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Part 6: Final Update

Last update! Stick around though, because there are still blind runs to be posted and maybe something else too!

Fearing for my safety I killed off the manta ray as fast as possible and thus it didn't have time to show of its entire arsenal. After firing that swarm of red shots while slowly sliding backwards it will suddenly speed forward while throwing out spinning rectangles that bounce against the ceiling. They have their own health and thus cannot be easily blocked by Scort. Dodging all of them is actually really hard which is why I abused Ancient Sword the way I did. You should too!

This miniboss challenge is the biggest reason you should bring Wave to this level. If you take too long fastening the screws the room will fill with tiny bullet-shooting crabs firing at you from every direction. Fortunately, wave can hit two at a time with full force making it a non-issue.

The final boss may seem easy, but the bloodflies appear seemingly at random, and their health is high enough that if they come from a bad angle you won't be able to kill them in time. The massive laser barrage Hydorah fires when his health is low is also seemingly random and can be problematic to block. It's a frustrating boss to die to because you have to rewatch the 'cutscene' every time you die. Don't do it, kids.

And so one final update! There's no commentary so let me just point out what it covers.

- The bad ending screen.
- The final secret and how to get it.
- What the secrets do when you have them all.

Final Update