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by Feinne

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Original Thread: Video Games: The Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Game [Neptunia Mk2]

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Video Games: The Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Video Game

Video- Neptunia Mk2 Opening



And here we are, at Neptunia mk2. This is sort of a sequel to Hyperdimension Neptunia, though the plots are actually mutually exclusive. It’s a much better actual game, while also being way weirder and far more anime. The plot is structured like a Saturday morning cartoon series/anime series. It stars the sister of the main character of the original game, though we’ll be seeing plenty of Neptune before the end. We’ve also got a few new game companies connected with it enough to get their names on things, as we’ll see later on. I won’t spoil the surprises.

You know it’s best to just get on with this.

Table of Contents


The CPU Candidate of Planeptune. Neptune’s younger sister, she is both taller and more mature than her sibling. Joined the CPUs on an ill-fated expedition to the Gamindustri Graveyard, from which only she has been rescued so far. Voiced by Chrisine Marie Cabanos.

The CPU of Planeptune, and Nepgear's older sister. Is completely crazy.

An operative in Planeptune’s Guild and a friend of Neptune’s. Has been working hard to try and compensate for the loss of both of Neptune and Nepgear. Voiced by Kate Higgins.

A nurse who is friends with Neptune. Assists IF in her effort to rescue the CPUs. Voiced by Cristina Vee.

The CPU of Lastation.

A girl we met in Lastation. It turns out she is the CPU Candidate from Lastation, but she's kinda mad at us.

The CPU of Lowee.

One of Lowee's CPU Candidates. She seems convinced that Nepgear is her evil nemesis for vague reasons.

One of Lowee's CPU Candidates. Seems to follow Ram's lead most of the time.

A weirdo we met in Planeptune. Has been fighting evil in the name of the CPUs since their disappearance.

An alchemist we met in Lowee.

The CPU of Leanbox.

An idol from Leanbox.

A stock adventuress we met in Lastation. Helped us out of a jam.

Helped us out in Leanbox, and is pretty cool.

A flunky working for ASIC. Her actual name is Linda, but she was branded an Underling by the cast.

A talking rat. Compa helped him while he was injured. This may or may not have been a good idea. Turned out to be part of ASIC.

CFW Magic:
One of the four Criminals of the Free World who leads the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime. Defeated the CPUs with ease.

CFW Judge:
One of the four Criminals of the Free World. Guards the captive CPUs in the Gamindustri Graveyard.

CFW Trick:
One of the four Criminals of the Free World. Is a massive creeper.

CFW Brave:
One of the four Criminals of the Free World. Is kind of a cool guy actually, for a villain.

The Oracle of Planeptune. Assists the CPUs of Planeptune in their duties. Voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Jinguji Kei:
The Oracle of Lastation. Is too libertarian to give us the information we need to save her own goddess for free.

Mina Nishizawa:
The Oracle of Lowee. Takes care of Ram and Rom.

Chika Hakozaki:
The Oracle of Leanbox. Pretends to be Vert's sister.
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