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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 98: Chapter 8 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

I asked him to check two things for me. One was Gallery May, and the other was...

Kevin Woodward
No, that ain't it. I didn't ask him to investigate Kevin for me.
No, that ain't it. I never asked him to dig up news on Iris.

Robert Evans

Music: Midnight
That's it. I asked Ed to collect info on Robert Evans and Gallery May.

Music: Play It Again

Then I used it to listen to Iris's tape. It seemed to be a recording of some shady transaction. The person who sent the tape to Iris was...

No, that ain't it. Melissa wasn't the one who sent Iris the tape.
No, that ain't it. Rosa didn't send Iris anything.


Music: Midnight
That's right. Grace sent Iris the tape.
Seems that Iris is actually Grace's little sister. And she's come here to try and find her.

Music: Play It Again

I asked Louie to check the guest log from two years back and see what was there. And then we went bowling. Go figure... While we were knocking pins, we found something odd in a hallway planter. The thing we found was...

A cassette tape
No, that ain't it. I found the cassette tape in the utility closet garbage.
A pencil
No, that ain't it. The pencil was in my briefcase.

An old key

Music: Midnight
That's it. When the bowling ball broke the planter, we found an old key. Key's got no markings or anything on it.
I got no idea what it's used for.

Music: Play It Again

But she stopped yelling long enough to tell us that Mila had vanished. Ever the heroes, Louie and I went to search for her. When I found Mila, she was...

In the restaurant
No, that ain't it. She wasn't in the restaurant.
In the lobby
No, that ain't it. Mila wasn't in the lobby.

On the roof

Music: Midnight
That's right. Kid was on the damn roof. Rosa said something about her father that upset her.

Music: Play It Again

Rosa told me that Dunning has a daughter. She thinks there's a connection between Mila and Dunning. But she doesn't have any real proof. When we were done, my pager went off and I called Ed. He had some info on Mila's old man, Robert Evans. Seems Evans took a powder after he closed down his art gallery. He went missing about...

Six months ago
No, that ain't it. Six months ago was when Melissa's mother Grace left.
Two years ago
No, that ain't it. Two years ago was when Kevin committed some medical error.

Seven years ago

Music: Midnight
That's right. Evans went missing seven years ago. Even made the LAPD missing-persons list. Has Mila really been looking for him this whole time?

Music: Play It Again

Things are starting to come together, but I still got questions. Questions about Mila's father, Dunning's daughter, and some picture of an angel. The strands of this mystery are starting to fray.

Music: Silent Moon
I can see them getting rough around the edges. And Bradley? I think your story is the one thread I need to pull. The one that'll make the whole damn thing unravel.