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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 83: Dealing with a Drunk Person

Music: Hangover Blues It's not Drunken Waltz, so we're fine.
Hyde! What in the hell are ya doin' in here?
Isn't this the lobby?
Don't get smart with me, pal. This is my own room!
My mistake. Sorry to barge in.
If yer sorry, then haul yerself outta here!
Now, buddy! Move it!

(The picture of the young girl in Dunning's room... Who could it be?)

Wait, we're still here? Dunning's awfully nice lately.

Music: Monochrome
Again, nothing to do. So we go out to the lobby.

This feels familiar for some reason...

Music: Easy Feeling
Got a minute?


Isha lovely night, isn't it? Haw haw haaaaw!
I see you're in a good mood.
Thassh not...*hic*...true. I'm jussshh...
Haw haw har!
(Drunk as a skunk...)
Been to the bar, huh?
I have! Yessir...
Your daughter was looking for you.
Yer a liar, Mr. Hyde. A LIAR!
I'm a liar?
Thassh right! My liddle girl... She...HATESH me!

Transcribing drunk dialogue is fun.

She'd never look fer me. Thass why I know yer lyin'... Haw haw!
She was looking for you. Go to your room and ask her. If you can make it that far.
Mine yer business!
Whadda YOU know? ...NUSHING! Thash what! Get outta my life! Leave me alone!

Kevin turns and stumbles his way towards the front desk.

(What the hell's eating him?)

Music: Monochrome

Obviously we should chase him!

The nice thing here is that Kevin will always be facing away from you. I neglected to mention this earlier, but actually when there's a character on the map screen they will always be facing to/away from Kyle, no matter where he's standing.

Music: Easy Feeling
Got a minute?
Don't want... Don't want company... Lemme...alone...
Just lemme alone...


You OK?

What's wrong?
Iss nothing... I don't trink mush, and now I don't feel... Feel shhho good...

(??? Who were you drinking with? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Write note/Read note/Show anything

Who were you drinking with?

Who were you drinking with?
What difference...that make?
Iss nonna yer ...BUSINESS!!
Have it your way.

Music: Easy Feeling
Don't want company... Lemme...alone...

Music: Monochrome
Oh no. Kevin won't talk to us. What do we do now.

(Wonder who Kevin was throwing them back with?)

Thanks for the tip. Now we know just who to ask. To the bar!

Music: Over Easy

(It's Iris.)

The drinks were delicious. I was pleasantly surprised.
Good to hear...I think. Anyway, hope ya come back.

I don't think this sprite is used anywhere else.

See ya later.
GYYAAA! Dammit! Stop sneakin' around, Hyde! You're gonna give me a heart attack!
If you weren't moonin' over the dame, you'd have heard me come in.
Ah, Mr. Hyde. As tactful as ever, I see.
If you'll excuse me?

Iris turns and totters out of the bar.

Music: High Spirits

We talk to Louie now. For the record, I'm putting the Monochrome, Over Easy and High Spirits music links everytime we go to the map screen because otherwise they won't be used.

Music: Easy Feeling
Looks like you were having a good time.
Don't be gettin' the wrong idea, brother. I was just makin' sure the lady enjoyed herself. Part of the job.
Whatever you say, Louie. You may want to pick your tongue off the floor, though.

At least Iris looks a lot happier than when we saw her last time.

Give it a rest already. Ya wanna drink?
No, not now.
Yeah, I hear ya. You've had enough tonight anyway. Knowing when to stop shows ya appreciate a good drink. Can't abuse the stuff, right?
Forget that and ya'll end up like the dynamic duo I had in earlier. Sloshed to the gills!

(??? Dynamic duo? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
So whatcha lookin' at?
Write note
Yo, whatcha writin'?

Who's the girl in the photo?

There's a framed photo of a little girl in Dunning's room. You know who it is?
Picture of a kid?
No clue, man. Dunning ain't never invited me in for tea and cookies, ya dig?

Who was drinking in here?

Who's the dynamic duo, Louie?
Well, the better half just left. That babe Iris was tossin' 'em back with Melissa's pops.
Kevin and Iris were drinking together?
Yeah, and more'n a little! Got back from putting Melissa to bed and here they are! Planted at the counter like a couple of regulars! Looked like they was talkin' 'bout something serious, too.

(??? What were they talking about? ???)

Then they both pounded back a row of drinks and got fried to the tonsils.
Melissa's pops ain't much of a drinker. Thought he might repaint the bar, yeah? Luckily for me, he got up and stumbled outta here. Iris stuck around and had a couple more. She wasn't as bad off as I thought. Hurts to say it, man, but she wasn't here to chat me up. She was just killin' time.

Louie: Lucky for me that Kevin won't puke in the bar. If he pukes outside the bar that's Rosa's problem! Not mine!
Also, I thought Louie was escorting Melissa to her room. If after that he went back to the bar and saw Kevin already drunk, does it mean they just serve themselves drink? Is that even allowed?

What were they talking about?

So what were they talking about?

As you'll see later this update, this is kinda accurate.

You telling me you didn't overhear anything?
I guess I did hear something. Melissa's pops said something about a Gallery May in Santa Monica.

(??? Gallery May? Santa Monica? ???)

What about the gallery?

What did he say about the gallery?
Sorry, brother. All I heard was a name.
Guy was slurrin' like a prize-fighter, yeah?
(Gallery May in Santa Monica?)
(Does all this tie in to where Mila's father works?)

Music: Easy Feeling
What's up, Hyde? Ya thinkin' deep again?
You could say that.
Well, c'mon, man! Don't leave me hangin'. What is it?
I learned some things about Mila's old man.
You did? How? More snoopin'?
I asked Mila some questions and had her write the answers in my notebook.
Damn! Why didn't I thinka that?
Mila's old man is named Robert Evans. He owns Gallery May in Santa Monica.
Whoa! There ain't two of 'em, no?
Doubt it.
Yo, Hyde. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
It depresses me, but yeah. I guess I am. Strange things from strange sources, huh? I better have a chat with your drunken friends.

Music: High Spirits
Talking to Louie again just gives the same response as back in Chapter 6. When we go out of the bar...

(Here we go... Think I'll start with Iris.)

Music: Over Easy
Music: Monochrome

If we try talking to Kevin again (notice how he's facing us now)

Music: Easy Feeling
Got a minute?
I'm not feeling well. Go away. Please, just...