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I Fell From Grace

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Part 20: Breakthrough - Office Talk

Office Talk!

Like... in a bad way? Or in a creepy obsessive way? What are we saying here Henz?

- I need to pursue a life with more joy and rewards!
So I've given myself a neat project to work towards!

- I'm going to learn to make one of those video computer games!
It's going to have an anti-hero protagonist; whose name is James!

Oh BOY do I have some suggestions for you.

"Reason for leaving job: kept me in a festering hellhole" Yeah. That sounds ok.

- I'm not that kind of doctor, I can't help you with your mole.
An educated guess however, would be it's karma, taking its toll.

I mean, on the one hand, yes, don't ask a chemist what your mole is. On the OTHER hand, sheesh dude!

There really isn't MUCH progression to this story. The guy hated the farm, and it hates it here. SENSING A THEME.

Nice to, uh, get a little gauge on how much longer this game is probably going to go!

There's only one person in the lunchroom with new dialogue...


- Didn't you hear what happened? Oh, you're in for a treat!
Some assistant tried to sneak in some hooker off the street!

- The only place with beds around here, is the medical trials ward.
But the 4th floor security gates blocking access, could not be ignored.

- They climbed out an office window, with plans to bypass the gate.
One of them slipped, grabbed on to the other, and the two met their fate.

- How delicious moronic,
Serves them right for being so hedonic.

I'm not sure about HEDONIC, but I will say taking up somebody on an offer to get frisky in a MEDICAL PATIENT TRIAL WARD is... probably bad. Probably don't do that. Even if it's new!

Ugh, I KNEW it. Which one of you jerks is doing this?!

Checking in on the kindness krew.

- Nah, I've got a client meeting to attend.
Besides, it's not like I was his best friend.

- I mean, I didn't like the guy to be honest,
so why pretend, just because he's dead?

I'd like to see their coffin setup though,
considering they've only found his head...


Of course, there are 3rd-floor people to talk to now that we've unlocked it (with, again, nobody questioning how we GOT there)

- I'll be helping millions of people, and end up in the history books!
I'm not letting the company patent it they're such greedy crooks!

Weren't... you... working on an anti-inflammatory? That's also an anti-malarial?

Are you... synthesizing the pills that we got? Because, buddy, you've GOT to check out the DREAMS.

Also, I like how this guy is basically a more-moral Henry. That's also good at his job. So I guess the anti-Henry.

Yeah, inconcievable, truly.

There's always that ONE worker, who is just CRUSHING IT. And maybe I'm getting old, but I'm not going to criticize. You do you, lady!

I... can't really answer this without getting depressed. Vacation!

IN GENERAL, the stories at the office I find less compelling than the ones downtown. They all tend, as you can see, to just be a general kind of "office work is purgatory at best".

And maybe that's kind of the point? Office work dehumanizes us, while being a store owner is much more stressful, but also allows you more personality?

Probably not. Oh well - we've got a LITTLE more of the slide into bleakness: DOWNTOWN, BABY!