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Part 47: Snow Chronicles 10: The Chronicles of Rhydderch

Snow Chronicles 10: The Chronicles of Rhydderch

Music: The Scent of the Sea

That is another short chapter down. And with it comes yet another tiny lil’ Snow Chronicles update. We’ve seen almost 3/4ths of the locations in the game and met the vast majority of the characters. Yet we’ve only seen around 50% of the monsters and treasure chests. I’m pretty sure I know why those numbers are off... And I’m not looking forward to filling ‘em. But we’ll worry about that later...

He is knowledge and wisdom of the ancient kingdom incarnate... who only bestowed his car keys and “yo watch out for the end boss” to the only remaining member of the royal bloodline. You could have stuck a signpost and some pre-recorded messages and saved this old fart a ton of trouble.

The bee arms race going on with these bearmen is frankly terrifying. God help us if one of them taps into the arcane lost arts of the “wasp”.

Some people in the thread were defending strawberry ice cream. These people are living a life of broken taste buds able to accept the vile artificial flavoring of that dire variety of ice cream. Repent your ways.

Look, Takeshi was REALLY proud of the squirrel handstand animation and just wouldn’t back down from including all these iterations of it. Just let him have this...

I liked the Snecter color palette more. This just looks like a Snecter got a can brown of paint dropped on it and it cannot be bothered to go take a bath.

Rhydderch Hael (Welsh: Rhydderch the Generous, fl. 580 – c. 614) was a ruler of Alt Clut, a Brittonic kingdom in the Hen Ogledd or "Old North" of Britain. He was one of the most famous kings in the Hen Ogledd, and appears frequently in later medieval works in Welsh and Latin.

Deermon... I still hate that name. It doesn’t even look like a deer besides the antlers and hoofs. Deer don’t have bushy old man eyebrows! That’s fuckin’ ridiculous! Absurd!

Seriously, this thing took the wrong turn at the audition for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, right? The hell is it doing in this game?

This relic was recovered ruins of the ancient kingdom, carefully analyzed, and then shipped into a sealed ruin of the ancient kingdom and remained there until Endir blundered into it while exploring. Such is the life of fantasy swords. That said, I did like this dumbass Tron blade and the name Robo-God.

It also emits in excess of 100 rads of radiation at all times.

I’ll have to remember to use this sometime, since it does sound pretty metal. I know I’ll just be disappointed when it’s just a DBZ power-up aura and some colored numbers popping out of Julienne’s head.

Uhh... can we have a citation on where those researchers learned that last bulletin point? Cuz we just met a guy from the ancient civilization and he was an old dude that spoke English the common tongue.

Idiot rural villagers send young women to go die in mysterious land under unknown circumstances. It’s probably fine. Probably...

Personally, I would have taken the crappy early game airship that cannot pass mountains and the like. Old RPGs did that. It was fine. You get the one that can go anywhere in the end game and it was rad. Progression of powers is a good thing.

And that’s a wrap for this bite-sized chapter. Next time we’ll be taking a trip Between Dreams and Reality. At least, that’s what the chapter title says!