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I am Setsuna

by The Dark Id

Part 46: Episode XXXVI-2: Flight Club

Music: A Moment of Respite

Hmm... You know, the first thing that popped into my mind was... Diange?
Diange? The heck is that?
I don’t know! Bad brain fart...
That’s terrible.
I know. I know! Let me think a minute... Err... Hmm. I suppose Julie is off the table, huh?
*unimpressed stare* You would be correct.
Whatabout “Jules”?
*unimpressed stare* See my previous response.
C’mon, Endir. Stop screwing around!
Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize “help me think of a name” actually meant “Endir think of a name while Kir puts on a ponderous expression and considers the different ways he could burn a village to the ground and make it look like an accident.”
Wait! What about... Ir?
Well, I’m Endir. You’re Kir. We’ve got a Nidr. There’s kind of a theme going on with the naming here. Just reaching its natural conclusion...
...Except for the part where half of our party isn’t following that.
I don’t know. I kind of like it... But...
Yeah... Well... Hmm. I suppose it wouldn’t do to name it after just the guys on staff’s naming scheme, huh?
That’s very progressive of you, Endir. Could we hurry th—
Oh... OH! OHHHHHHHH!!! I’ve got it! This is perfect. Absolutely PERFECT!
*inhales and grins* Clearly... this ship should be named...

This was originally just my veto name if all of your suggestions were garbage. Honestly, I’m disappointed how long it took someone else to suggest it so I could pretend the whole naming process was democratic.

Good grief.
...You can’t be serious.
*beaming grin* I have never been more serious in my life.
Excuse me? Why... Trebuchet? I feel as though I am missing something vital.
Oh... That’s right. You’ve been bonkers since the mountain peak. Yeah, the land leading to the Last Lands is kinda... goneish. So I had the absolutely brilliant plan of...
She doesn’t need to hear the whole ca—
...building a catapult.
...A catapult?
Yeah, so we were gonna take Kir and tie a rop—
*sweats* You know what?

*puffs up* I hereby name this ship... Trebuchet!
*nods in approval* The form is different but the spirit is the same.
...I’m still not sure I understand but...
*looks back, frowns, and mouths “just go with it” to Julienne*

A fine name indeed.
Ain’t that a li’l tacky soundin’? It is the legendary airship of an ancient royal family, after all...
*death glare at Nidr* Oh? That right, Nidr? What would you prefer? The Deadbeat Dad? Secret Papa? Chil—
*sweats* ...T-Then again, ain’t all ship names kinda tacky? Heh... Yeah... Yeah... So, Trebuchet, eh? Ha...

*nods* I think it’s a good name.

Alright, let’s do this thing! Onward, Trebuchet!

New Music: Towards the Distant Horizon
(It’s a pretty good airship flying theme!)

This thing pretty much flies itself!
Akash did help us out back there, so we oughta give him a ride sometime soon...
Is that some kinda bad joke? That shit covered hobo is NOT stepping foot on this airship...
Who is Akash?
I just said: a shit covered hobo.
That is not the most informative description.
I mean... literally. He’s a vagrant out of work shipwright who covers himself in monster fecal matter and other vague "bodily fluids" as he put it.
Severe untreated mental illness. Don’t worry about it. We’re NOT picking that idiot up.
A’ight. Fine, then. If not Akash, who’s gonna pilot this thing?

Endir... I would like you to pilot the ship.
I think Endir would be best for the job, too. He always stays calm, no matter what.
Yeah, I suppose... I’m a little jealous, but I can’t argue with that!
Well, I was gonna be the one to launch Kir on the old catapult plan. Seems only nature I take this job too.
I have to hear the details about this... prior plan of yours at some point.
*frown* No you don’t...

Yup! It’s been a long journey!
Now we can finally get across.
Let’s go... to the Last Lands...
Mhm. But first... Everyone please buckle up.
Does this thing even have seatbelts?
...What’s a seatbelt?

And that concludes Chapter 11 of I Am Setsuna. We now have access to an airship marking the official beginning of the end game, as per RPG tradition. With it, we can return to any previous area we’ve explored with ease, as well as venture forth to several new areas. And of course, we can go to The Last Lands straight away to start the actual end game.

Additionally, we now have the World Key which can be used to unlock all the Silver Chests scattered throughout the world as well as activate a few challenge dungeon areas. Now while there are some sidequests (which are yet to be unlocked) that would take us back to previous areas; MOST of the Silver Chests in the world are in previous combat heavy areas and dungeons which we’d have no other reason to ever return to... As such, I’m gonna have a stream of taking a return tour through the game grabbing all the newly unlocked loot. Cuz that’d be kinda boring to just do by myself and hell if I’m writing a trip report on unlocking a bunch of chests.