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I Fell From Grace

by Bacter

Part 16: 3rd Day Rhyming

Ok, so

I'm not going to do too much "outside-our-timeline" peeking, except probably at the end. But I DID feel like I had to show this off. This is actually the moment I knew I wanted to do an LP of the game, and it's funny enough that I wanted to show it.

This moment happens if instead of GIVING PILL, we DO RESEARCH.

- I know it sounds pretty crazy,
but maybe this is worth a shot?

I have to research what's in it,
lest it gives you a blood clot.

- You are too frail to be a guinea pig,
for all we know it'll make things worse.

I don't want to put all my hopes in this thing,
and the next day have to book you a hearse.

- At this stage I'd try anything,
what's left is a hope and a prayer.

Please don't take too long though,
I'm not far from needing hospice care.

- ...

- Don't say things like that,
keep your determination.

In the meantime I'll go out,
and get your medication.

So rather than going straight to bed, we have another quest that night - to get Grace's regular medication from the pharmacy.

So off we trot...

- There doesn't seem to be any end to the wet.
I'm surprised we haven't all drowned yet.

- I just need to pick up Grace's medication please.
She haven't [sic] got much fight left for this disease.

- I'm sorry Henry I really sympathize,
but I can't let you run your tab any higher.

I hate to have to say that,
with a situation so dire.

- Please, help me out here, just one more time.
I'll start settling my bill, down to the very last dime.

- I'll tell you what, if you can do me a service,
extending your tab, won't make me so nervous.

- Tell me what you need, I'll have it done right away.
And I promise I'll start my debts to repay.

- I'm sure you've noticed the hooligan near my doorway.
He's loud and intimidating, scaring my customers away.

- Get rid of him, I don't care how, just somehow make him leave.
If you make that happen, you'll have your script filled his eve.

Ok, getting rid of that punk seems like a SLIGHTLY taller order than we're really prepared for, I mean, I guess we could whine at him a little?

- Fuck you guy, who do you think you are?
Around this area, I'm known as The Tsar!

- That's very good Mr. Tsar,
it doesn't matter who I am.

I just need you to leave,
come on now just scram.

And whine we DO. That's about halfway between trying to sound tough and just giving him the 'ol beady eyes with tears in 'em.

- Why don't you make me?
I don't move for free.

Now, ok.

I had been playing the game for a while, and felt like I saw what was up with it.

This is a Depressing Universe, where anybody with good characteristics seems like they get taken advantage of. I was pretty sure that trying to be sweet would have just got us poked right in the eye, whereas trying to bribe him was probably going to cause us to have to...

I don't know. Kill somebody? Drive somebody out of their apartments? Do something malicious for his amusement?

So I decided on...

- Listen guy, I don't have time for this.
Get lost of I'll beat you into a puddle of piss.

BOY are you writing checks you can't cash there, Henry.

I kind of thought that this point was either going to be some action sequence, a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Atlantis, or that we'd just get beat into a blob and he'd walk away.

Worst-case, early game over.

- Ok, this will be a fun one.
Won't my evening delay.

C'mon white collar boy,
step into the alleyway.

AND INDEED, it can just result in Henry getting punched into the floor, the punk having a nice laugh, and walking away.

That is...

...if you didn't pick up the pipe earlier!

Yes, having the pipe in your inventory causes you to just



- Uuugh what on earth happened just now?
Looks like the Tsar took his final bow...

- I must have blacked out,
I felt dizzy in my head.

And when I came to it[sic]
this punk is now dead...

- I... I think he's dead.
I cracked open his head...

- I better take what's on him, and I'll bring it along.
Make it look as though it's a robbery that's gone wrong.

Boy you uh... you're pretty quick putting that together, huh Henry?

- All he had was keys to a car,
and an application for a job.

And a Lieberman Group ID badge,
belonging to someone named Bob.

...well, we know he was involved with Harris? I Guess?

- I better get out of this alleyway,
before the cops come to play...

Aaaaaand off we prance! To get Grace's medication, and head home!

I just appreciate how "try to act tough" turns into "bludgeon a man to death, then keep going until he's just applesauce."

It was absolutely another "ha ha WHAT" moment in the game, and I wanted to make sure you all got to see it!