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Part 4: Shop

When we last left our hero, he had finally sat down to do something RESEMBLING work, all the while muttering about his bleak future.

An indeterminate amount of time passes, which I choose to believe is 15 minutes. This is supported by the fact that his computer's screen is, pixel for pixel, identical to when he sat down.

He eases himself up, nursing an asleep foot and a back aching from his poor, slouchy posture.

- I think that's just about enough work for today.
I should go home and make sure Grace is okay.

And indeed, off we dash.

Everybody's dialogue will be different tomorrow, so I would genuinely have, uh, 'missed' quite a lot of things if I hadn't talked to everybody. That's going to be the same for each new day, though nobody in the office has new dialogue now.

Our boss and mentor have both vanished, and Doris is still doing her thing happily up in the cafeteria.

Really, the only difference is that the interview hopefuls are gone for the day.

Sorry, Stinky Pete. Maybe you should have made nice with 'the motel chick'? Oh well, I'm sure sitting out in the rain all night doesn't cause SERIOUS issues!

So, instead of heading straight home, let's remember that we promised to pick up Grace a movie, and go downtown.

Downtown Henrysville (or whatever this place is called) is... kind of a dump. Shocker.

- Woah asshole don't get in the way of my jog!
Just wait until I write about this on my blog!

I'm shakin' in my boots, pal.

Let's do the usual thing and explore left to right. I'm going to do the downtown in a different way. Since it's less geographically confusing (just one loooooong strip with lots of shops and other places), I'll just post screenshots during my slow trek left.

If you would LIKE the map, like I made for the office building, just let me know!

All the way to the left is this lady, warming herself in ye olde traditionalye on fire barryle.

- If it wasn't for the kindness and support of Beth,
I surely by now would have starved to death.

- No one around here wants to help the homeless community,
but Beth brings food and dry clothes at every opportunity.

- When it's cold and wet she even lets me stay on her couch.
As long as her awful son isn't visiting - he's such a grouch!

Nice Beth and her bad son are two more characters we'll be hearing about QUITE a bit. You already know all you need to. Beth is NICE, son is MEAN.

- This place has been permanently closed.
The inventory has long since been disposed.

Right, just to our right is the first branch - an ALLEY.

Obviously, going down alleyways in the rundown part of the city can lead to only good things.

And, while at first it seems uneventful...

OBVIOUSLY further down the alley is "The Dark Chapter".

This is probably the first good economic sign we've seen so far - fancy witchcraft stores like this speak to some much-needed gentrification. The poor-o's of the world still put curses on people with regular old violence!

Shop Window

- A strange looking window. Here, it is certainly an oddity.
Through the window I see many occult commodities.

What IS an occult commodity? Do you mean like, bats? Spooky rings?

Oh. Books and a FEW skulls.

The music in here is the same as the title screen, which is kind of neat.

- There's a surreal, unpleasant feeling watching the alley outside.
The atmosphere in here, makes reality feel like it's drifted aside.

Spell Books
- Books on how to cast various types of spells.
I can't believe this sort of nonsense ever sells...

As a MAN OF SCIENCE, Henry will of course only hang out in here every day and use it every time it comes up. Doesn't mean Henry won't feel superior while DOING so, but that's just sort of a given.


- So many different potions sitting on this shelf.
This one says it's made of tears from an elf...

Ok, I also hate this shop. Point to you, Henry.

So help me if we start talking in memes...


Occult Store Owner

- Welcome, weary traveler, to what do I owe this pleasure?
Are you here on dark business, or are you here for leisure?

Do... do you have any movies about farts?

I've never seen this place before

- I've never seen your shop before.
I've only now happened upon your door.


- We opened years ago, to support the growing witchcraft scene.
But lately it seems that business has become lean.

What exactly are you selling?

- What are these products you provide?
Is it something for which you take pride?

- We sell many omens and many exotic foreign objects.
Anything to make a spell, or complete cursed projects.

How do you buy an omen. That's noT EVEN THE PART THAT RHYMES ARGH.

Also, I love the idea of a teenager, up late at night with their parent, working on a cursed project for school. Popping out to Dark Chapter for some elf tears.

Can you recommend a book?

- What kind of book should I buy?
Perhaps one that will make me fly?

- If you've come here to make fun of me, I'll have to be terse.
Or perhaps you would like to leave here under an evil curse?


- ...

- <Response dependent on the thread choice>

- ...

- Great... mate.

Where are you from?

- Where are you from? I don't recognize the accent?
You sound so refined, you're speaking like a gent!

- Where I come from is neither here nor there!
I've laid my head to rest, just about everywhere!

- I've traveled the weary road for countless times unknown!
And seen through an eternity, where shadows have grown!

- ...

- Oh, now I've got it, it's a Louisiana accent you've got!
Such a wonderful place, a real cultural melting pot!

- ...

Ok, this is one of my favorite parts of the town day 1. Henry is of course a social incompetent. Because of this, in almost every store, he will say one thing that's offensive, misguided, or otherwise inappropriate.

When that happens, the dialogue fades, and we get about a second of the store owner staring blankly at Henry, disgusted by the system that requires they not slap his face off, and instead humor him. They then say "..." and then try to salvage the conversation. Liiiiike SO

- Well yes, if you want to split hairs, that's where I'm from.
Are you pleased with yourself, and your investigative outcome?

I'm genuinely happy with that exchange. I like that the shop owner wants to be super mysterious, but even Harry can pick out that he's from Baton Rogue or whatever.

And you could easily parlay that into a voodoo thing! Don't be ashamed of your spooky heritage, dude!

- It's time I hit the road, don't turn me into a toad!

And with that, we man-of-science our way back to the main thoroughfare.

- Just keep on moving there buddy,
or your nose will end up bloody.

The punk knows what's up. Scuttling away while moaning about how nobody respects him, Henry ducks into the pharmacy.

The music in this store and the supermarket is really something else. Creepy and otherworldly - I'll get them up as tracks on the second-post in the thread really soon. And when I do, you should listen. I've said it before, but the music is genuinely good in this game!

Shelves of pills

- Colorful bottles for those that are ill to be enticed.
Most of them placebos that are totally overpriced...

I mean... any amount is overprices for placebos...

- Hey John, how is everything?
How is your wife and offspring?

- Hi Henry, I guess I really can't complain.
Doing the place up has been a financial strain.

- It's all fully completed now though, so I just have to recoup the cost.

While we were closed for renovations, it seems some customers were lost.

Sure, remodeling is kind of a gamble if you rely on a repeat customer base, but one of those "have to dos" for long-term viability.

I love what you've done with the place

- I love what you've done with the place,
I have to be honest it used to look a disgrace...


- ...

- Yeah you're right I have to admit, it didn't look great.
But with this new look I'm sure to change my fate!

Henry, come on man. What you're doing is called 'negging', and it's used by scumbags to pick up women. Doing it in regular conversation to a guy probably just means you can't offer genuine compliments without veiled insults because you're a broken person.

- I joined this franchise, they let me use their logo and interior design.
Get this, they even own the rights to my brand new pharmacy sign!

- I had to pay upfront for all of it, and they take 70% of my income.
But I'm sure I'll see more customers now, I'm hopeful, not glum!


I... mean. I know it's easy to get caught up in the sunken cost fallacy, like, you wouldn't want to give up your life's work but... it's hard to feel TOO bad for somebody making financial decisions this bad. If you own a shop in a failing part of town, rather than implode your life, you MIGHT have to move!

I like the music

- The tunes coming from the speaker makes me want to hum along.
If you don't mind me asking, what's the name of this song?

Again, the music is SUPER creepy. Like if you were torturing spirits inside an old Casio keyboard. This is like that scene in Rick and Morty where Jerry loves the 'human music' put on by alien overlords.

- I don't know the name, it plays off a tape the franchise sent.
It's meant to act as a mood stabilizer, to subdue and disorient.

A... tape? Say, when IS this sent.

Also, wouldn't the controlling franchise probably NOT want you telling people that?

I saw your house is for sale

- If I remember correctly the last time I was out on a roam,
I saw a "For Sale" sign, placed on the lawn of your home.

- We had to pour all of our savings into the store.
The fresh look cost a second mortgage and more.

- We decided to downsize for a little while.
Then once the profits start churning, we can return to our previous lifestyle...

Ah yes, clearly the plan of a guy whose life isn't going down in flames. Unfortunately, Henry is also in deep water, so he's not really in a place to be offering financial advice.

- I don't mean to sound like a recluse, but it's time for me to vamoose.

We remember for half a second that we're supposed to get Grace a movie, but unfortunately...

Henry has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to booze.

Bottle Shelves

- Like a salesman with way too many promises to sell,
all of this will leave you feeling great, then quickly unwell.

Note that Henry ALSO can't stop moralizing for two seconds, about things he absolutely does himself at every opportunity.


- Look at all the solemn faces walking by.
They all look like they're ready to die...

Henry, you're kind of a creep.

Business is slow huh?

- Must be a slow night for business, huh?
I don't see many people stopping by.

Seems not even the hardest liquor,
will make people defy this gray sky.


- It's not the gloomy fall weather keeping people away.
It's the hard drugs keeping customers from my doorway

- Who would ever have thought a liquor store would go bust?
With all this heroin, my profit margins have turned to dust.

- The stress has me drinking my own alcoholic supply.
If I'm in the red this month too, I'll drink until I die.

It's hard to feel TOO sympathetic, just because people have gone to heroin instead of mad dog 20/20. I mean, sorry for the PEOPLE, not the guy running the cheap liquor store.

Thought of selling something else?

- Thought of selling something else, perhaps?
Something that isn't beer, wine, spirits or schnapps?

- ...

- You mean like mead?
I gave it thought, indeed.

- It won't help. Unless I start selling illicit drugs,
soon my business will be lost to these street thugs.

Oh boy! Unsolicited business advice from a failed chemist!

What about something non-alcoholic?

- No, I meant selling something that isn't alcohol.
Like a sports store that specializes in football.

Or a special travel agency for middle aged folks,
selling a custom trip to a south pacific atoll

And it's even stupider than I thought at first!
"Oh, your liquor store is failing because everybody's on drugs, huh? Have you thought about becoming a fancy travel agency?"

Also, so now we're doing an AABA rhyme scheme? I guess? I mean, atoll doesn't rhyme with alcohol or football, but our standards are so rock-bottom I might go with it.

Henry, shut up.

- People around here can't afford to go to the south pacific...
And why only specialize in football? Seems oddly specific.

In Henry's sort-of defense, it's hard to say anything sensible when you have to rhyme.

- I don't know, I figured you got to find your niche.
Something that can cast a spell, and the locals bewitch.

- Whilst I appreciate your unsolicited advice.
This is a 5th generation business, so no dice.

- I'll go down with the ship, as the captain of this boat.
I've tried everything I can, to keep this business afloat.

Can you recommend a beer?

- Can you recommend a beer? I like ale.
Lately however that choice is feeling stale.

- If you want something different try drinking mead.
But be careful, or the legal limit you'll quickly exceed.

You know, maybe this guy SHOULD go into mead. I dunno, if this place can support a 'witchcraft scene', I bet those same people would be WAY into historical drinks.

- Time for me to hit the road,
and get back to my abode...

And by abode I mean I have to get Grace a mov-

Ooo! Bar!

"Bars: because the liquor store's prices are too good, and they don't let you sit on chairs that have had vomit on them."

(Henry is affecting me - I don't like LOUD bars, but there are a few in my hometown that can be really pleasant. Still expensive though.)

Neon Signs

- All these flashing signs advertising different drinks...
People seem to come here so they don't have to think.


Drunks Conversing

- My wife is too scared to walk outside at night.
Being female around here adds a certain plight.

- We should start a neighborhood watch.
Anyone starting trouble gets a bat to the crotch!

- A toast! To this shitty neighborhood!
May it one day return to being good!

- Shut up man, can't you focus on something else for a while?
Your constant moaning is getting tiresome, and vile...

These two are my favorite so far. Positive, proactive, and friendly. Ish.

Bar glasses

- It is clear that those glasses are the farthest from clean,
but I'm not saying anything; the bartender looks mean.

"Snooty, yet cowardly: The Henry Mood"

Let's skip getting blotto for the END of the conversation...

How's business these days?

- How is business going these days?
Everyone in here seems to be in a daze.

- They're all strung out on drugs,
this neighborhood's gone to hell.

Ever since the hobo disappearings,
and that horrid godawful smell.

The hobo disappearings?

- What are the hobo disappearings?
I've never heard of it before.

Sounds like something you'd retell,
when telling stories of folklore.

- Nothing in the end was ever proven,
but in the minds of the locals it's known.

That the cafe that served lovely stew,
did so by turning the homeless to bone.

- The smell drove business away,
and drug pushers took their place.

Shoppers avoided this neighorhood,
all the goodness gone without trace.

So... I guess Doris is SINGLE-HANDEDLY responsible for the downturn of this section of town?
Is... is she the devil?

And I mean, OK, not to be cynical, but 1) homeless people disappearing from an area probably wouldn't REDUCE foot traffic, and 2) if there was an awful smell, and "everybody knew" where it was coming from, surely you could arrange an inspection?

Thirdly, everybody seems to indicate that the soups were delicious, but if it smelled so bad it drove away everybody that wasn't a drug lord... this narrative is a mess.



What's the deal with those two fighting?

- What's the deal with those two guys fighting?
Everyone's ignoring them, as if it's not exciting!

"I notice two men are attacking each other - that's AWESOME!"

- The two of them are in a fight about something new every day.
Today it's about poker, they're accusing one another of foul play...

OK that's long enough. Time to get SLOSHY.

Glass of bourbon please

- Can I have a glass of bourbon please?
Strong enough to put me on my knees.

- Coming right up, strong as can be champ.
What brings you to this place so damp?


I don't THINK this choice matters too much, and I like forcing Henry to be better than he normally is. The "Henry" response is absolutely to tell his social inferior to butt out, but...

- Oh just the usual stuff for life in the rat race.
Bills stacking tall, I'm struggling to keep pace.

- I hear ya buddy, have another on me.
It's not very often a new face I'll see.


You can keep drinking, but then we'd miss all the compelling dialogue!

- Need to leave,
I do believe.

Bored Drunk

- I lost everything I own in an investment scam.
The guy wore a suit, looked like a respectable man.
But at the end of the day he was nothing but a sham!

- He had a fancy car, said he was a stock broker.
Seemed like he knew what he was talking about.

Talked about a major opportunity to invest in,
after his business partner was forced to pull out.

- He said he just needed a small investment of a couple of grand,
and promised a return, that would see us retire to a tropical island.

- He pulled me and the wife in completely, with hook, line, and sinker.
We went out to celebrate with wine, even though I wasn't a drinker.

- 20 grand was supposed to turn into two and a half mill.
Now we can't even afford to pay the damn electric bill.

And we continue on our tour de bad financial decisions. Don't never give a guy you just met $20,000 for a 'sure fire' thing. I mean, I feel bad for the guy buuuut.

Sleeping drunk

Bar Fight
- It doesn't seem smart to get involved with that.
These men don't look like the kind to just chat.

No, these two titans are eternally locked in a Valhallan struggle. Both unstoppable forces and immovable objects.

Bar Menu

- Although the food prices haven't changed in years,
people seem to only show up for the cheap beers.


- A booth for some private time during a date?
Or a public place to drug deals negotiate?

The only sensible response to a Henry.

Can't wait to do our favorite thing, and peer intently at the urinals while acting disgusted.

I'm a big fan of the golf-club skull there.


- The glass is so crusted over, I can't see my reflection.
Probably for the best, I'd just notice every imperfection.

Henry is unspeakably vain, but ALSO has a terrible self-image.


- The colors in this urinal are quite the repulsive scene.
It's been quite a while since they have been cleaned.

Bathroom Stall

- The stench coming from this stall is truly uncanny,
but whoever was here, lost a fight with their fanny.


Let's just...
let's just go.

True story: I just saw a truck with the vanity license plate "NXT JFK"
They're... planning on getting shot?

Lady, you and I have vastly different definitions of a "good old time".
And HENRY doesn't have a dime.

Abandoned Business

- This place looks like it's shut down,
maybe they opened up elsewhere.

Either way since the place is shut,
I've no business going in there.

Yes, surely nothing about this place is plot relevant. It bothers me how slow the game thinks we are.

For now, let's see if the general store (whose music is even WORSE, and is getting uploaded for SURE) has anything to wash that bourbon down with.

Fruit Stand

- An assortment of fruits and vegetables.
It all looks like nice and fresh edibles.


- Quick snacks like ready made sandwiches and chips priced to sell.
If you're running late or are in a hurry these would do you well.


- Energy drinks, sodas and bottled coffee.
Some even come with the flavor of toffee.

Henry is unbelievably positive about this place. I was expecting more
"Overpriced, processed, inedible dross:
it only looks good because of the waxy gloss"

Or something like that.

Refrigerated Foods

- Eggs and milk are strewn across the shelf.
The sodas are a mess, I may fix them myself.

THERE we go.

Well, let's inflict ourselves on this lady.

How are the apples today?

- Are the apples fresh and juicy today?
What's your verdict? What do you say?

- Our apples are always fresh for the day!
They're definitely worth the price to pay!

What's up with the music?

- Why is that music constantly playing?
I can barely hear what I'm saying.

- That music is part of the franchise, it drives me nuts.
It plays at this volume all day, until the store shuts.

- What's behind that door over there?
The curiosity is too much for me to bear!

- ...

- That's nothing but the staff breakroom.
It's where we keep our stock, and a broom.

I don't know if we're meant to think the LADY sounds suspicious here? But that's a super bizarre question, with awkward phrasing to boot.

Are you the only one here?

- I don't see any staff around, apart from yourself.
Do you have to man the register, and stock shelf?

- There was another guy, but I think he was into smoking crack.
When he got his first pay check, he walked off and never came back!

- I'd better get a move on, before the evening's gone!

PROBABLY getting a little late for that, but why were we even here... wasn't there something...

Right! The MOVIE!

Bickering Couple

- Come on babe, not another horror movie, please!
You know how they always bring me such unease!

- Hey, it's my turn to pick a movie this week.
And a good scary horror flick is what I seek!

- Can't we just get a thriller or something instead?
At least then I'll be able to sleep later on in bed.

- No deal, I want to watch "Killer Clowns from Outer Space Four"!
I hear it tops out all previous three, with lots more juicy gore!

I'm actually halfway surprised Henry doesn't smugly comment that you should always listen to your partner, considering the little exchange this morning.

Video selection

- This seems like such a hodgepodge of a variety of titles.
From "The Family's Dog" to "How Stella list her vitals..."

I would absolutely watch a horror movie remake of "How Stella Get her Groove Back".
Conversely, "The Family's Dog" sounds like the most boring title imaginable.

Pay close attention to the wording. "Ugh, filth. I don't have time to look at it just now". Henry absolutely peruses the filth, just not when he wants to get home in a hurry.

Time to talk to the guy at the desk.

Can you recommend any good action comedies?

- Can you recommend any good action comedies to rent?
Maybe one with some foreign dude, with a funny accent?

] - Yeah man, we've got loads of those.
How about "The Scarlet Primrose?

- I've already seen that particular one, boy it sure was a real hoot!
I loved the scene at the end, where he didn't escape from the car's boot!

] - No spoilers man, what the hell!?!
I wasn't aware of that bombshell!

Ah yes, the bombshell ending where the protagonist fails to get out of a car's trunk. Classic and riveting.

What are youe late-return policies?

- What is your policy on late returns again?
Is that something you would mind to explain?

Ugh, again explain, our nemesis returns.

] - Come on man, you're always pretending like you don't know.
If you're late returning rentals, you have to cough up some dough.


- But I'm such a good customer, I'm here every week.
Can't you cut me some slack? My finances are bleak.

If you can't afford late rental fees, there are a couple solutions. Keeping the movies too long and whining about it doesn't seem like one of them!

] - I'll have to ask my boss, but she's not in until Monday.
She's never happy, so if I were you I'd expect a 'nay'.

Should you be working this late on a school night?

- Should you really be working this late on a school night?
Do your parents approve? Do they think it's alright?

- ...

Yaaaay awkward silence!

- I don't really see how that's any of your business.
I've no real need for some random dude's wiseness.

What's with space boy over there?

- What's with yellow space boy with the shovel over there?
Is it a promo-piece for some horror involving germ warfare?

] - That my friend, is the latest Agent Spy movie, where a military plane is downer.
And Agent Spy has to search for a virus from the crash, that's hidden underground.

- Wow... that sounds really moronic.
I can't see that one becoming iconic.

Henry, this guy seems really excited about this movie. I'm not saying you have to LIE, but... maybe tone it down.

- I best get going...
The wind outside is blowing...

Not... not without the movie for Grace!


Yeah there's no way to get that movie. I guess we're playing as Henry, and if you have to know one thing about Henry, it's that if it doesn't relate to him personally? He does. not. care.

Anyway, let's continue. We can't get a video, but we're still buzzed and feeling sociable. And we ARE video game protagonists...

Oh! I know! I wonder what happens if we randomly barge into apartments!

Crying Woman

- Excuse me miss, might I ask why you are crying?
You seem inconsolable, as if someone was dying.

- ...


So the apartment building is the largest sub-section of the downtown area, and unlike the offices, MOST doors you can't go into.

1st floor

- No answer at this particular door,
Perhaps they've gone to the store...

Or perhaps this rundown apartment building doesn't open the door to strangers?


- Looking out this window can get anyone depressed...
The sights of the rainy street can be tough to digest.


- Oh, Jesus Christ, what an unfortunately rancid combination,
the trash by the vent makes this hall smell like old urination.

Henry, the number of times you've stuck your nose close to things and commented on the smell of urine... I mean it's got to be at least 5 to 6 by now, right?



Actually, MUCH cleaner than I thought.


- This must be what the maintenance staff uses,
to clean the apartments when the tenant refuses.


- It's just various piles of nasty discarded debris.
Some food scraps, old main, and used bags of tea.

Oh what, it doesn't smell like pee to you? Not even a little?

- This door is locked, I will need a key,
if I should need the other side to see.

Sure. Door on the other side...

Nothing good can come of Henry being in here, slightly drunk.

Shouldn't we be going home?

Fuse Boxes

- A fuse box controls the building's electricity,
but that's pretty obvious and plain to see.


- Wow, this is a pretty big and old thing.
It's keeping the place warm for sure.
It's so hot in here it's like a hot spring.

- Strange, these boxes look as if they are new.
Looking at the labels, they've come from Peru.

Once again, the poetry gets in the way. That's kind of weird, and might warrant some further note, unless of course Peru just rhymes with new.

Ah, how we suffer for art!

2nd Floor

Wanted Poster

- Kyle Block is wanted on charges of assault.
I wonder if this time around it's truly his fault.

Wanted Poster

- Bobby Jones is wanted for possession of drugs.
He's probably just hiding out with the local thugs.

It's weird to know all the local most-wanted, right? I'm imagining Henry updating his roster of human beings and the crimes they commit, really hoping that they rack up impressive body counts before being caught and executed.

This is the usual "they won't let you in" response. The 'gone to the store' one is pretty much just for the first-floor apartment.

Was it dog-face Danny? Mal the murderer? I've got to update my charts!!

Vending Machine

- The snacks and the drinks have been expired for ages,
and yet people still but them with their minimal wages.

- I'm not interested in what you're selling!
Please leave, depart from my dwelling!

Dying Plant

- I wonder who's supposed to keep this sad looking plant alive.
Someone should put it outside, where it can at least try to thrive.

Again, our obsession with dying indoor plants. All in all, floor 2 was a bust.

We're DIZZY! We're feeling SOCIAL! Let's MEET some people!

3rd Floor

Slash are going through the normal things a person might in everyday life. I think you're projecting, Henry.


- I can't even read what this is supposed to say...
If I was to call it art, does that make it ok?

Imagine being this kind of a guy. Imagine getting off work, going into an apartment building where you no nobody in a bad part of town, and critiquing the graffiti in it. Henry you incomparable jerk.


- This thing clangs and drips during every hour.
It's no wonder everyone's mood is so sour.


Oh, here's a guy!

- ...

- All this guy seems to do is sit there and stare...
It's incredibly creepy and he doesn't seem to care.

Oh. OK.

Fortunately, finding the next door unlocked, we don't even knock, we just barge right in! Like a maniac!


- A collection of manikin heads, that look a bit odd...
As though someone tried to melt them with a hot metal rod...

W...what? This is a maniac I guess.

- I've seen some shit here, kid.
This town is pretty rough.

At times it seemed fruitless to continue,
but in the end, I did, sure enough.

O..ok! Not even curious who I am?

Cool. I'll just check out the rest of your apartment!

- This cabinet is about to come loose off the wall...
It'll make a lot of noise once it actually does fall...

Ok, good to know we can distract the maniac for later? Is this truly what they call "meta-gaming"?

No. I genuinely don't think this guy is mentally ill at all, and I don't think the cabinet ever comes up again. I FELL FROM GRACE.

Sure, pal, but let me look at this AXE here. Totally a normal thing to have in an apartment hallway!

Fire Ax
- Hmm a fire axe,
as big as a sax...


Ok, now we'll go in!


- This couch smells of oriental spice.
It has a calming effect, which is nice.

Weird. Also, it's purple? I really can't help but notice that certain objects are, but some of them are just vending machines, so unless there's a REALLY bizarre plot coming up, it might just be a re... purple herring.

Book Collection

- This is a book collection that Grace would appreciate.
Collections on fine art, and obscure poetry on fate.

Ok yes this seems like it might be the bookcase of a plot relevant guy. ha ha nope! Pretty SURE not anyway. Just yet yet yet yet YET more pointless buildup!

And here's the SECOND maniac that just lets people come into his house in what is clearly downtown Detroit.

- I've lived locally since I was just a wee boy from Bavaria.
It saddens me to see what's happened to this area.

- Everyone knew each other, and helped each other out.
Then the jobs disappeared, and the drugs got their clout.

Weird. WELL BYE.

This game longs for the good 'ol days of the past more than the American Republican party. Everything was SO GREAT until... well, until around when Henry was born, probably!


- Whoever lives here sure must like greenery.
It's a big improvement for the hallway scenery.

For some reason, that KIND of sounds like Doris to me? Maybe it's the openly threatening tone? But surely all the locals would run Doris out?

Nice touch here with the laundry, but nobody comes to the door.


- While this seems to be advertising "a good time".
I think what they're doing is technically a crime.

"Hey, this number isn't the number for the bouncy castle folks! What the HECK!?"

4th Floor

Snoot snoot snoot.

Public Service Announcement

- This poster has been issued by the city mayor.
It says to be on the lookout for "sewer mold".

It says to report any sightings of it immediately,
and to avoid touching it if you want to grow old.

So... how do we... does it look different from regular mold? Is it just a palate swap from regular mold? Does it have any good drops?

Still feeling the effects of the bourbon, we open the next unlocked door we find.

- I used to love autumn weather, when I was young lad. [sic]
Now the endless rain does nothing but make me sad.

- The cold and the damp creeps in through these walls.
I've tried to complain, but the city won't take my calls.

"HELLO? IS THIS THE MAYOR! I'VE CALLED YOU BEFORE SIR, MY WALLS ARE TOO THIN" yeah shocker that doesn't get results. (again, I feel BAD, just...)


- Your only company, a small black and white TV.
With this as your reality, dying is to be set free.

Jeez, Henry! I swear, he takes a perverse joy in things being as sad as they can be. It's like if Eeyore was a human and bad as his job.


A table with a single chair paints a picture that's sad.
The dinner table of an abandoned, and forgotten granddad.


- The draught from this cracked window is bitterly cold.
This is not a good place to be in when you're getting old.

"I could help, but I've got to, uh, get home! I could point him towards Beth, who I know is a caring soul, but, again, effort!"

I'm on to you, Henry the Peesmeller. I see what you're doing here, I see through your pretensions at disgust. I'M the one disgusted now.

On we rush.

I hate this little story, even by the standards of I Fell From Grace.

- Oh, hello there, do you live in this apartment building too?
We just moved here from out of state. It's nice to meet you!

- We've come here seeking a new and exciting life!
To pick the city we'd pack up everything and move to,
we just hung a map on the wall, and then threw a knife!

- We're a super positive couple! In always smiling we take pride!
When we found out this apartment had neither kitchen nor loo,
while other's [sic] would go back on their lease, we took it in stride!

I hate it because it's just so CLUMSY. I get it! These are some just nice, naive people, and oh this bitter world will crush them. Well, you know what? You can be SO naive that it becomes hard to have sympathy for you.

You hear me, Mr. and Mrs. "I just know we're all going to be great friends in this drug-riddled, economic black hole"?! I refuse to become emotionally invested in this arc!

That is, of course, assuming that they aren't secret psychopaths, which I absolutely wouldn't put past this game either.

Of course, their apartment is pretty Spartan.

We're ALMOST through this hallway...



- An old, broken, and rusty stove, left for someone else to carry away...
It's got broken glass chards [sic] all over. I wonder how long it'll stay...

- You could throw something real heavy,
and hit someone down there in the head.

The force would cave their skull right in,
and leave them well and truly dead.

... You're a pretty messed-up dude, Henry.

SO messed up, in fact, that next time we'll start with a visit to the PSYCHOTHERAPIST'S OFFICE! Surely, Henry will emerge a sympathetic character!