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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 91: Calling the Boss, Episode 3

(Eleven o'clock. Time to show Louie how a real man bowls.)
(But first, I've got some real business to take care of. Someone took an envelope from Iris, and I want to know who...and why.)

Music: Monochrome

Let's start the chapter with something misssing from the last one.

Phone The phone's ringing.

Music: Serenity

I hope Ed's paying you for the graveyard shift.
I just do this for kicks, hon. But hey, Ed told me that you're onto something. Did you find a clue about your friend Bradley?
Think so.
Ed's been talking about you all night. Told me all about why he thinks you won't stop looking for Bradley.
Ed talks too much.
I think it explains a lot.
I don't need explaining.
Right. And I don't need a better job. You're just one big puzzle after another, Kyle. But I guess that's what makes you so darn charming.
Rachel, listen. Do you think-
Oops! Sorry, handsome. Ed needs you.

I'm shaking trees, but the acorns aren't falling. No direct ties to Bradley yet, but I did find one thing.
It's a name. I need you to run it for me.
See what you can dig up on a Gallery May in Santa Monica. And get me the skinny on the owner, too. Guy named Robert Evans.
Gallery May... Robert Evans... Got it.
Thanks. You got fingers in a lot of pies, Ed. I know you can find something. Both names keep popping up in strange places.
And at least one person here is hot to find this Evans character. There's something here, Ed. I know it.
I'll do what I can on my end. But give me details. What are you fishing for?
I met a young girl here. She's wearing the same bracelet that Bradley used to have. Girl's name is Mila.
...Mila? Hyde, are you saying-
No. It's not his sister. Mila says that the bracelet is from her father. Robert Evans. I think she's looking for the guy.

We heard Bradley say Mila's name at the very beginning of the game, although who she is isn't told until now.

This the same guy that owns the gallery?
Yeah. Same guy.
Right. Gimme an hour or so. Let me talk to my people. I'll give you a buzz when I track something down.

Kyle hangs up.

Music: Monochrome
So now we go outside, and there's a footsteps sound.

Huh? ...Sounds like that came from one of the rooms at the end of the hall.

The room at the end of the hall could mean the utility closet, linens room, or even the roof. There's no indication of which one, and no scene when you enter either. I'm going to go ahead and say that it's from the utility closet.

Music: Straight Chaser

Trash can There's something in the garbage can.


(Wonder who threw this away?)

Brown paper There's some brown paper in here.

(It's addressed to Iris.)
(This must be it.)

Left paper Someone's tossed away some bits of paper.
Right paper I got no use for garbage. Best to leave it be.

Music: Monochrome
Now we got nothing to do. Knocking Iris' door yields no response.

Music: Over Easy
Music: High Spirits

So let's go bowling instead!

Music: Easy Feeling
Kyle Hyde! When he's not solving crimes, he's playin' Santa to the ladies!
Ready to take a licking from this street punk? I'm gonna roll strikes till dawn!
But first you have to help me out. I need a cassette player.
Really? Well... I got a deck. It's in my room.

Hey, Louie?

Someone else wanted it?

Who else wanted your cassette deck?
Dunning, man. Came through a little bit ago wantin' to borrow the thing.
Don't ask me, man. Said he wanted some music. Probably country, yeah? Whatcha gonna listen to, Hyde? It ain't disco, yeah? Tell me it ain't disco.
I don't know.
Trip, man. Sounds pretty suspicious.
I'll know when I hear it.
...Tell ya what, man. Thing's just sittin' in my pad. Go ahead and use it, but don't take it outta there.
I'll swing by a bit later.
Oh, but, hey! Don't try to rewind anything! Oh, yeah... And you can't fast-forward, neither. Buttons are all busted up.
Got it.

If we talk to Louie again...

Wanna spin some tunes, man? Sure thing. Grab the box in my room. I'll come by later and make it a party, yeah?

Music: High Spirits
The matches have new puzzles in them.

Square Puzzle posted:

The goal is to create four squares. The hard part is to do so by taking away six of the matches.

Triangle Puzzle posted:

The goal is to create three triangles. The hard part is to do so by taking away four of the matches.

Music: Over Easy
Music: Monochrome

It's right across the room. It's even visible on the other screen! You need to work on your observation, Kyle.

Anyway, we've been here before, but this time we can actually examine things.

Music: Straight Chaser

Box He's got all kinds of crap laying around in here.
Stuff on the floor Garbage on the floor... This place smells like the floor of a taxi.

Chair It's a chair.
Coat Louie's coat is hanging on the wall.
Stuff on the wall Walls are covered with newspaper articles and bikini pinups.
Books I got no interest in any book Louie would read.
Shaker Well, well, well. It's a cocktail shaker. Guess this place has some merit.
Upper cans Cans of beer? Ah, Louie, you're so young...
Bottle It's a bottle of booze. If I worked here, I'd need this too.
Table There's a small shelf in the corner of the room.
Dish It's empty.
Lower can That's an empty. Another dead soldier for the pile.
Photo It's a small photo.

Pen It's a ballpoint pen.

(I'm sure I can put it to good use.)
Zoomed-in photo It's a picture of three men.

The guy in the middle is Danny and the guy in the right is Bradley, but who's the guy in the left? My guess? Jeff's father.

Bed That's more of a cot than a bed.
Pillow Nice pillow. Looks like a rolled-up blanket or something.
Stuff on the wall Everyone here loves old newspaper clippings. ...And dames in bikinis.
Crate There's a cheap wooden crate next to the bed.
Cassette deck Louie's got a cassette deck sitting on a wooden crate. Real classy.

Zoomed-in deck This cassette deck's seen better days.

Use cassette tape on deck

(The tape's unwound. This is no good.)
(So how do I fix it?)

Cassette tape This tape's unwound.

Time for another environment puzzle! What can we use to wound back the tape?