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I Fell From Grace

by Bacter

Part 11: Trial - Henry's Psyche

All RIGHT. Time for the worst and funniest section of the average day, a deep dive into awfulville, also known as Henry's Mind!

- What's on your mind today?
What is it you'd like to say?

I Had The Weirdest Dream

- Recently I've been having these weird dreams doc.
These weird children are there, with a funny way to talk.

- They speak really cryptically, and they creep me out.
Any insight or ideas as to what that's all about?

- Probably just stress, I wouldn't sweat it too much.
We can always increase your sleepers a touch.

I'm shocked! He DOES talk back! And we didn't need a flashback! And he's referencing that we're on sleepers! Eating, drinking, taking medicine, all that is kind of glossed over in the game, but I'd imagine 'ol Henny is PRETTY heavily medicated to make it through his average day.

First Day at Work

- I always had such grand plans for my career.
I was sure I'd be successful, never showed any fear.

Or competence. Or drive. Or... you know, just start the flashback.

- I'm sorry Dr. Richards, my alarm clock broke.
The guy that sold it to me is to blame, he's such a joke!

Ahh yes, the classic first day ploy. Be late, and then savagely attack the... guy who sold you the alarm clock? Like, the clerk at the store? Terrific attitude.

- I haven't seen you since you were just a boy!
You were always up to mischief, your mother's joy.

- Thank you so much for giving me a shot.
Father always spoke so highly of you.
Every day, I'll give it everything I've got!

"Which is basically nothing!"

- Well, it took some persuasion to get you a position.
Your grades are not the best, by your own admission.

Yeah, there's a reason for that. We're too busy yelling at our wife after she got us a thoughtful gift to actually STUDY. Sorry chief! I'll be snoozing in my office if you need me!

- I'll prove myself a valuable asset to your team!
Working in this field has been a lifelong dream.

...and we fade out...

- My grades certainly weren't the best, and neither is my career.
Seeing everyone get promoted but me, is getting difficult to bear.

"Say, I wonder WHY I n...ooooo headache again! It's my body's natural response to self-reflection!"

Grace's Birthday

- Grace never appreciates the gifts I bring.
She's hated them all, every single thing...

Oh, I cannot WAIT to see this.

- Oh, I hope it's those opera tickets I told you about!
I laid down some pretty obvious hints no doubt.

Probably meaning she wrote it on a note that she put in his car, told him 30 times...

Henry. Grace likes the arts. Do arts stuff. With her.

She opens her eyes and just stares in disbelief for a few seconds.

- Surprise! Even better than some opera night!
This TV is the biggest one you've ever seen, right?

I want to include a bunch of screenshots just to drive home how awkward and crushing this is.

- It's experimental technology that I've "borrowed" from work!
It didn't cost me a penny! Clever, right? I can't help but smirk!

And it keeps getting worse! He's bragging about how he stole it, and it didn't cost him anything! He's SMUGLY PROUD OF HIMSELF.

- By the way, the game is on in an hour.
Maybe you can get started on dinner?
Make something sweet and sour?

AND IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE! I know the adultery is a million times worse than this, but this scene is almost physically painful to watch. Henry, I talk a lot of smack, but you really aren't cut out to own a cat, let alone be married to anybody, let ALONE somebody that needs support.

This is almost worrying levels of self-involvement, here.

They might have no-fault divorces, Grace! It's not too late!

Your parents would be infinitely better than this! A tiny apartment while you get on your feet would be infinitely better than this! GET AWAY GRACE.

- I mean, she's never given me anything I wanted, but you won't see me cry.
Every day I wear this obnoxious red tie, it's so tacky looking I just want to die!

So... yeah. Somebody was asking in the thread if Henry has any self-reflection, or realizes that he's a jerk.

It's gonna take a lot, my dudes! Henry is basically a walking PSA about not getting into toxic relationships! (And the writer still, I think, thinks HENRY is the hero of the story! I don't know either!!!)

- I'm afraid that's all we have time for today.
Gather your thoughts and get on your way.

- Come again soon,
you loon!

Yeah. I'll... see you tomorrow doc. Can't wait to see what other gems we've got!