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Part 32: Episode XXV: I Am a Mid-Boss

Music: Ruins

Following the altogether random visit to a pocket dimension to reveal Nidr’s past and abruptly end the chapter mid-dungeon, we’re back to... well... the rest of this dungeon. A teleporter just ahead takes us to the next zone.

The next area being... yeah, we’ve seen pretty much all of what this ruins has to offer. There’s floating paths leading vaguely to the east.

There’s a bunch of snakes. The second half also has some bats. Actually, I think they’re meant to be black birds. You know, all those ravens that love to hang out in ancient void cavern towers. The details of battling ‘em ain’t worth mentioning.

And beyond that, there’s a bunch of running about flipping switches to form a pathway through the center of the area. None of it is worth mentioning. But we do find a new item on the way...

It’s just Setsuna’s default chakram with an oversized bow tied to it. Despite this, it is better across the board than the arcane crown that can rend time itself asunder. Being cute is a formidable font of power.

Anyway, proceeding across the dungeon the southernmost point of the void leads us to...

...oh goddammit. Not this dipshit again.

Music: The Last Mountain

Oh uhh...
Ugh! First Nidr’s bummer zone trip and now this guy again.
...Did you all see something while you were knocked out? I’m lost.
Likewise. Who... is this man?
He’s just a mid-boss.
He is... come again?
He’s gonna say some vague threatening crap, power up and then we’re going to fight him.
Oh... I see... Why?
*shrugs and shakes head* I dunno. He just kinda shows up. Last time we... Man, does anyone even remember what happened to this guy last time we fought him?
A spritnite engine exploded in his face.
I almost died.
Oh... right... Forgot all about that.

Everyone draws their weapons...


This time... you will meet your deaths...
See. Told you so.
And what is his quarrel with you?
He wants to kill the sacrifice.
Why exactly?
Like Endir said... *shrugs and shakes head*

Reaper powers up...

His magical energy has increased tenfold since last time!
So he’s Level 10 now?

I have finally grown accustomed to this body... I can release... my true power...

Reaper forms a giant fuck-off fireball. Everyone backs up...

What? It’ll do like 200 HP of damage, tops.
But I have less than 200 HP.

Why? Why do you not run...? You have no hope... of victory... Do you not value... you lives...? You are humans, after all...
Well... Maybe we’re a little different from the other humans you’ve met!
*Side-eyes Kir*

Music: Endir’s Journey

I won’t let you get in our way!

...Guys, we really gotta have a team meeting and work on our one-liners.

*phases out of existence*

Music: Dance of Death

Welp. Time for another battle against Ramsus Reaper. He’s grinded levels since his previous failed attempt at thwarting the party and is now sporting a healthy 2550 HP for this go.

Reaper has given up on his unnamed basic physical attack this go around, but he’s held onto Dark Mist from Round 2. If you’ve forgotten how that one went, it’s a real tiny AOE that can hit two close together characters like we begin the battle with here. It’s worth it to blow a tech just to spread out everyone and make life easier.

Endir has his work cut out for him in healing duty every two to three rounds. I actually had to bust out some healing items for the first time during this one to help out.

Though Aeterna’s Dreamshatter tech with a Momentum buff will fully heal her. Which is nice since Aeterna’s techs tend to separate her from the group. It also does an alright bit of damage on top of that.

To the shock of nobody, Blowbeat works really well here since all that grinding Reaper did has done nothing to shield against de-buffing and stunning him into a rough time. He does shrug off Stun or Paralysis fairly quickly. But hey, it’s free time for easy hits/healing/building Momentum.

Replacing Reaper’s standard physical attacks is an upgraded version called Cursed Slash. It hits for a good 90-110 range HP of damage. On top of that, despite the “curse” title, it inflicts Sap (poison) which could be an issue. But, you know, Endir is here with a momentum’d Aura to negate that lickety-split. Cursed Slash only hits a single target so it’s easier to manage than Dark Mist.

When Reaper drops to 33% health, he employs Absorb. Absorb isn’t an attack in and of itself. It’s more of a buff to his weapon so he now err... well, absorbs HP and MP from members of our team he attacks, in addition to the standard damage. Kind of a dick move. Though, the Absorb modifier numbers are...


And that’s about all there is to Reaper Round 3. The third of fourth Singularity I’ve gotten to pop the entire game decided to trigger literally as soon as Reaper started sucking floor tile. Real helpful, weird poorly implemented subsystem!

We gain a nice chunk of experience from beating up this mid-boss again. As always, Reaper is a bum that is never carrying any materials, so no drops from this boss battle.

Before anyone gets a chance to just stick a knife in the base of Reaper’s skull and be done with the guy, Reaper makes a hasty retreat to jobber another day. Or perhaps harass another regional conflict story arc NPC. You never know with that dipshit.

Music: A Moment of Respite

Well it was three against one. Which is weird, cuz I could have *sworn* there were six of us in fighting shape here.
He’s trying to kill me in cutsc... outside of a prepared battle.
I joined this band yesterday. I’m not involving myself in a previously established grudge.
You all handled it well enough.

Aeterna stumbles and faceplants...

*runs up to Aeterna* Hang in there!

How was she able to demonstrate magical energy on par with his?
Grinding a squirrel that was hand standing on a giant snowball.
Long story.

Aeterna climbs back to her feet after the brief fainting spell...

*shakes head* Don’t be so dramatic. I’m fine. Come on, let’s hurry up and get out of here.
*nods* Yeah... I don’t wanna hang around here any longer than I gotta...
Not it this time if you get pulled into some wack-ass backstory realm.

Lucky for you folks, it’s just a short jog to the end of the platform and a Mega Man teleport away to the end of these ruins.

Tune in next time when... I don’t remember because I recorded this footage over a month ago and it stopped right here. There’s a good chance of snow in the forecast. Count on it!

Video: Reaper Battle 3