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Part 8: Episode VII: Don’t Fear The Reaper

Music: Stronghold

Freyja and her gang of interchangeable redshirts have gone out on a final patrol before she is set to join our party. She did tell us we could crash at her pad until she returns. So we may as well take her up on that offer.

Not that we really have time to be sitting around...
We’ve still got a long way to go... We need to take every opportunity we can to rest.
Oh well... Looks like we’ve got no choice.
Stop saying that! We absolutely have a choice. And the consensus is we’re gonna sit on our butts until Captain Ancientinanimeyears returns.

Some time passes...

Maybe something happened on the pilgrimage...
You mean Nidr?
Yes... Say, how about we try asking Nidr to join us, too?
Why are you so interested in him? Because he has experience as part of a sacrifice’s guard?
Well, there is that, of course... I don’t know... there’s just something about him... like he needs our help, almost...
*nods* All right. Let’s think about it when the captain gets back.
All right...
Hey, why aren’t any of us using the chairs...?

Some more time passes...

Music: Feeling of Unease

Yes, you’re right... She said she was just going to go on a final patrol...
I cannot believe the chairs were literally nailed to the floor. Why? Who DOES that?!

Someone, please!
Has something happened?
Apparently so... That voice sounded like it was coming from the entrance to the village.
Welp, I know where this is going. RIP the captain.
Endir! How could you say that?
This ain’t my first rodeo with this sort of thing...

The gang, of course, immediately rolls out to investigate the source of the cries for help.

Told ya so.
Shut up, you jerk! She’s not dead.
Well, she’s not going to be joining us doing her best Yamcha impression.

*motions to soldiers* And don’t worry about them, they’re just shook up.
*nods and tends to Freyja*

A short while later, Freyja has been taken away by Lutius and the random villager...

A man carrying a huge scythe suddenly attacked us!
Wait hold up... This scythe wielding jerk... He didn’t happen to look like Vampire Piccolo, did he?
...I have no idea what that combination of words is meant to mean.
So no.
Phew. Okay. Won’t need to power level just yet. Carry on.

The cap’ protected us... and now...
I was just passin’ by, and I found the captain all beaten up! So I carried her on my back, and dragged these three back here as fast as I could.
Dammit! Why did you run away!? You should have fought him! You’re supposed to be a hero, aren’t you!?
*shakes head* I barely managed to run! There’s no way I woulda stood a chance against a freak like that!
Forget it! It’s me who’s the fool for thinking that you’d help! That man might still be in Serendale... I’ll avenge the captain... I swear it on the name of the resistance!

The Shrewd-Eyed Young Man runs off...

*shakes head frustrated* Dammit...
*turns to remaining soldiers* You two treat the captain’s wounds. You can manage that much, can’t ya?

The two soldiers run off into town...

It seems that freak was after the sacrifice...
*turns to Setsuna* And that’s you, ain’t it, miss?
*navel gaze* So you mean... because of me, the captain...
Don’t let it get to ya. That’s just the way the sacrifice’s journey is.
It could go far worse. I’ve heard of this one sacrifice that was caught up with a creeper who desperately wanted to marry her. It was this whole thing.
...Really? What happened?
Well, she killed him. Then married him. Then killed him again. Three more times, in fact. It... was a long story.
Let’s try to stay focused.

So someone’s trying to get in the way of the pilgrimage, eh?
*glances at Endir* Sounds a little like someone else I know...
*rubs chin and ponders*
Competition...? Aww hell naw. We’ve gotta roll on this fool.
*shakes head* Even if we wanted to leave, before we can go anywhere, we need the entrance to the caves unlocked... And also, the captain said she was coming with us, because our guard was too small.
No chance... She’s gonna need complete bed rest.
So what are we supposed to do? She said she won’t let us through unless we upped our numbers.
So we go loot her corpse for the keys. This isn’t a big deal.
For the last time, she’s NOT DEAD!

Nidr... I hear that you once successfully accompanied a sacrifice on her pilgrimage.
Can’t you help us, too?
*turns away* Sorry... But my journey ended a long time ago. Once the captain wakes up, you get her to unlock the entrance to the caves, and then be on your way. Now, I have some business to attend to in Serendale, so excuse me...

Nidr walks out of town towards Serendale...

Follow Nidr.
You know damn well that the captain won’t wake up until we go fight whatever dick owned her out on patrol. And I sure as hell ain’t letting some jackass poach my assassination contract if he’s after the sacrifice.

Well, maybe you’re right. I wasn’t too sure about him when we first met him... But the way he brought the captain and the others back like that... He’s strong, and he can obviously keep his head in an emergency. But even if we do go after him, you think he’ll agree to join us?
*navel gaze* I want to talk to him more. It’s like he’s carrying some sort of burden... That’s the feeling I get... And I think that might have something to do with why he won’t join us.
Ugh... The great thing about this mask is nobody can tell when I’m spacing out once the tragic backstories kick in...
Like you did back at the Monument?
That was deep reflection on past events. Totally different.

Anyway, if we don’t do something, that man who attacked the captain will hurt more people. I know Nidr said what he did... But I don’t want people to suffer because of me. Sorry for being so stubborn...
Well, alright...
...I said we should follow him in the first place and you are agreeing with me.
Tch. She was talking to me.

How like you, Setsuna... All right, let’s follow after Nidr.

Alright, then. I guess we have no choice but to follow Nidr back to Serendale and see what’s up with this mysterious scythe wielding man in the woods.

Music: A Poignant Reminder

Dude that ruled! Jumping with a sword...? Why didn’t I ever think of that?
You don’t think the fact there aren’t many monsters around here could be...
Thanks to Nidr.
JUMPING with a sword. It make SO much sense. I’m kicking myself for wasting all this time just spinning with one.
*nods* Yes, I think so too.
So that’s why he was so tired the first time we met him... Is this what he’s been doing ever since he came back from the pilgrimage?
But why would he do that?
To hide something.
Nobody just power levels for no reason. At least not anyone mentally sound.
The people of the village think that their peaceful lives are thanks to the sacrifice. Nidr never went back home, and stayed here fighting off the monsters... Could that be because he didn’t want anyone to doubt that the sacrifice was protecting them? If so... that might just mean...
...I’m not following.
We’ll need to check that last part with the man himself.
*nods* Yes, right... Let’s go, Endir.
*narrows eyes* ...I suppose I’ll come too. Not that anyone asked.

On our second trip to Serendale, the area is far more infested with monsters crawling around since Nidr was too busy to clean up the town this go around. There are several new battle spots and the old ones have higher concentrations of stronger enemies (the woods are LOUSY with exploding fat walruses now.)

But since we already took a mid-afternoon stroll through the area in our first visit and lowered both the draw bridges, we can just skip past the entirety of this segment and go straight to the boss. I am Setsuna is very good about putting a save point just prior to every boss. Indeed, that’s the only location we’ll find one in most combat oriented areas.

Since we’re undoubtedly about to fight a boss, we may as well put one of those meals we obtained to good use. Most boss encounters don’t have item drops that can be missed, if they have any at all. But more EXP and physical attack power? That sounds worth it. Let’s pitch a tent, cram that stew into our party’s faces, and get ready to rock.

C’mon, there’s no need to be like that. A man can take a walk, can’t he?
What exactly is it you’re always doing, anyway? Wandering around the fort like that... Hero? HAH! You should try taking a leaf out of the captain’s book!
She’s got TWO huge swords. TWO. That’s a real hero...
Ha ha... Y’got me there, kid. Can’t argue with that.
The captain once said you were the most trustworthy man she knew... I trusted you, too... I looked up to you... but now...
Trustworthy, eh? Nah, that ain’t me, I’m afraid...

The party runs up to Nidr...

What is it? Is the captain awake?
Please, let me ask you once more... Please join us on our journey...
*shakes head* I already told you my answer... Sorry, but no can do. My journey is over.
*shakes head* That’s not true. If it is, then why didn’t you return home after the pilgrimage?
Why didn’t I return home...?
He probably just didn’t feel like it.
Hometowns are a bummer. I haven’t been back to mine since I became a mercenary.
*looks at current company* Don’t see myself going back anytime soon...

*shakes head* No... I don’t think so. He wouldn’t be putting his life on the line like this for no reason. There’s a reason why you can’t go back, isn’t there...?
*hangs head* A reason...?
Ever since you returned from the pilgrimage... You’ve been driving away all the monsters that go near the fort, haven’t you? Why would you do that?
He just likes huntin’ monsters!
Going for one of those rare material drops. I’ve fallen down that dark hole, guy.
*shakes head* If that was his reason, why would he fight until he was ready to pass out?
...You’ve clearly never gotten on a bad RNG kick.
It’s because you needed to do so in order to keep the truth hidden, isn’t it?
Keep the truth hidden...?
If the pilgrimage was completed successfully, there shouldn’t have been that many monsters. But it wasn’t... and that’s why you had to keep on fighting them off. And that’s because the pilgrimage of the sacrifice that you accompanied...
Ooooh... That’s it. Your last big bodyguard job...
Was a failure.
Really, the pilgrimage was a failure... That’s why you couldn’t go back home. So you stayed her, and continued fighting off the monsters... To stop the people worrying, and make them think the effect of the sacrifice was still continuing.
But this is no longer Purikka’s problem alone. At this rate, the whole of the mainland will soon be filled with monsters. Don’t you want to complete your journey, Nidr?
...Dang, Setsuna. You go in hard with the guilt trips.
Please... We need you. We need your strength.
*shakes head* C’mon, stop it... I ain’t got no such strength to give. I can’t protect you...

Shrewd-Eyed Young Man runs up to Nidr...

You mean you’ve been tricking us all this time? How low can you get!? Hero? Gimme a break! You’re a COWARD, that’s what you are! A coward and a liar!
I... I just...

Nidr draws his sword...

Hey! Wh-what’s going on!?

Nidr has been practicing his parrying.

New Music: The Last Mountain

*looks at soldier* Get behind me.
No chance! I don’t need to hide behind the likes of—
Just be quiet, and do as I say... If you don’t want to die, that is.

The soldier books it to the rear of the battle...

You mean this is...
The freak who attacked the captain!
Nidr, get him to somewhere safe! Leave this to us!
! Whadd’ya mean!? You need to run, too!
No... We shall fight!

New Music: Dance of Death
(It’s one of the major boss battle themes. You should probably listen to it.)

Who is this man!?
Be careful, both of you!
The only one killing the sacrifice is me. By leading her on an incredibly long journey where she dies at the end.
...That is stupid.
Little bit. But you’re getting your ass kicked either way!

Time to battle the mysterious Reaper, a grown man cosplaying as the grim reaper who never learned you can reload guns and twirls around in battle shooting in all directions while screaming “DIE DIE DIE” like an angsty teenager.


...No wait. Wrong game. I am Setsuna’s Reaper is a grown man cosplaying as the grim reaper who attacks with a skeletal scythe and... well. Actually, that’s all he knows how to do. This is his solitary attack for this battle – a scythe swipe which dishes out a good 50-60 HP of damage each hit. While that is the highest damage output we’ve encountered from an enemy by a good deal, it is also a single target attack.

We’ve got Setsuna who essentially has a full heal on any single character with an ATB boost momentum that allows her to nearly do two full heals in a row. And Endir has a full party 200 HP heal as long as everyone stays within range. As long as we quickly top off anyone that falls below 75 HP the next turn, it’s really hard to lose anyone in this battle.

Momentum buffed X-Strike is still the hardest hitting attack we’ve got at this point. Especially with that stew bubbling in everyone’s stomachs. We’re doing over 200 HP of damage with each X-Strike. Reaper is only coming to the party with around 800 HP total.

If not on healing duty, Setsuna can also contribute now by dishing out her new Lightning attack. Reaper, being a tryhard edgy darkness type prick has a weakness to Light magic and his resistance will falter even further with the first Lightning strike, allowing a follow-up to deal even more damage.

In all, this isn’t too bad of a fight. With that stew buff we got, it’s just overkill. But in turn, it did boost the party XP gain enough that everyone jumped up two levels to Level 9. I’ll take it!


Music: The Last Mountain

Reaper no-sells the entire last battle, immediately returns to his feet and casts a spell.

One down...
I cannot believe Aeterna is frikkin’ dead. Well, on the bright side... plenty of room for that Nidr guy to join now!
Tch. I’m just jokin’
No, I mean—
Wha? Aww sh—

ARGH... I... hate... cutscenes...
*walks toward Endir* This is the end...

*raises scythe* The sacrifice must be destroyed!
Think I’m gonna let you!?

*stands up and draws sword*
Hey, gramps. Lemme get a piece of that action...

New Music: Endir’s Journey
(You should probably listen to Endir’s action theme music. It’s pretty good.)

Hey, goth shithog! Check it!


...Yeah, I gotta work on the one-liner for that one. It’s a work in progress.
It seems this body is not yet perfect...

And with that, Reaper warps out of the battle before anyone declares it to be 12:00 PM.

Music: A Moment of Respite

Thank you, Setsuna... You saved our lives.
*side-eye one another*
I’m so glad you’re both safe. I was so desperate... I...

Shrewd-Eye runs up...

I’ve got a huge erection right now, even in this cold. I’m not sure what that means.
...That’s not something you should share with the class, kid.

*turns to Setsuna* Are you hurt?
No... Thanks to you, Nidr.
Why didn’t you run?
*shakes head* I couldn’t just run away and leave them behind.
That and Aeterna was carrying all the Fogstones...
Even if your guard are killed, you must save yourself and escape... That’s one of the laws of the pilgrimage.
But they promised me... they promised me they’d see my journey through to its end. So in turn, I must protect them... and to do that, I must fight. I must make sure that we all reach the Last Lands together.
I see...
*turns to Endir* Can’t be an easy job, guardin’ a sacrifice like this, eh?
Definitely not.
Not even a single word of praise for being a big damn hero with that sweet sword job. No respect...
Anyway, we’re going back... I dunno what the captain’d do to me if any of her precious men were to get hurt!
But Nidr...
*turns to soldier* C’mon, let’s go!

And so Nidr and Shrewd-Eyed Young Man depart. I suppose we ought to mosey as well.

Aeterna stops Endir after a few steps...

When that man attacked us, you didn’t run away. You got to your feet, ready to protect Setsuna to the very end.
Don’t worry about it.
I’m not getting owned in another cutscene by some dingus that looks so goth he craps out bats.
Well... thanks. It puts my mind at ease a little to hear that.
Mhm. You should probably just go ahead and skip to the part where you begrudgingly come to respect me instead of doing the tsundere routine for another three towns.
...And there comes the regret in saying anything.

Come on, let’s head back to Purikka for now.

And thus concludes our time in Serendale. I thought there was a bit more left in this chapter before we hit the next dungeon. Seems I greatly overestimated how little was left. So this last bit was added to close out the chapter.


Another march back to Purikka it is. It’s only been one walk back and forth but it has felt like a marathon trek.

Music: Stronghold

As soon as we enter the center of town we come upon Freyja, who has already recovered enough from her ass kicking to congratulate the party on beating up the guy who ruined her shit.

I’m impressed! Perhaps you’d be fine without a guard... Although that won’t be happening, of course.
Are you all right now? You’re not hurt?
Oh, yes. I’m fine... Twenty fractured bones, maybe? Nothing serious.
*sweats* Are you sure you’re really what you’d call fine...?
What are you all freaking out about? That’s like two potions to sort out, tops.
*turns to Aeterna* I saw that look on your face... “She’s only gonna slow us down!”
Ha ha ha! Don’t worry... Honesty is a quality I admire!
I-It’s not like she’s worried or anything. Baka!
*intense glare*

If you leave the village and head northwest, you’ll come to the Frost Caves. Floneia is on the other side. I’ll be waiting at the entrance, so head there once you’re ready!

Freyja departs out of town...

We don’t need anyone holding us up.
Ah, so you’re staying behind in town, huh?
*frustrated sigh* ...I walked right into that one.

Everyone in town now knows about Nidr’s failed pilgrimage and are varying degrees of disappointed and/or pissed. Nidr himself is nowhere to be found and there’s nothing new to be accomplished here.

So, let’s just continue our trek northward and enter the Frost Caves...

New Music: Silent Snow

*punches door open* All right!
...Wait, we just had to hit it open the whole time?
It was just frozen shut. It’s not like we lock the thing. Monsters can’t use doors. That’s ridiculous.

Umm... about that...
Here you are, finally.

Nidr saunters up to the group...

*shakes head* I just came to see them off.
I see. The thing is, though... There’s no longer a place for you here in Purikka. I told everyone the truth, you see! The time has finally come.
Nidr, you have to move out of my basement...
So you knew all along, after all...
Mm... It feels like a great weight’s been lifted from my shoulders!
Dammit... How’d I end up with such a meddlesome master?
Hah! It is me who has been cursed with a stubborn student! Unable to forgive yourself for failing to protect the sacrifice... You punished yourself by continuing to fight, and fight, and fight...
The regret of having let the sacrifice die keeps you chained to the past. But you won’t find the answer you seek by continuing to guard Purikka.
You hit the regional level cap ages ago. You are never going to improve with the local grind.
*shakes head* If there is indeed an answer to be found, you will only find it in the Last Lands. You will only find it once you see the sacrifice’s journey through to its end... Isn’t that so?

One of Freyja’s men runs up...

You’re still my... You’re still this village’s hero! It doesn’t matter if the pilgrimage was a failure or not! You’ve been protecting all of us, all this time... Just like now, when you protected me from that man with the scythe...
His name was Reaper.
...When did he say his name?
What else would some goth idiot with a scythe for a weapon call himself?
That... is actually a fair point. Reaper it is.

You’ve been fighting alone, protecting us all... And to think I called you a coward... I’m sorry...
It’s not just this village, either. You wanted to protect your hometown, too... That’s why you stayed here, and continued fighting off the monsters. However, I’m afraid holding off the monsters here will no longer suffice. The time has come...
...So is that fort his hometown or was it that ghost town where we met him? I’m having trouble following.
Shh... Let them speak.

*shakes head* Hah... Nothin’ gets by you, does it, Master...
Besides, I know you’re not going to let this young lady fight to save everyone’s future by herself...



Music: Path of Redemption

This is the end of your time as this village’s “hero”...
*puts away sword* ......
Yeah, you’re right... But I’ll still be here in spirit...
*turns to soldier* I want you to pick up where I left off, and keep on protectin’ the village.
Guarding the village... it is literally my only source of income.
Really, Nidr? You’ll come with us?
If you want my help, I’ll be happy to give it to you... As long as that’s all right with you, Endir.
Do what you want.
It’s a free country, man. Or... Kingdom? Confederacy? Principality? Look... I’m not really up to date on the local government status...
This sure is a laid-back pilgrimage, ain’t it... I think I’m gonna fit right in.
We’ll take care of things here, don’t you worry. And next time you return, you will have finally finished your journey.
Or die. Closure, either way.
...That’s one kinda way to look at it.

And with that, Nidr’s belated but inevitable joining of the party is complete.

Now that we have four playable characters, the old tried and true pointless limitation of a three character active party kicks into play. Naturally, the easiest way to protect the sacrifice is to immediately boot her off the team for a spell.

And with that sorted out, thus concludes our business in the greater Purikka/Serendale area as well as Chapter 3 of I am Setsuna. Tune in next time for exactly the sort of business you’d expect to be conducted in an area called the Frost Caves.

Reaper Official Art – Even without the name, this guy absolutely looks like he mains Reaper in Overwatch.

Video: Reaper Boss Battle