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Part 31: Snow Chronicle 7: The Tiniest Update to Take a Month to Post

Snow Chronicle 7: The Tiniest Update to Take a Month to Post

Music: Last of the Blood

Well it’s been a while and as it turns out, we’ve got a chapter round-up to do. So that’ll be a nice refresher. Looking at it now... maybe Journal percentage is the best measure of how much is of the game we’ve gone through. Except for the fact the penultimate chapter is where 100% of the game’s side quests are stuffed so ehh... Percentages in video games are dumb.

In the sub-characters category we have Setsuna’s dead aunt who looks like the C7 fighting game color palette swap of Setsuna. I cannot abide that puke green cloak and cotton candy colored hair.

Also she boned Nidr. That’s probably worth mentioning in that write-up. Well, at least it’s a backstory mom character that actually got a proper name. That’s a rarity.

So this dude is hella chill unless humans attack, at which point it consumes all monsters around it. That’s a weird symbiotic relationship. But oh well... It’s evidently extinct now.

I’m glad we know the plural of Chocolly is Chocollies. The syntax of describing multiple of this creature was keeping me up at night in a cold sweat.

I think I had a plastic version of this that made a swishing sound when you swung it back when I was like seven. I may have tragically murdered my Batman action figure baseball swinging it into a bookcase. RIP.

Yeah, a frail mage crafted this my ass. Come spring, the people back in Royburg are going to fish the decaying magical girl corpse this wand belonged to out of the thawing ice drifts.

I’d absolutely get this tech just to summon ice cubes for my drink at will.

Again, this but just to chill drinks on command. I’d be the laziest hydromancer.

We finished up with the trek through the Northern Frontier last chapter. There was technically one last location we hit in it...

It was that empty snow prairie I’m pretty sure has no purpose whatsoever. You cannot fool me, flavor text.

We’ve now entered the Fridge Mountain Range, which will be our region of choice for the next couple of chapters. Seeing as how short this one was overall, we’ve only got one location so far...

You... You just press the buttons and follow the path. Sometimes you follow another path to press a button to extend the previous path. Once in a while you get ghosted into a pocket dimension to get a backstory dump, as you do in ancient ruins. But c’mon... It’s not that complex.

And with that we’re caught up on events. Tune in next time when we finish up this ruins and... there’s probably some snowy shit. Not gonna lie. It's still snowy on the other side of this mountain. Don't be shocked! You've been warned.