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Part 80: Talking to Martin

Music: Easy Feeling
Got a minute?
Yes, of course.
I got something I wanted to talk to you about.
What a coincidence! You see, I was hoping to run into you. There's something I had hoped to discuss with you as well.

(??? What do you want to discuss? ???)

But I believe my news can wait until later. If you are so inclined, Mr. Hyde, please begin.

Talk about Alan.

Well, it's about your buddy, Alan.
Alan, did you say?
You sure you got no idea where he's at?
Quite sure.
No clues or leads or anything like that.
No, nothing of the sort.
But it's not like you went out of your way to look for the guy.
And what, may I ask, do you mean by that?
Common sense. It's better for you if he's out of the picture.
Mr. Hyde... I will be checking out of this hotel on the morrow. I will then proceed to the offices of a local newspaper and tell them my story. I believe they will enjoy the tale of the famous author and his fall from grace. You see, I plan to use the media to search for Alan.

Good luck with that. Helen tried to do that with the newspaper ad but... We've seen that it doesn't work.

Listen, Summer. I stumbled on your secret by accident. I didn't have plans to tell anyone about it.
You... "didn't" have plans?
Yeah. But...well... I was talking to someone and it slipped.
I... I see.
Well, then it is fortunate that I'm planning on telling my take to the public.
If I may ask, to whom did you reveal my secret?

I'll tell him the truth

The old lady in Room 212. Name's Helen Parker.
Helen... Parker?

You know, Helen's full name has been there in the notes since Chapter 2.
Also, Kyle, you didn't actually mentioned Summer's name.

She's the one who had the pen engraved for Alan.
Mr. Hyde...
I gave the pen back to her.

Here ya go!

Looks like you're havin' yourselves a good time over here!

Eh? No? Nothin'...? Yeah, well... I'll just go over here then.

Louie leaves.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at, sir?
Write note
What is it?

Martin doesn't have a reaction for the adhesive remover, even though he does have one for the sewing machine.

What do you want to talk about?

You said there was something you wanted to talk about. What is it?
Quite right. I was so surprised by your admission, I completely forgot my own topic.
Actually, it's about the woman we met earlier in this very establishment.
Who? Iris?
Yes, that's her. I must say, she bears a striking resemblance to the actress Cecily Lee.

(??? Iris looks like who? ???)

If you felt a sense of desa vu upon meeting Iris, you now know why!
There's a quite striking photo of her doppelganger on this month's issue of Va-Voom!

You mean this magazine?

(Yes, this is the same image I used in chapter 2)

Show men's magazine
Yes! That's her! Mr. Hyde, the voluptuous creature on this cover is Cecily Lee. Aphrodite in a bathing suit. Striking, no?
Show men's magazine (before asking the question but after confrontation in Chapter 4)
I'm quite an avid fan of that periodical, myself.

Who is Cecily Lee?

What kind of actress is this Cecily Lee?
My good man? Are you truly unfamiliar with her?
I don't get out much.
She is an up-and-coming thespian who's garnered quite a bit of recent popularity. She got her start on one of those tawdry daytime soap operas. Her performance received wild praise from critics and fans alike! I believe she is scheduled to make her debut on the silver screen next year.
Few people know that she was a model before she took up the craft of acting. She's not as young as the other new starlets, but she has a certain...something.
That's quite the intro, Summer. You steal her biography?
Please, Mr. Hyde! I'm merely reciting the information I've heard.
And I do not appreciate your attempts at jocularity at my expense.
The question, sir, is why would Cecily Lee be staying in this hotel on her own?

The wording here kinda make me uncomfortable, to be honest, considering who we're talking about.

Music: Easy Feeling
All right, enough chatter. I gotta blow.
Truly? Well, I shall remain a while longer and savor the proffered spirits.

We can talk to Martin again and it'll bring us to the question screen.

Show men's magazine (again)
How fortunate for this publication to have Cecily Lee grace its cover. She's quite an eyeful, don't you agree?

So now Summer have 5 reactions to the men's magazine.

Music: High Spirits
We can talk to Louie again, but it just brings us to the question screen with nothing to do. So we go out...

Music: Over Easy

Hi there, Melissa.

Music: Pink Rabbit
Hey, squirt.
Hi, mister.
What're you doing here?
Dad's gone.
What, again? Are you looking for him?
Well, he's not in the bar.
The bar?
It's a place for adults. It's called the Seven Stars Bar. It's through that door at the end of the hall. See the sign with the big star on it?
Star? Oh! I remember! I saw that before. It was all pretty and stuff. It was kinda like the star on top of a Christmas tree.

It's RIGHT THERE. You're standing in front of it.

Yeah, I suppose.
Didja get any Christmas presents this year?

I'm not a presents guy.

I look like the kind of guy who gets presents?
No. But that's sad.
Don't worry about it. Adults don't need presents. How about you?
(Shakes head)
You get anything?
Yeah, guess that figures. But at least you got to decorate the tree. Right?

Can't argue with that.

Dad's a jerk, huh?

So why's he a jerk?
We didn't have anything for Christmas! No presents, no cookies... Not even a stupid tree!
That so?

Hey, kid. Don't worry about your old man. He'll be back soon. Go wait in your room.

Melissa sighs and heads out the door.

Music: Over Easy
We're still firmly in the "wander around until something happens" zone, so let's go out.