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Part 94: Bowling

Music: Monochrome

It's time. For a plot recap.

Music: Easy Feeling
Yo, Hyde! Didja figure stuff out and bust heads and all that cop stuff? C'mon, man, hit me! What's the deal with the tape?
The tape was sent to Iris by a woman named Grace.
Grace? Yo, I should know this Grace or what?
She's Iris's sister.
Iris has a SISTER? Seriously? Awwwwooooooooo!!!
...You're a moron, Louie. There's more. Grace is Melissa's mother.

Pictured: Louie's slow realization of Grace's marital status.

Aw, wait, man! That means...
Yeah. Grace is actually Kevin's missing wife.
Well, I'll be damned! You're some kinda cop, Officer Hyde!
Apparently Kevin isn't much of a doctor, because he lost a big malpractice suit. Grace got the money to pay the thing off, but Kevin doesn't know how.
Aw, TRIP, man! Sounds like dirty money to me!
You and me both, brother.
About six months ago, Grace up and vanished. That's the same time she sent the tape to Iris. Thing came with a letter that told her to sit tight until Christmas. If there was no word by then, Iris had to bring the thing here.
Here, man? This hotel?
She's supposed to give it to a man who paints angels.
That don't make no sense, man.
I know, but there it is.
Yeah... There it is.
Listen, I need you to take a buzz through the guest log from two years ago.
Sure, man. I'll do my sneakin' around thing soon as Dunning takes off. You want I should check if Grace Woodward stayed here, right?
Smart boy, Louie.
If only my ma could see her Louis now!
But first, we gott asettle something like men. ...Men who ROLL!
You're on.

Music: Monochrome
We're then left alone in the room. After we get out...

Psssst! Yo, over here, man!

Not sure why that line is necessary since he's literally just a few steps from the door. You can even see the door in the map!

Music: Easy Feeling
You want to do this here, Louie?
Aw, man, it's way more fun this way! C'mon!
If you say so.
Now let's get it on!

Yep. We're actually doing this. In a hallway. I'm sure nothing can go wrong!

That's...not really the kind of "wrong" I was referring to... So my statement still stands!

Haw haw! Man, that the best ya can do?!
Now it's MY turn. Watch this action!

When playing this minigame, Louie's roll is determined by RNG. Usually he'll get 6 or 7. And also, Louie, why do you need 2 balls?

Guess that's the way the ball rolls, huh? The first game's all mine.

There's three rounds. The winner is the one who wins two rounds, so let's hope we do better in the next one.


Now it's MY turn. Watch this action!

Not that it matters because...well...that.

Guess that's the way the ball rolls, huh? That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Second game goes to ME!

We lost two rounds. Technically the game still plays the third one but I'll skip it since we know the result already.

You'll never win what with rolls like that!
Once more?

The bowling game will continue until Kyle manages to win.

That's better. The trick to this one is to just roll it straight to the middle. Don't hold the ball too forward since it'll just make the ball go to the far right/left. Which is what happened with the previous attempts.

Hey, not bad, Hyde. Now it's MY turn. Watch this action!

As I said, pray to the RNG.

First game goes to you.

Now it's MY turn. Watch this action!

You win the second game.

Just to show that I won the first and second rounds but the game still goes to the third.

Hey, not bad, Hyde. Now it's MY turn. Watch this action!

The white flash has a breaking sound effect. That is why you don't play bowling in the hallway.

Aw, man! Total bummer, man!
OH NO! No, man! No, no, no, no, no... Man, that's Dunning's plant! Guy LOVES that stupid plant!
Aw, man, he's gonna have my head for that!
What have we here?
This is...

Tap key

That a key?
What's a key doin' in old man Dunning's plant?

If Louie was the one we play as, this would've been a Game Over.

Easy, Mama Sass! We're just having us a little chat.
Don't "Mama Sass" ME, Louis DeNonno! You were playing that ridiculous bowling game again, weren't you?
Aw, man...
What? You thought it was a secret? You talk about it to everyone you meet! I'm sure even Mr. Smith knows by now! You should pray that he never catches you, or it'll be your job!

It was supposed to be a secret?!

Aw, c'mon, Rosa! Why ya gotta be Captain Hard-Ass all the time?
Your fun is no concern of mine, Louis DeNonno!
That's cold, Mama. Real cold.
I don't have time for this! Mila is missing! Where is she? Have you seen her?
You lost Mila?
I did not LOSE her, Mr. Hyde! She left my room and hasn't come back. I checked the lobby and the restaurant already... Oh, this is terrible...
You seem pretty worried. There something I should know?
...Huh?! What?
No! Nothing, just... Just trying to find her!
Sure you are.
I'm busy! I have to go! If you see Mila, tell her to go back to my room and wait! All right? Good!

Rosa scuttles off down the hall.

Hoo-wee! Sounds like they had themselves a fight or something, yeah?
Something like that.
Hey, man! We should help look for Mila! Ya know...just trying to be nice and all...
I know why you're looking, Louie. And it's fine.

It's fine as long as you don't treat her like a little girl, Louie.

You take the first floor. I'll take the second.
And Louie?
Keep this safe.
What, the old key?
See if you can find out what it goes to.
Yessir, Officer!

As you can see, there's shards near the pot now.

The shards are even shown on the map screen. It's a nice little touch. If we talk to Louie again...

I'll take the first floor, and you take the second.