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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 76: 09:20 PM

Music: Same as previous updates

Last time nothing interesting happens except when Kyle threatens to beat up Iris implicitly for daring to invite him for a drink. How dare she!

I didn't mention it too much last time since Iris also didn't think of it much.

We have to ask this question to make him leave.

By the way, here's the jukebox as we would've seen it in our first playthrough.

I'm pretty sure it gives the game over music even if we haven't gotten any yet. Don't quote me on that, though.
You might notice that I showed what the "???" was in the first page. It's because that song haven't actually played in the game yet but it's a very minor spoiler so I don't really care.

We can see Dunning before talking to Rosa.

Music: Hangover Blues
Got a minute?
What is it? I'm busy. Talk to me later.

By later he means after talking to Rosa. Remember how we automatically talked to Rosa after walking toward her?

Music: Sapu

We can actually manually talk to her by approaching her from the other side after going through the kitchen. I don't know why anyone would do this, but there you go. All it does is skip Rosa's first line of dialogue.

If we talk to her after questioning her...

Music: Hangover Blues

I'm pretty sure that's a typo.

Talk to me later, OK? Good.

NOW we can talk to Dunning.

Music: Sapu

Has the name changed?

Has it always been called Hotel Dusk?
Yep, yep. Been the same since Day One.
'Parently, the fella who built the place gave it that handle. Went up on the roof after they'd finished buildin', and took a look at the sunset. Fella was so impressed, he named the joint Hotel Dusk. Leastwise, that's what I heard. Yep, I thought about renamin' the place when I started runnin' it.

(??? When did Dunning take over? ???)

But when I heard how much it costs t'change a damn sign, I 'bout near fainted!

Makes sense. The sunset there is beautiful! Anyway, that question is the same as the other choice, so the rest is mostly the same as before.

OK. Just curious.

Hey, just curious. You're a real piece of work, Dunning. Makes me wonder how you got started.
Well, I'll save ya the trouble of listenin'!
Ain't a man alive with a life story more borin' than mine! I ain't got a damn thing ya'd wanna hear about.
If you say so.

We have to ask all the questions to get on with the fetch quest.

I'm pretty sure Helen would agree to that offer.

You'll notice that there is no option to refuse this quest. Guess the temptation of free breakfast is too strong for Kyle.

40 minutes without any Game Over! It's a new record!