changes.

Music: Sapu

Hey, listen. Can I talk to you for a second?
Oh, it's you! The young man who abandoned me...
Yeah, about that. Sorry... It was a pretty low move.
Oh, heavens. Don't give it a second thought! I managed just fine on my own, thank you anyway.
But perhaps you should be more considerate of your elders in the future! You gave in to selfishness, and now you feel bad about it. And that's no help to anyone, now is it?

I think Helen's projecting her thoughts to Kyle.

Guess not.
Well then, lesson learned and no harm done!
Drinking alone?
Oh yes. I always drink by myself. I find it easier to unwind that way.
I'll drink to that.
And what are you having this evening?
I'm a man of habit. First one's always a bourbon. Then I let others take care of themselves.
You don't say? Well, you certainly do look the part of a bourbon man!

The rest is the same as before.

Show NougaChew!
Eh? What's this? New-ga... Oh, blast these newfangled candy names!
No, dear. You keep it.
Show candy
Candy, eh? Is that for me? Oh, what a kind soul! (Takes the candy)
Show Pinkie Rabbit doll
Isn't that Blinkie Rabbit? No? Oh, that's right, it's Pinkie. Never did like it much.

These are basically the keys to her confrontations. Fun activity: Guess who will be confronted by Kyle in the next chapter.

I don't think Kyle ever drink that 12-year bourbon. If he did we would've gotten poetic descriptions of it. By the way, the matchstick puzzles didn't change.

No way!

Hell, if I drink and you drink and we're in the same room, I can't stop it.
How could I refuse an offer like that?
But I should warn you... Folks say I get pretty mean when I drink.
...You don't say?
Yeah. 'Course, I black out all the time, so I can't really say if it's true or not.
Check the knuckles. Things are covered in scars, and I don't remember any of 'em.
You really are unbelievable, Mr. Hyde.
And after that tale, I certainly don't want to share a drink with the likes of YOU!


There's not much happening in this chapter which might be why they made a fetch quest and obvious padding later on.