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Part 43: Snow Chronicles 9: Shining Finger

Snow Chronicles 9: Shining Finger

Music: The Enchanted Sanctuary

That’s enough chapter down. Time for the after-action report! I should really eat something... Not many more of these mini-updates left.


This is like the third fantasy setting game I’ve played in recent years that hadn’t gotten around to industrialization much more advanced than a horse and wagon, yet still had a firm grasp on genetic structures in living organisms.

Don’t ask questions! Just kill this bird on sight.

This description feels like it’s a paragraph or two short of revealing the foxgirl’s ability to grow male genitalia at will. Tokyo RPG Factory, please keep your staff’s fetishes in check, huh?

...Oh god. I’ve murdered like 20 of these things and now you’re telling me they’ve just wanted to play and they’re intelligent, thinking creatures that are stinky boys as a life style choice. Oh man... Aww geez...

Question: How is it using all of these breath attacks when it doesn’t have a mouth? Or... is that it’s mouth and there’s just eyes growing inside it now...? You know what? Forget I even asked...

That whole tedious slog of a boss battle wasn’t a coordinated attack? It was just basically wandering into town with a hangover and decided to take out some aggression? What a jerk.

I forgot there was even a human enemy category. And that it is filled with four essentially unlosable interactive cutscene battles. Oh and that one time Endir, Nidr, and Aeterna flipped the fuck out and murdered the entire town guard early in the game. Good times.

By the way, uhh... datalog translator. We went with “Lightning” instead of “Thunder” and “Luminaire” instead of “Shining” in the localization... Just a lil’ FYI. I’ll let the one-time flub pass in light of The 3rd Birthday having vast swaths of incorrect information based on old versions of the game script.

We only picked up one new weapon in this chapter and we couldn’t even equip it until after the chapter had just concluded. Sweet Tron aesthetic.

We’re also a bit light on the Spritnite during this chapter. Every RPG protagonist should have an attack that is just yelling like a jackass. Ramza Beoulve, now there was a boy with a set of lungs on him. Yelled like the dickens. Good lad.

Huh... You’d think the Luminaire spritnite would be some passed down relic in Sayagi’s family or guarded sacrifice pilgrimage token. Nah. It’s just something Sayagi’s party found grinding Pengy one day. No big deal.

*zooms in uncomfortably close to face* Heard of any news from the other provinces?

It’s less of a “demonic strike” and more of a “highly situational to the point of uselessness and an active detriment in many situations... strike”.

Yet it’s just lousy with intelligent, stinky apes and foxgirls seducing horny men. Truly a strange microcosm of the wasteland untouched by man’s corruption.

Technically, the Ithees Ruins are in the following chapter. But we don’t get the chapter end wrap-up until we’re already standing inside of ‘em. Spoiler: It’s another techno-ruins template dungeon and there’s probably going to be some out of nowhere plot revelations within. Maybe we’ll learn Aeterna is actually from a displaced timeline where Pengy became the dominate lifeform on the planet and she’s trying to fulfill a closed time loop. Or that Kir is actually left handed. Who knows!

Historians have it all wrong, turns out the song was actually a commissioned commercial jingle for a local business’s seasonal rug sale in the ancient kingdom. The academic community has been turned on its head at the revelation.

Setsuna despaired over her lost comrades. Anyway, Aeterna immediately came back. And something, something... Julienne is back too! We got real melodramatic with that chapter title, huh? Tune in next time for Chapter 11: Heir to the Throne. Wherein the King of Fantasy Canada will be crowned.