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Part 86: Chapter 7 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

While I was enjoying some good scotch, Summer barged in. I told him that Helen was Alan's mother, then split before he talked more. After leaving the bar, I ran into...

No, that ain't right. Rosa wasn't in the hallway at the time.
No, that ain't right. I didn't bump into Iris.


Music: Midnight
That's right. Melissa was roaming the hallway outside the bar. She was looking for her old man, Kevin, and she didn't look happy.

Music: Play It Again

But something about how sad she looked stayed with me. After talking with Rosa, I decided to get the hotel Christmas tree out of storage. Figured a tree with all the trimmings might pick the kid's spirits up. The room where I found the tree was...

Really, Kyle? You just told us the answer literally 3 dialogue boxes ago!

Rosa's room
No, that ain't right. There was no tree in Rosa's room.
No, that ain't right. There was no tree in the kitchen.


Music: Midnight
That's right. I dug the tree out of a box in the storage room. Then I decorated it for Melissa.
Hadn't done anything like that in years. Made me look like a sap, but it actually wasn't a half-bad time...

You mean decorated it with Melissa.

Music: Play It Again

She looked pretty happy to celebrate Christmas, even if it was three days late. Couple of other people heard about the tree and came down to join us. First was Mila, and then...

No, that ain't right. Melissa's old man didn't bother to show.
No, that ain't right. Dunning didn't show.


Music: Midnight
That's right. Who else would crash a party but Louie? Guy's got a nose for bright lights and dames.

Music: Play It Again

After Melissa fell asleep, Louie took her back to her room. Mila and I were left in the storage room, so I got out my notebook. That's when I learned that Mila's father owned his own business. The name of it was...

Seven Stars
No, that ain't right. That's the name of the hotel bar.
Moonlight Grill
No, that ain't right. That's the name of the hotel restaurant.

Gallery May

Music: Midnight
That's right. Mila wrote the name down in my notebook. Mila's father owns an art gallery in Santa Monica. It's called Gallery May.

Music: Play It Again

He said they were talking about Gallery May. That's when I decided to ask the two of them some questions. But when I went to 216 to see Iris, I learned something else. A mystery man broke into Iris's room and nicked something from her. The thief made off with...

The "Iris's" part is the game's fault.

A matchbook
No, that ain't right. The matches were on a counter in a bar.
A fountain pen
No, that ain't right. I returned the fountain pen to Helen.

A small envelope

Music: Midnight
That's right. Whoever it was took a small envelope. At least that's what Iris said.

Music: Play It Again

Evening wasn't a total bust, though. Kevin tied one on, and I waved the fumes away long enough to grill him. He told me Melissa's mom, Grae, worked at a place called Gallery May. Also told me about some malpractice suit he lost a few years back. But I need to know how Grace raised the money to pay the thing off.

Music: Silent Moon
As I listened to Kevin spill his guts, an idea started to swirl in my brain. There's a connection here. Bradley disappears with Osterzone's angel painting... Doc's missing wife works at an art gallery. Like my old man used to say, "Where there's stink, there's flies." You hear me coming, Bradley? Hotel Dusk's got the key to this whole mess, and I'm going to find it tonight.