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Original Thread: People lie, even when they let's play Hypnosis.

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You play as Maya Anderson, a certified hypnotherapist who uses a special technique to enter her clients’ inner worlds. One day she gets an offer to question patients of the mental facility where head doctor has mysteriously disappeared. While exploring patients' subconsciousnesses she unveils their personal fears and fights phobias all to find her own self and uncover much bigger, all-embracing problem.

Key features:

- Point-and-click adventure game enhanced by arcade elements;

- Intriguing story with a good old-fashioned romantic plot and a chance to save the world;

- Well-written characters' development;

- Unique art style, music, and atmosphere for each character's inner world;

- Sexy costumes for Maya (if you fancy).

Hypnotize characters, discover their inner worlds, fight phobias, regain your true love and save the humanity.

This is a good game. It is fun and good and always makes sense. It was originally exclusive to the iPad, but got a rather nice PC port which removed all the microtransactions that were present in the App version. It is a good port. It stars Maya, who is the main character. Sometimes other people will be in the videos. Maybe even you! Please enjoy these videos.


Part 1: A Streetcar
Part 2: A Sexy Club
Part 3: A Homeless Millionaire
Part 4: The Way White People Is
Part 5: Immortality
Part 6: Theoretically Relatively Good Update
Part 7: A Mosquito, My Libido
Part 8: Finale
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