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Part 96: Rosa Fox

New Music: Bright Crystal

It's our first new music in a while!

How's Mila?
Oh, she drank some of my special honey tea and is feeling much better.
So what did you want to talk to me about? Hmm? Out with it!
Hold on. I got a question about these pictures first.
Oh, Mr. Hyde. Why were you looking at my pictures?
I got a short attention span. So who are these folks?
Those are pictures of me, Mr. Hyde!
Pictures of... The bride, too?
Of course!

There's no need for words.

Don't look so surprised, Mr. Hyde.
I was young once, you know.
Oh, I know. It's just...
Just WHAT?!
This is a bit awkward.
I'll awkward YOU, Mr. Hyde! Out with it!
I just thought she was a real good-looking dame.

Nice save. Fifty Shades ruined this phrase for me...

So you marrying your one true love there or what?
Yes, I was. I thought I was the happiest girl in the world.
Yeah, I bet. 'Course, everybody says that.
Yes, but I was serious!
I couldn't have been any happier to marry that man!
Rosa, you never cease to amaze me. Your husband really that great?
To me, he was! He was the best man I'd ever met.
So what happened?
I think he's on a boat somewhere.
No kidding? Married a sailor, huh?
I assume he's still a sailor!
You assume?
It's been quite some time since I've seen him, is all.

That's a long time.
No, now I'm sure that was it.
I remember now, because it's when I started to work here.
(...Guess it takes all kinds.)
I doubt you really care about my husband, Mr. Hyde!
I thought you had to ask me about Mila!
Yeah, I do.
Lemme get on that.
Well! Out with it!
How do you know about Mila?
What? I don't understnad the question, Mr. Hyde!

Music: Resolution

She was thinking about something you said. So what did you say to her?
I'm sure I don't know!

Wait a minute.

C'mon, Rosa. Don't lie.

Rosa... Come on. Don't start lying to me now. I know you talked to her. And I know you asked who she's looking for.
And just how would you presume to know about that, hmmm?
Mila told me.
Oh, she told you? She told you! Miss Talkie just up and told you, is that it?
She wrote it down in my notebook.
Oh! ...Oh.
Guess it's silly for me to try and hide it, then...
How did you know she was looking for someone?

You know something about her that the rest of us don't. And I need you to tell me.
...I don't know anything!

C'mon, Rosa.

Rosa... Come on, now.

Rosa. We've been through a lot tonight, right? Helped each other? Had a few laughs?
I'm not... I'm not hiding anything, Mr. Hyde. And I swear I don't know boo about that poor girl's father.
Her father?

What are you hiding?
Please, Mr. Hyde!

Music: On the Rocks

Talk about the pamphlet.

I think I know what's going on with the brochure. You were talking about...

Considering that Rosa still has her normal response to Kyle's brochure, I'll say that it's not what she's talking about.

Mila's brochure.

You mean the brochure Mila was carrying.
Yes, that's right.
She got a ride from that terrible Angel boy in 213, remember? I think she showed it to him, and that's why he came here.

What did the pamphlet tell you?

What did that brochure tell you?
Well, wee, I just figured that if she had that brochure with her... Then she must be looking for someone who stayed here a long time ago!
Makes sense, right? Sure it does. Anyway, that's what I thought when I saw it.

Talk about Mila's father.

What about her father? You said you didn't know anything about him, right?

Of course she does know about Mila's father! She said so herself! Or at least she think she knows.

I'm still going to quit this LP if it turns out she's actually Grace in disguise and the husband in the picture is the one before Kevin. And the son is actually Melissa's half-brother.

You DO know something!

So you do know something?
...Probably? What's that supposed to mean?
Well, it's just that if that girl is looking for her father...

What did you remember?

What did you remember?
I can't tell you that!
Come on, Rosa. I got you an autograph. I fetched wine labels. Trust me for once.
I don't know...
I don't have a secret agenda, Rosa. I just want to know what Mila was doing here by herself. And what her father was up to. That's all.

Kyle: I just want to know what some people were up to. Like Mila. And Bradley. Possibly Alan and Grace too.

And why? Huh?
I want to set her free.
And what does that mean?
I know a little something about searching for people... I know it's hard. Not something a girl like her should have to face. When you find people that don't want to be found, you learn some hard truths. Mila knows that those truths are coming... But she can't stop looking. It'll hurt when she's done, but only for a bit. Then it's over and done with. But until she's just going to go on hurting.

Talk about the promise.

You made a promise, huh? I think I know who you made this promise to...

I don't think it's going to be a stranger since we're already very late into the game.

Someone I know.

It's someone I know isn't it?
Yes, as a matter of fact.
The person trusted me.

So what's your big secret?

What's this secret, Rosa? What are you hiding that can help this girl?
I can't tell you. I promised.
Yeah, you said that. And I know you mean well. But the person who told you this secret? They told you because they trusted you.
I suppose.
Then maybe you can trust me in the same way. If it's something to do with Mila, I can help her. And I need you to trust me with it. I'll keep your name out of it.

Music stops
Oh, Mr. Hyde! I don't know what to do!
Tell me what you know. I'll make sure it doesn't come back to you.

Music: Insomnia
Yes, I heard you before! Well, if it's really jsut so you can help Mila... I guess I can tell you. I like you , Mr. Hyde. And I do trust you, I guess.
I like you too, Rosa.
But you have to swear that you'll look for her father! You told her you would, so you have to promise!
I will.
Well, you see... It's about the old brochure that Mila was carrying. I knew as soon as I saw it. I knew... I had seen it before.
In Mr. Smith's room.
His office?
No, his personal quarters. He normally won't let anyone go in there!
But he's such a lazy man, and he asked me to clean it once or twice.

Having a professional maid clean your room once or twice within 5 years isn't a sign of laziness, Rosa.

And anyway, that's how I saw the brochure. And once I saw that Mila had the same one, it all became clear as day!
You want to fill me in?
The poor girl must have been here a long time ago!
Why do you think that?
Because Dunning told me so, that's why!
...See, he only became the owner of this place some five years ago.
And that brochure is much older than that, which made me curious. So I asked him about it a little while back. About where he got it. And he told me.

And that's how he got the brochure.
Wait... Dunning has a family?
Well, I can't be sure about the details. He won't talk much about himself. But last year I told him a bit about my husband. And then he talked about his family.
What did he tell you?

But I think she lives pretty far away.
A daughter... So that picture...
That's right. I pretended not to know anything when you brought it up. But I think the girl in that picture is his daughter.

Kyle has not brought up the picture in Dunning's room in this chapter. This is referring to the optional conversation with Rosa that I posted in the last alternate timeline update (or my last post if you read the forums and don't want to go back to that update).

But something happened that has kept them apart for quite some time. So when I figured out that Mila was looking for someone...
I instantly thought about Mr. Smith.
That's why you told MIla that you knew her father?
That's right! Oh, it just felt so perfect! But Mila just looked so sad, and then she left!
I see.
Mr. Hyde, you don't suppose that Dunning really is-
No, he's not.
Oh, dear...
Mila's father is a gallery owner named Robert Evans.
Oh, but I... I was so sure...
Oh, heavens.

This entire confrontation could be avoided if Rosa had thought about using her notebook to ask Mila who her father is.

I opened my big mouth and spoke without knowing! That poor girl...
Don't beat yourself up about it.
How can I not?
I mean... I... She...
Well, now I'm just all kinds of confused!
About Dunning! I thought that was why he was upset when I took Mila in! And why he wouldn't get anywhere near her!
So I guess... There must be something between them. Just not what I thought...
Maybe so.
You know what Mr. Smith said to me?

And when I asked him if that was really the best thing to do? He couldn't even look me in the eye!

It's actually even more impressive he thought of the police as a first response since he used the police as a very last resort against Jeff's "theft".

Mr. Hyde, I'm just like you. I just want to help this poor girl. I'll do whatever I can. But you have to help her!
I will.

Music: Violet Sky
But I need to know one more thing. Is there a painting of an angel in this hotel?
An angel?
Yeah. Wings, halo, little clouds. Angel.

We know why Kyle's asking this (to know more about Iris' tape), but this must've come from nowhere in Rosa's point of view.

No, not that I know of.

Noticed those apple paintings throughout the LP? I pointed out the paintings in the later rooms not for nothing, you know.

Yeah, I noticed that.
Land sakes, those things are everywhere! Pictures of apples all over the hotel!
Now, why anyone would need that many apple paintings is beyond me...
Rosa, I don't care about apples. I care about the angel.
Well, we don't have one. At least, I've never seen it. Just apples.
(Again with the stupid apples. Can't sneeze without hitting one of those. There's even one in my room...)

And just like that we're unceremoniously kicked out of the confrontation. No, it's not the case of continuing it later like Jeff's or Helen's. The confrontation is over, just like that.

We can talk to Rosa again.

I want to hear what you have to say.

And then it brings us to the question screen. Guess we'll continue the chapter next update.

Rosa's reactions:

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?

Well. So far only Martin has special reaction to items during confrontations.