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I Fell From Grace

by Bacter

Part 12: Blow

Welcome BACK, seekers after the truth. Or at least after whatever Henry gets up to.

As before, this time we've got some optional conversations behind clickable links: you'll get 'em when they would happen naturally during this section.

Where we last left, off, we'd pushed the uh... enthusiastic Miss Jones to the side (seriously lady, I refuse to believe that Henry is the most eligible bachelor in this cul-de-sac, let ALONE subdivision), and had gone to talk to G...

to G-


Sorry, everybody I...

Sorry, I'm...


I'm feeling....

A little

s t r a n g e

A-hem! (I don't know what came over me),
the bedroom is the place where our bonny
Grace lay, and withered there, quite cold and ill -
and friends, we picked the path: GIVE GRACE THE PILL

Oh yes, we're pretty sure that this will work
(not quite, but as you know, we're a huge jerk)
I mean we gave one to our crippled friend
And heard third-hand that he was on the mend!

Of course, sweet trusting Grace takes it from us
I guess too weak to give us any fuss.
She never had the confidence to tell
Henry to take his greed and go to hell.

Now, Henry runs off to answer the ring,
and, since he's dumb, he doesn't see a thing.
But look ye goons, what's there behind that place?


(It vanishes with nothing further said,
goodbye, you freaky spectre of a head)
But Henry doesn't notice it at all:
instead, let's turn attention to the call.

I don't think that's a tool that really... breaks
I mean, unless you REALLY make mistakes?

So yes, we get a second scummy choice
(And, though it might more closely match HIS voice)
I will use veto power on this one
No cheating on our wife! We turn. and. RUN

I will admit, it does feel pretty good
To force this guy to behave like he should
That was the most assertive we have seen
We made our break from Jones, and it was CLEAN.

(I only added this for quick compare -
the prosey bit of what we see back there.
It's not the best, but still is quite improved
once trashy verse and rhymes are all removed)

The author had to translate quite a bit
From poetry; left words that don't quite fit
So everybody sounds a little weird
The words they pick are really rhyming-geared.

Of course, if we said yes we'd run straight there
And Grace would fall asleep without her pair.

Oh-h-h. I feel weird.
What was I... what was I saying?

Oh, yeah. Showing some initiative for the first time in our lives,
we finally tell of Ms. Jones. And here we are, back with the kids in an
endless hallway of doors painted like our dead kid's bedroom! Whee!

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that they aren't RIDDLES, per se, the kid is just being VAGUE...
I agree, actually. Though pumping dreams for information is a traditionally useless move.

Actually... we've been doing pretty well!
I mean, comparatively!

And yeah, we've found some of the keys kid, not that YOU were any help and.
Wait... what?

Uh... well! Looks like it's time to re-adjust the 'ol "who-is-evil"omoter.

Though the angel is still FAR too creepy to get a full pass.

At this point, Grace's incredibly loud scream pierces the air just as we
as... as we fade in...

"You see, in it I married this big dope,
Who stole my future; left me without hope
He had a beard, looked ugly in his suit,
Complained a lot and looked like... y... oh. Shoot."

While I believe he's late, we don't speak true -
There are a few more things that we talk through.

You know, he really can't go twenty breaths
Where I don't wish his painful, ling'ring death

Yeah! Slick, my dude, that's not shady at all!
Just throw a big 'ol fit and start to bawl.

And, ruining the moment once and all
we storm out on our wife into the hall.

I think this is the dumbest plan I've heard
(this from a game that's frequently absurd)
You think they'll just make you a rising star?

You take one and it just cures "everything"?
In hobos, wives and gerbils, sure! Let's bring
That to the boss and see how he likes it
You don't know WHAT IT'S MADE OF, you dumb tit!!!

But of course it's off to work we go
(Or click a banner: here they are below)

Detective is still smoking here outside:
does Pete's fate merit two days to decide?
Well, either way, we can't talk to the man
Besides, Dawn is the one who fits our plan.

Now you might think you'd know how to attack
this task: we know that Harris, in the back
Gets drugs from punks that come to him from town
Or hey, we know that punk who stands around!

Well, no, I'm really sorry, to be blunt
This next bit is a flat-out trigger hunt
So, yes, the next step IS the downtown punk
But not until we ask the local drunk!

If you just talk to him he's mean, you see
So first this other conversation's key:

I don't quite get why that's needed flag?
But fine, let's talk to Mr. strut-and-brag

This leaves us at a crucial point again
Will we be silver-tongued, or businessmen?
I'm willing to try any option you
Direct me to. So, goons! WHAT DO WE DO?