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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 95: Looking for Mila

Music: Monochrome

Kyle says this when we get to the second floor. We aren't given any indication on where Mila actually is. Spoiler: She's not actually on the second floor.


Music: Big Dreams

We haven't been to the roof for a while. We haven't heard this song for a while, too. The last one was in Chapter 4 with Iris (technically the end of Chapter 3, but we start Chapter 4 in here).

Music: Secrets

Tap Mila

What's wrong? Just stargazing? It's cold. And that's not much of a coat.

Rosa's looking for you. Something happen between you two?
Did Rosa say something to you?

I hand my notebook to Mila. Mila writes something in my notebook.


Music: Rainy Night

Music: Secrets
"Who are you looking for?" That's what Rosa said to you?
So she knows you're looking for your father, huh?
Guess you told her about that.
Wait, you didn't? I don't get it.
Here. Write down what she told you.


Music: Rainy Night

Music: Secrets
Rosa knew your father? She said that?
(How the hell does Rosa know Mila's old man?)

If Rosa is actually Grace in disguise with neither Melissa, Kevin, nor Iris recognizing her, someone else can finish this LP.

Wind's getting chilly. And Rosa will murder me if you catch cold. Let's get you back to her room, OK?

Music: Big Dreams

It's also been a while since we escorted someone. I think the last one was Louie back in Chapter 3.

Music: Monochrome


Music: Straight Chaser

Come in quickly, dear. Come on, come on!

Music: Hangover Blues
Where was she?
On the roof.
What? Land sakes, no wonder she's cold! Poor thing will catch her death!

Mila, you just sit and I'll make you some tea. And don't mind what I said earlier! You don't have a thing to worry about, dear.
You got a second?
What is it? I'm very busy.
It won't take long.
It's about Mila.
Actually, I need to talk to both of you.
Oh, all right! Go wait in the back room. OK? Good. I need to give Mila her tea first.

We still can't examine Rosa's room, but this is the first time we see the map for it. It's MUCH better than Louie's. This room even has its own painting!

Just wait! We'll come back in a second.
All right.

Music: Secrets
Hey, you got a minute?

This door is basically the only thing we can examine in here. This leads to the back room.

Music: Monochrome

We CAN examine things in the back room, though, so let's do that.

Music: Straight Chaser

Bathtub Bathtub looks clean enough.
Toilet It's a toilet, and that's all I need to know.
Tissue Toilet paper. Can't have a toilet without toilet paper. Wouldn't be right.
Towels Freshly laundered towels... One of the benefits of living in a hotel, I guess.
You know, unless you're the one who have to launder them.
Light There's a light above the mirror.
Mirror I could use a shave.
Bottles It's a bottle of shampoo.
Sink Nothing in the sink. It's freshly cleaned, though.

Shelf There's a shelf next to the bed.
Window It's pitch black outside. I can't see a thing.

Bed This must be Rosa's bed.
Picture There's a picture of some flowers on the wall.

Calendar Hey, a colander. No, wait...that's a CALENDAR.
Chair It's a wooden chair. Looks pretty worn.
Desk There's a small desk in the corner of the room.
Lamp It's a lamp. Shade looks familiar... Think I wore one like it as a hat once.
Brochure There's an old, worn brochure on the desk. I'm gettin' tired of seeing these things...
Upper frame

Lower frame

That's all we can examine and Rosa STILL hasn't come. Let's just ask her what took her so long.