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Part 92: Listening to a Tape

Music: Straight Chaser

How can we wound up the tape? I'm pretty sure this is going to be a VERY hard question to those of you reading from the future where the tapes might not even exist anymore.

DariusLikewise" post="485075315 posted:

This is easy, use the end of the ball point pen to wind the tape back up

Okay, let's try this.

Use ballpoint pen on cassette tape

And we enter a minigame! All we have to do is move the pen to the hole.

And then we can turn the pen...

...I'm stumped.
(How do I fix this thing... The pen is too round. I need something with an angle.)

Welp. That didn't work.

idhrendur" post="485076424 posted:

Use the pen to wind the tape. Though realistically, a pencil would work better because the hexagon shape grips the teeth better.

I fixed a lot of cassette tapes back in the day.

EagerSleeper" post="485082604 posted:

I was about to say use a screwdriver, but suggestions about a pen and a pencil are better.

Thesaya" post="485094110 posted:

I mean, I used to just use my pinkie when there was no pencil nearby, but I am guessing that that isn't an option.

Screwdriver won't work. I guess the handdle is too big and the tip is too small. Of course using a finger isn't an option! If it was then we wouldn't have to search for the item. Pencil might be a good idea, but where can we find it?

FoolyCharged" post="485095503 posted:

Kyle, buddy, pal, it's in your hands. You are literally taking notes with it as we speak.

Wait, what are you talking...

Plenty of times posted:

...about... Wow. Why didn't I realized this earlier? Whatever the reason is, that's probably why the developer doesn't remember about it too.

Anyway, the pencil is actually the correct answer.

Suitcase My suitcase is on top of the table.


Again, this is one of the things I won't blame people for forgetting. We last opened this suitcase at Chapter 5 to hide the "forbidden" items.

I just noticed this when making this LP, but you actually have to move the pencil out of the way before grabbing the cash WAY back in chapter 2. I guess it's so you know (or knew) that it's there.

Back to the tape.

Use pencil on cassette tape

We did the same thing. The actual wounding is very finicky. It took me a whopping 30 minutes to finish it, so let's just skip to the end.


(Now I can hear this thing.)

Use cassette tape on deck

Just put the tape in the deck.

For those of you who don't know how a tape works (which might happen in the future considering its decreasing usage), essentially it can contain 2 tracks. You can listen to it by placing it on side A or side B, which is what this choice means.
Since the deck plays in one direction regardless on the side you placed, placing the tape on side B will make it play in the opposite way compared to when placed on side A. Don't ask me how by doing that it would change the tracks played, just research it. Or maybe someone on the thread can explain and I'll put it here.

We'll go with SIDE A first.

Just press play. Remember, Louie said we can't use the rewind nor the fast-forward button.

Music: Drunken Waltz
Huh? What's this? A cassette tape?

Cute, game. If you played this game properly and don't get any game over, you won't get the joke.

Alright All right, let's try this again. Let's play SIDE B this time.

You heard me! This is... ...last one... ...ah, I got the painting supplies...ut he doesn't... ...get it. I know, but...

Music: Straight Chaser
...Last one, huh?
I wonder what that means.

Music: Easy Feeling

Yo, Hyde!
Ya get that tape workin'? What's on it, man?
Not sure.
Here. Take a listen and see what you think.

I play the cassette tape for Louie.

Aw, man! Not cool, Hyde!
That thing is a total freak-out!

Louie: At least it's not disco. I would've kicked you out if it was.

Didja hear how those two cats were talkin' all quiet and staticky? Sounded like...I dunno. Like someone bugged the room or somethin', ya dig?
That's my guess, too.
Where'd you get this thing, anyway?
Trash can in the utility closet.
Trip! Who tossed it there?
The same person who stole an envelope from Iris's room.

I thought it should be Iris' ?

OK, man, now you totally lost me.
Who stole what from who now? Fill me in, man. And use small word, yeah? I ain't the brightest bulb in the lamp.
I'll tell you everything later, Louie. I have to find Iris first.

Kyle goes out of the room.

(Time to make Iris sing like a canary.)

Let's go back and talk to Louie again first.

Hyde! You ready to meet your match?
Bowling's gotta wait, Louie.

And since we're going to give back some items to Iris we should take a look at them first.

Music: So Noted

Now let's finally talk to Iris.

Music: Monochrome


It's Kyle Hyde.

Go away.

We've gotta talk. Open up.

Music: Slow Steps

Don't you have a cave to go home to?

What a nice way to talk to someone who offered to help you. All while you just sit there in your room not answering the knock before.

Play nice. I found your stuff.
Oh! You really found it?

(??? Why did she have it, anyway? ???)

Hand it over, please.
In a second. I got some questions first.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at, Mr. Hyde?
Write note
Why are you taking notes?
Show discarded envelope
Is this your envelope?
Where did you find it?
Trash can in the utility closet.
Show cassette tape
Is this what was in your mystery envelope?
Where did you find it?
Trash can in the utility closet.

Why did you have the tape?

What's a dame like you doing with something like this?
I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.
This is from a bugged room, and the guys on the other end mean business.
You LISTENED to it?!
Yeah. I was curious about what got taken from you. I figured it was something interesting. But I never imagined it would be something like this.

We have to show the tape to finish this questioning. It'll just go back to the questions screen otherwise.

Music: Slow Steps
Shed some light on this for me.
...Fine. Come in.