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Part 81: Celebrating Christmas

Music: Hangover Blues
You still cleaning?
Oh yes. Everyoe else gets to take a break, but not Rosa! Oh no!
But, this it it. Once I'm done here, I'm finished for the day.


Melissa come through here?
Melissa? Yes, she just went up to the second floor. Why? Why are you asking?
(Looks like the kid actually went to her room.)
But the poor thing looked as sad as can be!
Did something happen? What happened?

Her dad's a jerk.

She's looking for her old man.
You haven't seen Woodward, have you?
Why no, I haven't.
He left her? Alone? Here?! No wonder she's upset.

If only Rosa knew about the locked room incident...

I suppose.
Mr. Woodward is not getting passing marks in parenting from me. No he is not!
A child shouldn't be made to look for a parent at this time of night!
I know that young girls can be a handful, but it's bedtime! A father must watch over his children, Mr. Hyde! Surely you agree!


Wait, you knew?

You knew about Melissa's mom taking a powder?

But no, I didn't know about it. It doesn't surprise me, though.
Expected it, huh?
For a fact!
Rosa can see that sort of thing in her sleep!
I know because I'm a maid, Mr. Hyde. I go everywhere and everything!

Rosa KNOWS, people. She's watching you!
Seriously, that could sound very creepy with the right voice.

Give me ten seconds with someone, and I can tell you that person's problem!

(??? You can tell problems? Really? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
So what are you writing?

You know people's problem's?

You can tell people's problems by watching them for a few minutes?
Yes, I can! Why? Are you doubting me?
Do you want proof? Fine! Let me tell you what's troubling you, Mr. Hyde.
That's not necess-
Surely you have troubles!

Maybe one or two.

That's not really an understatement. Kyle has just has one huge problem.

A few.
Don't I know it!
All right, let's see what you got. Gaze into your crystal mop or whatever you use.
Don't make fun! Now, let me see... Hmm... Hmmmmm... You're troubled by... By...

I'm right, aren't I?
Aha ha ha ha ha!
Oh, for the love of...

Hey, at least Kyle didn't think about punching Rosa's face, unlike with Martin. I doubt Rosa would let him do that anyway.

Music: Hangover Blues
All right, I've got to get going.
Wait, Mr. Hyde! Wait just one second, please!
There's something that's been bothering me.
It's about Melissa.
See, she asked me if the hotel had a Christmas tree. Well, I told her that we did, but Christmas has already come and gone, you see. I explained how Dunning always takes down the decorations on the 26th... And well, she just looked so sad! It near to broke my heart, it did!

No wonder this hotel doesn't get many visitors! What kind of hotel doesn't put Christmas decorations until New Year? What a shame!

Yeah, that's... That's sad, all right.
Do you have any idea why she would be asking about a tree?

She didn't get one.

It's because she didn't have one at home. No presents, either.
Oh, how sad! That poor thing. ...What an AWFUL father that Kevin Woodward is!
Well, it's no wonder she wanted to see a tree!
What a shame.
The tree and decorations are in the storage room on the first floor. What a shame...

Rosa: I'm telling you the location of the thing you can do to make another person happy winkwinknudgenudgedidyougetityet.

See you around.

We can talk to Rosa again.

Got a minute?
What is it? Mr. Hyde, I have a ton of work to do. I can't chat now! Busy, busy, busy!

Music: Monochrome
Well, guess we should go to the storage room. We haven't been there anyway and it can't hurt to explore.

Side note: I frequently accidentally go up the stairs instead. Remember, that stairs is one-way, so you have to go all the way around to get back here.


Christmas tree...

Music: Straight Chaser

Left locker It's a big locker.
Right locker It's a big locker.

Rope No way. I'm not touching any rope that comes from a dirty hotel.
Light There's a black light in the locker.

(This might come in handy. Or I could use it to throw Iris a party.)
Box There's nothing in the cardboard box.

Locker It's a big locker.

Any box
The tree must be behind these boxes somewhere.
Can't believe I'm actually looking for a Christmas tree. I'm going soft...

All we have to do is to move the boxes to open a path to the box with the tree. It's not actually a box-pushing puzzle since Kyle can actually think in 3-D the boxes aren't heavy.

I skipped to the end since it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that to end the minigame you need touch the box with the Christmas tree.

That's the tree box.

Music: Pink Rabbit

Rosa came to my room and told me to get down here. She said I could see a Christmas tree if I went to the storage room. She said you'd be here, too. And she told me I could decorate the tree. So, can I? Huh?
(Rosa saw right through tme. ...This hotel is turning me into a real sap.)
Hey, mister... Let's decorate the tree together! C'mon, huh?
Sure, kid. Why not?

All we have to do is to hang the decorations to the hanger of the same color. We can scroll the screen by tapping/holding at the upper/lower side of the screen.
The problem is that some of the hanger can be difficult to see. Can you spot where the second yellow hanger is?

Now all we have to do is to apply the final touches hang the star that appears after we hang all the decorations. There's only one place left to put it.

Sure is.
Well, squirt, it's three days late, but here you go. Merry Christmas, kid.

Oh! Did you come to see my tree?

It's pretty, isn't it? It's the best tree EVER! Yaaay, tree! Mr. Hyde and me decorated it together.

What're you doing here?

That'd be me. 'Cept I don't waltz. Mambo, maybe, but...
What do you want?
Easy, man! No need to go junkyard dog on me. Rosa told me what ya was up to. Said ya was gonna have a Christmas shindig, right? When I heard Melissa and Mila were gonna be here, I knew I had to swing by.
Can't have a party without Louie, brother! Am I right? Awwwoooooooo!
So, Mila, did Rosa tell you to come here, too?
C'mon! Let's have ourselves a good time! Time to party like it's 1990!
Do whatever you want! Just stop trying to make me have fun!

Mayry Christmas everyone!