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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 85: Kevin Woodward

Music: Easy Feeling
You got a minute?
Go away.
What're you doing here?
Go away. I just... I just want to be by myself.
I got questions for you.
Didn't you hear me? I'm any condition to speak right now...

Music: Resolution

Were you looking for Iris?

Easy, doc.

You two had business?

Were you looking for Iris? Heard you two tossed a few back in the bar.
...And if I were?

What were you and Iris chatting about? You two been friends long?
Why... Why are you asking me these things? I don't... You have no right... It doesn't matter who my friends are... Who I talk to. You don't have a right to HOUND me like this! I don't have to tell you anything!
Don't be a mean drunk, doc. Just talk to me.
Enough... Enough!

Close your head!

This basically means "Shut up!" but I'm not sure if it's been used in 1979. I also don't think it's been used much recently.

I got reasons for asking.

I ain't asking these questions for my health, all right?
Then why ARE you asking them? Why are you...
I'm looking for someone.
Looking? You? Ha! I don't... Don't believe it...
That's right. There's a young girl staying here who's looking for her father.
Are you talking about Melissa? How... How DARE you!
No. Different kid. So I need to ask you about Gallery May. In Santa Monica? Seems the girl's father owns the joint.
You know the place, right? Gallery May?
How? Well, my...

We're done... We're done here... I'm going back to my room.
Not yet, doc. I've got some questions.
Mr. Hyde, what... What do you want...? Yes, I... I know Gallery May. My wife used to work there before she... She... She used to work there. Iris is just... We just met. We had drinks. That's why my head hurts... She mentioned the gallery. I was...surprised. That's all. No mystery. No... There's no mystery here. I don't know the owner... Never met him.
You playing straight with me?
Gya! Enough! Please, Mr. Hyde, please...
My head hurts, and I'm tired, and I know nothing!
Nothing, huh? You're hiding something. Spill it.
How... How DARE you! We're done! Done talking! My problems are MINE! Got it? MINE! NOT yours! ...Not yours...
Not my business, huh?
Look, you... You were kind to my daughter, and... And I think you... Maybe you mean well... But that's enough. I have limits... I'm not going to...unfold my life to a...a stranger.
All right, point made. Let's step back a second. We've both been around the block, right? Got a few scars to show for it? I got no interest in digging in your private life. But there's something you know... And that something's the key I need to find what I'm looking for.
What you're...looking for? What's that?
It's got nothing to do with you. But you answer my questions, and I'll tell you what you want to know.

Music: On the Rocks

Talk about Iris.

Let's talk about Iris.

Let's not assume the worst, shall we?

I believe you just met.

This is the first time you met her?
That's right. I... I never met her before tonight.

Who is Grace?

Who's Grace?
Melissa's mother. wife. Iris...Iris mentioned Gallery May in the bar. It...surprised me. But THEN! Then...she told me she knew Grace! I didn't... I couldn't... I didn't know what to say.

Melissa actually mentioned Grace the second time we met her, back in Chapter 1.

What else does she know? Does she know your wife left you?
I...I don't know.
Why didn't you ask her? Maybe she knows where your wife is now.
NO! I'm... I'm TIRED of talking to strangers about how my wife left me! I have SOME pride! Some... But...
Oh, who... Who am I kidding? It's all my fault!

Why did Grace leave?

Why'd she leave you?
That, um...

Talk about Gallery May.

I got a hunch about Gallery May.

Remember, Kevin is a doctor. I don't think he would work at a gallery.

You never worked there.

You never worked there. So when did she start at the gallery?
No, I... I didn't, but she was... She was there seven years ago...
Long time.
Wife was working at the gallery when we... When we got married. Then Melissa was born, and... She took a few years off. It was important... She thought spending time together was important... But she missed the gallery. She... She wanted to use her training... So... So when Melissa turned two, Grace found work at an art museum.
And things were still all right between the two of you?

Talk about Grace.

I bet I know what went wrong between you and the wife.

Melissa might blame herself, but it's unlikely that Grace left just because Melissa yelled at her.

It was you.

It was you. Right, doc?

How was it your fault?

How was it your fault? What did you do?
Well, er...

Music stops
Aaah... Uuuuurrp!
You feelin' low?
My... My head... It's going to explode...
I bet. Well, you'd better get to your room before you make Rosa's life a living hell. Can you make it? 'Cause I ain't carrying you.
You're right, it's... It's just like you said...
I'm right?
Hey, hold up. it?
You're pathetic, you know that? I give you a load'a crap about how you raise your kid, and you don't get mad? No woman likes a coward, pal. I bet that's why your wife left you high and dry.
Oh YEAH? Oh... Oh yeah...?
I bet she'd been planning to dump you for a long time. You know she left a message on the back of one of Melissa's puzzles, right? The one she gave her as a gift? She left a good-bye message on the back.
She did...did what?
You didn't know? Where's your head at, doc?
I never knew...
That was the problem. I never knew anything.

Music: Insomnia
You wanna hear my story, Mr. Hyde? I'll tell you... everything.
Tell you what. You want to talk? I'll stand here till I get bored.
Two years ago, I... I lost a patient in the operating room. I did what I could, but... The family... They sued me. Sued for malpractice, and...
They won, huh?
TOh, yes. They won... A court made me pay... It was so much money, and my insurance wouldn't...

I was...drowning. I didn't know what to do.

When they gave me the verdice, I... I asked for a divorce. It was MY mistake, my... I... I didn't want Grace to pay for my mistake. But Grace refused. She... She said no. She told me no.

She was going to... She told me... Told me she would raise the money.
She did. Yeah, she... I don't know where it came from, but...she did it.
She made me promise not to ask. Said it was a...a price we paid to stay together. Said we'd be together forever...
She was WRONG! ...Wrong. I loved her. From that day, I just... I just loved her so damn much... She was everything. But you know what? I didn't... I didn't trust her. ...How crazy is that?

And so I asked her and asked her and asked her... But she WOULDN'T TELL ME!

We saw that particular flashback when we confronted Melissa.

Then one day, she... She...
She left you.
I tried to find her. I've been everywhere and tried and... I don't know. I don't know.
So why'd you come here?
Matches. I found a matchbook from this hotel. It was in... In her purse. So I came here. I thought I could find a clue or a... You know. A clue...
Just one little clue. But I failed. I failed, I... I didn't find a damn thing.
So you're right, Mr. Hyde. I didn't know anything. I'm a loser. I'm pathetic.

Music: Violet Sky
That's one word for it.
I know...
But I think you're going to pull out of this. You've got a chance.
I... I do?
Comes a day in every man's life when he realizes he's a fool. But you got someone who needs you, no matter what a lousy drunk you are. You know what I'm saying, doc?
You can pull your ass out of the gutter for that person. Right?
Mr. Hyde...
Melissa loves you more than anything. You're family. Hell, you're the only family she's got left.

Music stops
Kyle leaves the room.

(Wonder how Grace scored all that cash. Why did she come to Hotel Dusk? And how are Iris and Grace connected? Take a deep breath, Hyde...)
(Get your ducks in a row here...)

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