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Part 20: Snow Chronicles 4: Equipping My Angry Eyebrows

Snow Chronicles 4: Equipping My Angry Eyebrows

Music: Walking the Walk

That’s another chapter in the bag. Of all these percentages, the Monster % is probably the best indicator of how far we are into the game overall. Let’s take a look at what has updated in this short chapter, eh?

Kir finally has become an official party member. Hey, journal... I think you’re overselling Kir’s journey prior to our meeting him. We found basically the next state over lost in the woods.

Still no word on what happened to Daxter. Though truthfully, I never got around to playing Jak 3. Jak could be dead for all I know. No, don’t bloody inform me of the fate of Jak’s annoying sidekick.

I’m not sure a coy journal entry like this works when you see his character model looks like an undead hollow from Dark Souls got blue paint dumped on him in a prank. Also the entry not unlocking until after Kir had disintegrated his ghost...

You wouldn’t like me when I angry eyebrow. Also... I’ve literally never seen them do this Rocket Rush ability. Mostly because you really have to fart around not to immediate slay a Hoppy in battle.

Squirrels have always been the enemy of mankind.

So apparently this creature is a siren for latent furries wondering the woods at night. It’s the second of the Intelligent Monsters which... you know, honestly seems to just be translating to off-brand man-animals. Well, except for the tutorial bear man. He was apparently just an idiot, despite the kidnapping of a little girl.

Finally, we have a new category of Monsters for the Timeslave: Rulers of Time. I am... sure that’ll never come up again. At the very least, Hiddbury’s tactic of hiding in their tents until the threat passes makes a touch more sense when it’s a three story tall automaton stomping through regularly, not marauding penguin war parties.

Lastly, we have another new category of the Spritnite-Eaten Monsters. Honestly, that term makes me think this idiot squirrel chowed down on a spritnite stone among some nuts and berries. Not that the spritnite ate away and corrupted it. Either way, I hope that dipshit squirrel is ready for a pair of under-leveled mages to murder it a few times to catch-up some EXP.

I’m not sure I’d want magnetized metal for my sword. Or... you know... everything else that is going with this twisted thing. Endir is lucky monsters all explode on death or this would just be a series of grizzly scenes of him trying to unhook edges of it that got stuck on penguin ribcages and caught on squirrel hair.

This ice blade was secured from atop the icy dread peaks of the north and forged in an enchanted spring within lost ruins. It is the only blade of its kind in existence. It’s yours for three grand. Go talk to the guy that got kicked out of the local bar and is too drunk to hail a cab.

Alright, grinding down the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, gluing a hilt on it, and calling it a sword gets points for originality.

Kir also comes equipped with this hot pink rod now that he’s joined. He’s actually been carrying it since we met him. His tail is holding it when it’s not in use. We’ll see how that works out of him with the rate weapon designs get wacky in this...

Endir is going to build a wall and the rare-bloods are gonna pay for it! But, continuing with Endir being terrific at everything, of course he has a real good defensive barrier on top of a full party heal. Why wouldn’t he?

For being able to readily manipulate time and space, you’d think Aeterna would be a bit more powerful. I mean, I don’t expect her to stop time and drop a bulldozer or anyone. Though that wouldn’t be unwelcomed...

Seems now Nidr can just parry fools with his off-brand Dragonslayer swords. Sure, why not?

Fire: So easy a literal child who only learned to use magic 20 minutes ago can do it. Not the rest of the other seasoned magic users though, for some reason... That was a sparse chapter as far as new Spritnite went. No, there’s no new dual-techs from any of this.

Little known fact: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Garlic is what that book’s title was localized into for the Italian release. We’re now in the Northern Frontier and will be here for a few chapters, given we’ve only hit around a quarter of the Shiny Spots thus far. As far as discrete locations in the region go, we’ve first got...

Also the not-wood elves erected illusion barriers barring the way like a bunch of dicks. Way to deny the praising of the sun, you jerks.

Huh... There aren’t any old people in that village, are there? So were they overselling the whole life extension thing or is there a rare-blood retirement community down south?

It’s probably fine pumping that much energy into some rock you don’t understand. Nothing will ever go wrong with this system, said the 800th elf-esque race days before their hubris fucked up everything for everyone. Again.

We’ve got a couple new notes for the first time in a few chapters. The first one goes under Story...

...Err? Come again with that last line? Don’t allude to weird sexual acts in royal bloodlines. Now I’m just thinking they were like sticking spritnite up their bum holes during royal orgies with those Versa monsters or something and whoops! Made a race of off-brand wood elves!

You know, the game was being nice with that one tutorial Spritnite-Eaten Monster that just basically showboated until we killed it. There are others later on where you just go down the wrong alley in a dungeon and whoops! There’s a nasty dude twice your level and he’s here to deliver a full party wipe. Better be careful, bro!

That concludes Chapter 5 of I am Setsuna. Tune in next time when our journey continues to a village... possibly inhabited by knights or something... I dunno. I’m just taking a guess from this chapter titled “The Village of Knights”. Who knows?