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Part 82: Not Partying for Christmas

Let's talk to everyone and see what they think about our tree.

Music: Easy Feeling
How's the tree?
Good, man. 'Course these lovely ladies make it even better, yeah?

Music: Secrets
What do you think of the tree?

This makes Louie's infatuation with Mila kinda skeevy. The dialogue I didn't show in Chapter 2 makes it even worse. Your welcome.

Music: Pink Rabbit
I like having everyone here. It's really... Yaaaawwwnn... It's fun...
Good times, huh?
It's...the... Yaaaaaaawwwnn...
Getting sleepy?

Out like a light.
Hey, Louie.
Melissa fell asleep. Take her back to her room.
Huh? Me? Why do I gotta do it? I wanna chat with Mila, man! You know, flash her a bit of the DeNonno charm!
Louie, the kid's asleep. Take her back to her room before she catches a cold. You work here, remember?
Like I could forget. Yeah, all right, I'm goin'.
Meliss? Hey, c'mon. Let's get ya back to your room.

Louie picks up Melissa and carries her out of the room.

Now we're left with Mila. We should continue asking about her father.

Music: Secrets
How you feeling? Fever gone?
Good. So, what did you do for Christmas? Who'd you spend it with?

I open my notebook and hand it to Mila. Mila writes something in my notebook.


Music: Rainy Night

My thoughts exactly.

Music: Secrets
By yourself, huh? Where was your father?
Here you go.

I hand Mila my notebook. Mila writes something.

Let's see...

Music: Rainy Night

Music: Secrets
He's gone? What, you don't know where he's at?
What does your father do? What's his job? Can you tell me where he lives?
Just write it down for me.

I give Mila my notebook. Mila hestitates, then writes something.

I wonder how many variations of "I open my notebook and hand it to Mila. Mila writes something in my notebook." can they make.


Music: Rainy Night

We can actually figure this out from the newspaper back in Chapter 4.

Gallery May in Santa Monica?
Your father owns an art gallery?

At least we get to actually get the answer from Mila this time.

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh, look at that! What a lovely tree. I bet Melissa was happy.
Yeah, her and Louie both.
That's nice.
Something good came from your snooping after all!
Come on, Mila. I think it's time to go.
Good night, Mr. Hyde. I'll be taking Mila back to my room now.
Oh, and you can go ahead and leave the tree up! It's just too nice to take down!

Rosa leaves, taking Mila with her.

Music: Monochrome
We go out and...

Is that door open?


Let's do the usual rounds.

Music: Straight Chaser

Painting There's a painting of flowers hanging on the wall.
Hockey stick It's a hockey stick. Goes well with the flower painting.
Upper books It's a bunch of books on tax law. Looking for loopholes, eh, Dunning?
Frame There's some kind of award here. ...I got no idea what this thing is.
Middle left books There are some cookbooks here. Dunning cooks? Who knew?
Middle books Looks like some books on literature. Must belong to somebody else.
Middle right books None of these books seem all that important to me.
Lower books These are all books about sculpting.

Art It's a pop art calendar. Huh. Dunning struck me as more of a landscape guy...
Left picture That's a photo of a couple of guys.
Video deck It's the latest in video decks. Dunning's got more money than I thought.
Middle picture It's a picture of Dunning. Whew, the camera sure ain't kind to him.
TV That's a pretty big TV. Wish the one in my room was that big...
Clock There's a clock. Wow, I'm glad I broke in here for this.
Right picture It's a picture of a woman.
Fireplace Who needs a fireplace in L.A.?

Newspaper It's the sports page.
Can It's an empty can.
Table The tablecloth looks like the Stars and Stripes.
Bureau It's a simple wooden bureau.
Chair It's a leather chair. Looks comfy.

If you're wondering what door it is, it's the door to the office. We saw the other side waaaaaay back in Chapter 2. It's not the door to the office. That door in the office actually leads to the front desk while this one leads to another place.

Closet Got himself quite a closet. Bet it's filled with nothing but T-shirts.
Shelf It's a small shelf for knickknacks and crap.
Fridge That's a pretty big refrigerator.

Upper bottle I think that's paint.
Jars There's some jam here. Wonder what flavor it is?
Lower bottle It's a chilled bottle of booze. Oh, why do you tempt me?
Picture It's a picture...

Zoomed-in picture There's a framed photo on the shelf. It's a picture of a young girl.
(??? Wonder who's in the photo. ???)<-- White Question