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Part 15: Snow Chronicles 3: Me, My Son and Our Wacky Neighbor

Snow Chronicles 3: Me, My Son and Our Wacky Neighbor

Music: The Clouds Above

That’s a wrap for Chapter 4. Time to tie things up with another Snow Chronicles session. We’ve met nearly half the cast yet only encountered a third of the locations. That’s a lot of dungeons, ain’t it...? Oh well... We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, let’s take a look at some updated entries in our journal...

We’ve only got Sub Characters added right now. Kir is a punk who hasn’t participated in battle, so he’s a non-person at the moment.

Poor Avalo was the result of a teen pregnancy and then his dad goes on to live to about 80. The crippling wait to ascend to the throne was more than his little peg-legs could handle.

...Or old Dinas got his wife killed. I guess that could spark some ire in his son. Though now I’m picturing a rogue Pengy creeping into the royal palace and slitting the queen’s throat like something out of Assassin’s Creed.

Also, Snow Chronicles entries never update, so we’ll just have to add our own RIP Old Man Dinas.

Also incredibly baked at all times. Tut-tut alright...

This is the only new Furred Creature we encountered this chapter. Astonishingly cute? Ehh... No Pengy and those exploding seals are cute. This almost certainly looks like something that would devour your entrails if you approached it or offer some manner of Faustian deal to children in a cutesy, offputting manner.

The Primeval Tortoise is classified as a Sea Monster. Despite the fact that Tortoises dwell on land and this one specifically lived in a cavern well within the central part of the continent. Indeed, it was fought the furthest we’ve been away from sea during our journey thus far. But what do I know about monster classification technicalities?

Wolf Baron is the first of a new classification of Intelligent Monsters. Despite it just kind of mindlessly attacking like any other creature we’ve encountered. Well, I suppose it did don a cap, a belt and a failed attempt at a loincloth, and braided its hair. Maybe it braided Avalo’s hair too.

Remember when we killed all these guys for just doing their job? Good times.

Reaper blinked when I took this screenshot. This idiot cannot even take pictures right. What a rude boy.

This has a really storied crafting history for a weapon we picked up for a couple grand in the third town in the game.

...I don’t think Setsuna actually used this in any offensive capacity once. And I don’t think she ever will get a chance before the next weapon rolls around. Oh well. At least it’s less silly than the Hair Shuriken.

A dagger that increases evasion but makes you slower. I’m getting mixed signals here, Aegis Dagger. Use, I know speed and evasion are different stats. But that sounds like confusing marketing to the average consumer.

...Yeah, I bought this for the cost of robbing the corpses of a family or two of Pengy. You’re really overselling its estimated value here.

Yeah, it’s not an electricity Shock. It’s more of a sudden jump scare shock. This Tech completely fucks up Youtubers’ defenses.

I haven’t gotten around to using this one. But it’s definitely worth mentioning the part where Momentum just heals the entire party. It’s pretty useful for something that also is a dedicated attack as well. It’s like Endir is a bit absurdly good at everything.

Endir was really slacking on his assassination training prior to this journey. Just waking up to guys and stabbing them worked out until cutscenes entered the equation.

We could have used this to help out with the Spritnite Device battle but ehh... The buff does in no way offset skipping a 200 HP damage turn. And that’s really the issue with this kind of buff in general. If Setsuna is in the party we probably want her casting magic or healing.

Fear the gravity orb. I at no point found drawing all enemies to a single point to follow up with an AOE attack particularly necessary. Like ever. All the big AOE attacks have such a wide range that it’s not really necessary. And of course it’s useless for most bosses.

Enchrono. Really? That’s way too on the nose, even for you I am Setsuna.

This doubles as a quick heal for Aeterna, which is nice considering she’s the squishiest heavy hitter we have on staff. This might have saved her butt during the Wolf Baron fight. Mostly because everyone else was too busy fighting than healing.

Provoke. It’s an ability that exists. It does things. I will never use it because it exists entirely to facilitate the use of Blowbeat.

Blunt Blow, on the other hand, is useful on its own since Paralysis is a nice breathing room stat and it’s a free HP restore with Momentum. That’s also the last of the Spritnite we acquired during this chapter. So let’s move on to...

I’m missing one material shiny spot in all of the Floneian Territories. I’m glad that Donkey Kong 64 long ago crushed any and all will to 100% a game if I don’t have to do so. I’m a better person for it. Anyway, we’ve got some new entries into the greater Floneia region. Let’s see...

The ancient kingdom has fallen on hard times. We’ve got to make Floneia great again.

Now it just contains a solitary naked old man telling people about temporal distortions while he gets a good, musky sweat on.

Hidden secret: gremlin urine.

Nothing is more sinister than low rent government housing. In any case, that wraps up all the locales in Chapter 4. There’s no new story terms, so let’s just wrap it up with...

You forgot the pivotal parts where the party fought a centuries old monster tortoise and a wolfman. Sheesh, it’s like those were battles there simply to pad gameplay length or mark a token end of dungeon battle. And that’s an absurd account of events.

But regardless of omissions, that sorts out the last of Chapter 4: Good and Evil.