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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 88: 10:20 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

We can actually go back and talk to Martin and Louie.

Music: Easy Feeling
I must tell you, the barkeep makes a most satisfying gin and tonic, sir. Nothing quite like marriage of lime and gin to pick up one's spirits, eh?
Shut up and drink, Summer.

Kyle not-so-secretly agrees with you, Martin.

You need a drink?
Not now.

Let's talk to Rosa. Not like we have a choice since it happens automatically once we exit the restaurant.

Music: Sapu

She misses her mom.

Her mom ran out on her.
Is that so?
Poor child. All family have their grief, but... Losing a mother? That's too much to ask of any child!

We don't get to see Rosa's people reading ability this time.

Don't know. Don't care.

We're back to JerKyle now.

No idea. I don't get why she's so crazy about the whole thing, anyway.
What kind of thing is that to say?!
Children love Christmas! Why, when I was a child, I wished EVERY day was Christmas.
I bet.
You, sir, have a bad attitude. We always have such a nice tree near the front desk.
If only Melissa had been here while it was up. I'm sure she would have enjoyed it.
Where's the tree now?
We took the decorations down and put the tree in the first-floor storage room.
See you around.

Rosa have to hint even more about the tree this time. Let's check on Melissa first.


Music: Pink Rabbit

Your dad back?
Not yet.
I'll tell him to come to your room if I see him. Just hang in there, OK?
(Nice work, Woodward. You're a hell of a father.)

The quit button works for the first minigame, but not the second.

You only have to examine the photo in Dunning's room. Oh, and we can't catch Iris drinking with Kevin in the bar.

I'm still surprised this doesn't lead to a Game Over. Dunning IS awfully nice lately. Notice how he never kicked us out since Chapter 6. Not even when we showed him the "forbidden" items.

And that's all that's new in this timeframe. Wow that's short. Let's look at our notebook.

Music: So Noted

The map is almost complete now. The Boiler Room (the one above the Electrical Room) isn't there since I haven't gone there in this timeline. We only haven't explored the upper left part of the first floor and unless there's a bowling alley there, I don't know how we're going to bowl here.

The only new item in this chapter.