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Part 5: Evil God Hydorah

I accidentally deleted locomalito's mail with the boss names, so I'll make up my own!

Juggernaught Lite (with 2GB extra memory!) is by far the easiest of the bosses in No Mercy. As long as you stay close to it the arcing shots won't hit, and reacting to the laser isn't too hard. It also has low health.


Both the orb and the de-shelled boss are pushed in the direction they're already travelling when you shoot them. The keyword is patience. Only unload when you're sure it's safe. Obviously the more you play the closer you can cut it.

Doesn't this guy look like a Gunnar? It's got quite the artillery. Slow shots, a sweeping wave that's easiest to dodge at the bottom of the screen where the bullets move horizontally, and a grenade that it fires in between sweeps. It also has a ton of health, so learn to dodge (or use stealth) or prepare to die!

Hey, there's an Unresolved Bug in this game! This fuck I've yet to find a way to deal with reliably. Shoot it while it's slow, then park yourself in the middle and sway back and forth while trying to clear the goop it throws your way. Eventually it'll stop and fire lasers in a circular pattern and then start its pattern over. Hopefully it's dead by then.

Rockknight's Legacy! Unfortunately this boss is completely invincible. Might as well give up. No, don't stay directly above or below it as it sways to be prepared to dodge its charge. Why bother dodging in between the missiles as a few slow down? You're only delaying the inevitable. Rockknight cannot be beat.

Wait, how'd we get here? Never mind, this boss can be a handfull. Breaking it apart is easy. It can fire tiny shots until that happens though, so watch out. After it breaks apart you have to watch the diagonal like crazy to make sure you don't line up with it while simultaneously don't let them corner you. Luck can be a factor in this fight as the crystals bounce off each other.

Lovecraft Boat!

As has since been pointed out to me, yes, not firing makes the first pattern easier to dodge. Just make sure you keep your distance to the spikes as they come out as it's hard to see when they will keep spinning and when they will dart towards you.

The second pattern isn't as tricky as it seems. The hard part about it is that it changes over time and you might not get a good feel for it before it kills you. After fighting the boss a few times you should get the hang of it though. Dodge the same way every time!

We've reached the final level! I have one more update after this one though with a little of this and that, but for now, enjoy the ending.

Evil God Hydorah