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Part 24: Snow Chronicles 5: Just Add Spikes!

Snow Chronicles 5: Just Add Spikes!

Music: A Poignant Reminder

Another chapter, another Snow Chronicles update. Much like the chapter, the new entries are rather sparse. Julienne is the only major new character we met. But she has yet to join the party hasn’t revealed enough about herself to get a character entry. Likewise, Beetle Boy is not counted as a proper character because ???? reasons. Due to all this, we’ll skip straight to...

The first three monsters all fall under Sea Monsters, even if the bulk of them are mammals that happen to live near the sea. Let’s take a look...

It would appear this is the adult version of the trash mob walruses, not a Pokémon evolution. One day, in its wailing roar language, the graceful creature declares to its child “You’re a Baloompa now, my son.”

I’m waiting for the hipster offspring of these that doesn’t have a skull face painted on. Pfft. A skull tag shell? Too mainstream. I prefer the artisanal cross-bones shell.

“What, you thought we were going to remove attack animations for upgraded enemies? Are you nuts?! That’s bordering on a thought crime.”

Apparently these jerks are just the furry ice version of Medusa. Crystallized Neck Fur is the grossest sounding item I’ll likely hear for a decent length of time.

The kidnapper in need of life lessons on mortality monster child from Blackwhelm Caves. He is part of the new Gentle Monsters category. He’s got a cute dopey bug dude design when he’s not farting all over the party. :3

Hey, this is a fire sword. Did you know this sword does fire damage? Cuz it does. Crimson fire burning damage. Fire.

Setsuna, you have lightning powers. You should be picking up pawned off weaponry from best girl Sailor Jupiter, not trash tier Sailor Moon. Get it together or this pilgrimage is never going to work.

All of these latest items talking about ore reminds me that there is technically a weapon upgrade system we have limited access to with (really expensive like 2000G a pop) materials. But there is absolutely no reason to engage with it until the end game, since it’s cheaper to just buy the next chapter’s offering of weapons.

Of the monsters appearing in this chapter, the only thing this sword can cut through in one shot are the Spikoon hermit crab critters. I want my money back, this is clearly false advertising! What? Whatdya mean you can’t sell weapons?! Buddy, the first town I get to (that isn’t having a regional crisis) I am getting myself a good lawyer to file a class action lawsuit over this swindling of wares.

Only seasoned veterans can pull this off. They must also be able to wield a broadsword the size of a man. And be named Nidr. It’s a very specific specialization of veterans...

Cool, Kir can drain the life from people like a vampire warlock. And people have been mistrustful of this race for generations, you say?

A viral attack that makes people’s attack power lower upon being hit with it...? Is Kir just posting cute cat Vines to distract the enemy? Is that what’s happening here...?

Hey it’s the attack Kir used in a cutscene and then had to raid a chest in the back of a monster filled ice cavern to actually use properly. You always gotta love that sort of story/gameplay disconnect.

Looks like we’re nearly done with our time in the Northern Territories judging by the number of Shiny Spots left. I have absolutely no idea if I missed a few or if they’re in parts of the Floeberg Waters we need to return to or maybe those weird floating techno ruins?

Also don’t go straight north as you enter because there’s a roving gang of ice medusa fox girls who will push your shit in immediately, without mercy. Just a FYI.

Even older than the ancient kingdom, you say?


...There’s an ancient kingdom we should know about? Bah. Best not to worry about any of that sort of stuff. I mean it was locked up anyway.

The guide law sounds less like a legal practice and more of a deterrence against idiocy. But I like to imagine a swarm of police rushing in to fine someone, who is flailing in the ice currents struggling not to drown, for breaking local ordinances.

Never before has a village formed next to an inland large body of water. This is unprecedented town construction the likes of which the world has never known. The paradigm has shifted and its name is lakeside resort.

Dude that place was better lit than the mountain range earlier. Whoever made that legend was a dumbass making up shit so he didn’t have to go into the monster caves.

And with the journal summary of the previous chapter, our time with the Snow Chronicles once more comes to an end. Tune in next time when we return to Royburg to begin Chapter 7: United By Fate.

Man... Rival Schools was a pretty fun game.