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Part 1: Orbital Tree and Verminest

Now, before heading into the next few levels, let's take a look at the bosses from the past update! Locomalito was kind enough to provide me with the official names for them, and we start with Cyclop, the boss of Deep Space.

Cyclop bears a striking resemblance to Crystal Core from Gradius 2, this lil' guy!

They both have sweeping tentacles that guard the center eye, and they both fire projectiles from the tips of the tentacles. To a new player this may look intimidating since the shots appear so close to the edge of the screen, but as long as you simply hug the back "wall" and make small adjustments as the shots appear it's no trouble. The slightly homing projectiles it fires when the eye is exposed are too slow to be any real threat.

The second boss, Tanker, is far more dangerous and requires a quicker eye. It's tempting to stick close to the top of the screen where you will have more time to react to its lasers, but that will instead leave you unable to deal with Tanker's rockslide attack. The best place to sit is so that you can hit the bottom part of its mask. There you will have plenty of time to react to the rocks while concentrating completely on dodging the lasers.

When its head bursts you have to adapt your strategy slightly. It's center cannon will start firing more regularly, but the real threat is the blood droplets it starts spitting. To deal with them, try staying in a spot where you can hit the very top of its neck. That way most of the droplets will be destroyed before they even come out.

You may have noticed that I didn't bring up the miniboss, Saw Saucer. Well, it pretty much died to a single missile. What do you want?

Well, after that I think we're ready to head into the next few stages.

The Orbital Tree and Verminest

Verminest Trailer