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Part 24: Acclaim - Office Talk

Right, before we actually go to the career-defining meeting, we've got to smug in the face of everybody here.

Let's get started!

Yeah, you might be my assistant! Haw de haw de haw

*flits away*

I... ok so Dawn doesn't care. And we can't be mad at her, because we owe her big.

I... you'll... wish you knew me later! Wait you do! I! Uh! Bye Dawn!

I think this is pretty funny. That's all. Just a funny, good, resolution to a story. Just pointing those out where I see 'em.

[img][/url] - I've seen the report, it definitely sounds way too good to be true!
We'll be able to cure everything, fomr cancer to the season flu!

You haven't TRIED it on everything! Does the report seriously just read "CURES EVERYTHING FOR REALZ".


- Well, for those that can afford to pay for it at least.
People will pay a pretty penny to not be deceased!

Hey guys I think big pharma might not be in it for the good of humanity, but instead for the money please subscribe to my channel CorporateMoneyLie$ get it the S is a dollar sign which repres

- ...

- Your attitude in life is unbelievable...
To be this greedy seems inconcievable...

If you want to feel sick, just imagine Henry's giant unsettling smile as he overhears all this, just lurking out of view.

Your job... weren't you going to sell sweet corn or something? You didn't move home? Or you did and it failed in a single day? See, that's the lack of gumption that ends you up here!

- I guess I'm stuck doing this forever, all-daylong [sic]
I wish the grim reaper would just come along...

Yeah, I'm feeling somewhat less sympathetic these days. I feel bad that your job is bad, dude, but you can't just sit on stability and moan about how hard your life is. I mean, you CAN, it's just a bummer of way to live.

I... I kind of think you didn't send the document or something, dude...

Ohhhh that's such a shaaaaame coos Henry.

Must be a HECK of a project. Probably led by somebody REALLY smart. Yeah what a BREAKTHROUGH.

Ah, don't worry. We ruined your chemical reaction just out of spite anyway!

You know, this is EXACTLY who would be working at this company's HR department. Just the worst person you could think of.

Well, ok, SECOND-worst.

You know? I... I bet that's true. No matter which way this goes, it seems like it will uh... set some things in motion.

A bunch of lawsuits, for STARTERS!

Oh, I know what financial worry is like.


Oh I mean KNEW, yeah, knew. Sorry, I'm kind of in the money now. Probably shouldn't be seen talking to the help, later!

- Obviously, my genius is not appreciated around here!
So, I'll just take my research and will pitch it elsewhere!

Preeeetty sure what's what non-competes are for, champ.

So yes, obviously the Henry-but-competent throws a huge fit about this. Just like Henry would.

I'm genuinely surprised Henry doesn't chime in for any of these, just casually mentioning that it's him. I guess he's just too excited to even get it out.

Well hey, want to come home with me? It's either you or the grocer lady! I mean, yes, I'm married, but she's CRAZY, so I'm looking elsewhere, you dig?

- Wouldn't surprise me one bit, the fiscal year has really sucked.
And then there were all those investigations we tried to obstruct...

How does that... relate to...?

Ah well. This is just generic, 'any-day' dialogue from them that I've missed until now.

They're going to... spray it with... Ethylene glycol? Antifreeze? Propylene glycol? The non-toxic preservative?



I know, I know, it rhymes but... they wouldn't be above torturing a rhyme out of some chemical that made SENSE. I guess the authoer was just rushing at this point.

It's HIS fault for including 400 auxillery characters :sothere:

Now let's check in with our buds, the shower crew!

- ...

- I was up all night long, unable to fall asleep.
Phone kept interrupting the counting of sheep....

- There was nothing on the other end?
Just breathing that sounded creepy?

The same event kept me up all night,
by morning time I was quite weepy...

- ...

- Isn't that how the beginning of the end for John's [sic] started?
First these calls, then not long after, his head had departed...

- ...

Ok. Still the most effective horror plot we've got going but...




And if you can't? You know what? Kill her. Kill Doris. Get a gun or something, or team up and ambush her!

YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. And these two don't read like lambs to slaughter to me. I dunno guys, call me silly here, but it's time for some Direct Action.

Well, that's all there is to do before the Big Meeting! See you back in the main update!