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Part 55: Episode XLIII: I Am Questing on the Side

Music: Final Push

Alright, folks. This is the final chapter of this game. Indeed, that’s the final boss’ chamber straight ahead... Let’s go take a look, eh?

Are you ready?

They are nice enough to directly state that yeah. Point of no return is right here. Be absolutely sure you’re ready to set aside an hour to finish the game, ya? And as much as I’d like to soldier forth and close out this LP... No, not yet.

We need to be in peak condition to take on the final boss. Which... is kind of a lie. We absolutely could take it right now at the Mid-40s levels. But, we’re going to be returning to the world map and go on a journey anyway.

And it just so happens that before dying, Eutess was nice enough to leave a portal linking the very beginning of the Last Lands and her chamber for just such an occasion. Or the party flaking out and ending the world. You know, for funsies. Don’t worry... It’s fine! The Dark Samsara will patiently wait for eternity for us to begin the final battle just like Sin, the Time Devourer or Deus did.

I Am Setsuna makes no attempt to mention this, but now that we’ve gained a fully party and have unlocked the final boss’ chamber, sidequests have opened up back in the main world. One for each character! They range in length from around an hour or so to... like 20 minutes.

Music: Tender Glow

Before we embark on a journey of character specific development, let’s head back to Nive Village for some housekeeping. Also, the first sidequest might be triggered on this island.

We got an awful lot of materials running through two of the longest dungeons in the game back-to-back. To make no mention of the new party member. And the final break point in the narrative may have also updated the weapon store vendor’s inventory for the last time.

We have over 450k G to work with selling off the myriad of drops created from sending every trash mob the party came across to the shadow realm during the Last Lands visit. This also resulted in a decent chunk of new Spritnite that I’ll likely never touch.

Endir continues his self-sufficient streak with a Tech that is just Haste in all but name. Which is real good, since we might need that sometime in the near future.

Setsuna has fully completed her designated white mage job position by gaining an ability that wipes away all status ailments. With the added effect of giving immunity for a couple rounds. Could have probably used that during the Time Judge’s shenanigans, Setsuna...

Aeterna, Julienne, and Kir all get... absolutely nothing! But Nidr walks away with a cheap spell that basically turns curative items into the next level version (i.e. a Potion becomes a Hi-Potion.) That could come in handy... earlier in the game when consumable items were expensive and I couldn’t walk up and buy 99 of all the top shelf items with our near half a million in funding.

Most of the new Spritnite are all for Dingus, who forgot most all of his abilities after dying and has to start from scratch. They are at the very least kind enough to give playable Reaper tuned to the same level as the highest party member’s level. (Which would be Endir at Level 44.)

Most of the mid-boss formally known as Reaper’s Techs are just... the same exact shit he used when we fought him. Like the next one is one of the few unique spells...

Dingus is, of course, the designated Shadow Magic user. Of course he is. So he needs the Shadow elemental spell. I’ve never used or felt the need to use an elemental buffing magic spell in the entirety of this game.

And if they weren’t spells he personally used, they’re ones Dingus is borrowing off other enemies in the game.

I mean, Pandemic is just a Shadow magic themed Bad Breath and Black Hole is Demi with a flashier animation. And Dark Matter is just Demi 2 without sucking enemies towards it. You’re not fooling anyone, Not-Magus. I’m onto your copyright infringement racket.

Before we finish with Spritnite mechanics talk you’re probably just skimming over like a jerk, it’s also worth mentioning that some choice Support Spritnite unlock at the Magic Consortium in the end game. Particularly, Megalith and Enigma which restore HP and MP respectively with every attack. Good stuff when trying to build a self-sufficient party member who operates only on violence.

The final battle has also unlocked the last vendor update at Weppy & Tali’s shop. Turns out Weppy took a deep dive into the scythe market while we were raiding the Last Lands. Since they couldn’t very well have weapon pick-ups for Dingus prior to having him in the party... and then they added him to the party literally before the final boss... the solution to giving a playable Reaper weapon upgrades was to just dump them all in the weapon merchant all at once. I’ll buy a single scythe now and another after future updates.

For now, let’s see everyone’s final store purchases of the game.

And we’re going to start with perhaps the best one. I love this. It’s great! Strong third place of weapon design behind the Walrus Dagger and Nidr’s tree trunk. Just gonna go ahead and destroy any seriousness in scenes towards the end by having Setsuna wear this dumbass thing at all times.

Aeterna’s final weapon is just a kitchen knife. I mean... it IS a weapon. You can gank a guy with a standard kitchen knife. I threw one into someone’s face in Hitman just hours before writing this update. A good time was had by all... Well, except for the waiter who took a kitchen knife to the eye...

Alright. What the fuck?! That’s it... That is IT, I am Setsuna! I’m calling the JRPG police! That’s literally just Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. The Chrono Trigger references were one thing. Fine, whatever... Lucca’s Rod was a bit much, but I’ve gotten over it. But now you come and bring Tetsuya Nomura into my house? No... NO! I’m not having it! I’ll see you in JRPG Court...

For once, this actually looks like some kind of proper mage’s staff and not something that should be wielded by a first year high schooler girl fighting a monster of the week. It also ignores all elemental resistances, which ain’t bad... usually... except it’s Kir, who only does pyromancy sooooooo...

This is just the Stout Sheep’s horn with a handle crudely fastened to the end of it, making it one of the more metal weapons in the game. At least, I’ll take it over the Masamune duct-taped to a gaudy pole.

Finally, I take back what I said about most scythes being pretty cool looking. This looks like shit. What, Dingus? Did you get this at Zasalamel from Soul Calibur’s garage sale? Sheesh. And you expect me to drop like 30k more buying the rest of these? Man... I dunno...

Music: The Scent of the Sea

Regardless, that’s the conclusion of housekeeping. Let’s begin a sidequest! We’re given no indication of where anyone’s sidequest triggers. You... just kind of have to look it up and have that particular character in the active party.

I put the order of which we do these side quests to a vote in the thread and our main character, Endir, came out on in the lead. So we’ll start with his questline. This one begins by talking to the Nasal-Voiced Worker wandering around at Nive Harbor.

*narrows eyes* Who’s asking...?
I’ve got a letter for you!
*takes letter*
I SWEAR to god, if this is jury duty again I am gonna flip out and burn this island to the ground...
*sweats* P-Please don’t...

A letter to Endir!? From who?

Kir grabs the letter like a fucker.

It’s fine...
Yeah, he doesn’t mind.
I highly frown upon killing the messenger on bad news. But you just gave me an out on killing someone else if it’s another court summons.

So... what’s it say?
*shakes head* Sigh...
Can we get back to fighting... you know... the world ending creature my creator gave her life to unlock... Please?

As you perhaps know, in these lands there are three important altars. It is said that if you hold up this spritnite stone at those altars, you will receive guidance for the future. First you should visit the altar in Serendale. Next, the altar on Morbrise Mountain. Then, finally, the altar in the Hymncott Forest. Remember this order well. When you require guidance for the future, please remember this letter. I hope that the wisdom of the ancients can give you strength, and shine a guiding light towards the future.

And so we gain the Nameless Spritnite. I mean, when you think about it, no Spritnite really has real a name, man... Literally. You can rename them all at will. No swearing though! Have some manners.

Probably just a prank.
Yeah, probably...
*balls up letter and tosses it in a snow drift* Hey, Setsuna. Is there anything to eat around here...? I’m starving.
Are you sure it isn’t just someone you’ve forgotten about, Endir? Judging by that letter, they definitely seem to know you.
I don’t know. I’ve forgotten 95% of the people we’ve met on this journey. The other five percent are standing right here and man... gonna be real. Half of you have about two weeks after this job ends before I forget your name.
Not you as well, Setsuna...
The Dark Samsara... You all remember that, right? Can we just... Go back and...
You think we can really trust what this letter says? We’ve got an important duty to fulfill... Do we really wanna put that at risk over somethin’ we read in some shady letter?
Yes! That... Thank you, Nidr. Let’s just go back and fi—
*rubs chin* You know, this COULD be a treasure... And BOY that’d go a long ways towards making up for this sunk cost job...
*shakes head* N-No... Wait... Dark Samsa—

Well, the first place it said to go to was Serendale... It’s your decision, but if we’re gonna go there, we sure as hell better keep our guard up.
...Where was that again?
You... you met me there...
*rubs neck* Oh... right... and what... direction was... that...?

Right, then. The first half of Endir’s sidequest involves returning to some altars we’d seen early. Remember the ones that looked an AWFUL lot like there’d be a boss fight arena and nothing came of it?

Music: A Poignant Reminder

The first one takes us back to Serendale where we met Nidr and Reaper for the first time. It’s actually just opposite of where the first fight with Reaper took place (which is now inhabited by Spritnite-Eaten nuclear bomb seals.)

Walking up to the altar will automatically trigger a scene with Endir where a sparkle descends from the heavens and... speaks?

All life is one... All life understands each other... The birth of a white world of brilliant light...

Well, then. If you say so sky sparkle. I feel like Endir would reject the Human Instrumentality Project.

Mm, I heard it, too... Was that the voice of one of the ancients?
Wait, there’s “ancients” now? Is that the same thing as Julienne’s ancient kingdom?
No. This appears to be much older still...
Yeah, sure. It’s the Cetra or the Protheans or Zeal... Whatever. Why not, at this point?

That spritnite stone you received, Endir... don’t you get the feeling it just changed?
Yes, you’re right. I can sense something from it... like a powerful spirit...
A special power must have been channeled into it...
Well... yeah, obviously. It talked and then turned into the Rebirth Spritnite. You people really ARE bad at reading prompts...
There were other altars we were supposed to go to, right? What were they again...?
Morbrise Mountain and Hymncott Forest, right? Maybe we need to go to all three of them for something to happen...
Mhm... Umm... Where the hell are those places...?
Well... Morbrise Mountain was the place after the forest where we met.
Uh-huh... Mhmm... And that was... what... direction, now...?
*sweat drop* Just... get back on the airship...

That’s one down, two to go...

Music: The Secret Passage

Morbrise Mountain was the snow path where we needed Kir to allow No-Clip to activate and proceed. The only noteworthy event was Endir’s employer showing up to ask what the flying fuck he was doing traveling with Setsuna and not murdering her. I don’t think it even had a proper boss.

*jumps* You think the stone will change again, like with the first altar?
Yes, probably.
Trust me, these vague ancient civilizations really don’t like mixing up the methodology in their messages to the future.
You’ve encountered an ancient civilization before?
Well, not THIS particular one. Ancient advanced civilizations are like a dime a dozen. They usually have a proper name but... the Land of Snow seems REALLY lax in that regard...

We’ve got no guarantee that the ancients mean us well. I don’t see why they’d place their trust in some people from the future that they’d never met...
Oh pfft... that’s like step one in a collapsing ancient people. You either leave behind cryptic yet important messages regarding an ancient unimaginably powerful evil or you seal up the last remaining member of your race who is young, female and hot in some stasis pod.
...Is there a story behind that?
Not one that I’m in the mood to tell. Hey! Sky sparkle! Let’s get a move on! I’m freezing my butt off here!

Well, some people dedicate their lives to helping future generations, because they believe in them...
Like my mom. Whose second chance we continue to squander on a treasure hunt...
Yes, Aeterna’s right. I hope the ancients do trust us...

New concepts, and ever-expanding possibilities... An age born from the flow of time... A world in which time has begun to move...

Alright, then. That cleared everything up...

? So does that mean... up until that point, time stood still?
*shakes head* I’m not sure I get all this...
Perhaps the world the ancients inhabited was one that we can’t even imagine today... I wish we could see what it was like...
*rubs face* You... want to see a realm where time stands still? We... were literally JUST THERE earlier today. The Frozen Lands... They were frozen in time. I... We... we should REALLY get back there and handle things... E-Everyone...? Hello?
Anyway, one thing’s for certain... the power in that stone seems to have increased again.

Alright. That’s two down. One to go!

Music: The Clouds Above

Our final destination for this leg of the quest is back to Hymncott Forest. Better known as the location the tutorial took place and we met Endir at the very beginning of the game.

Unlike the opening tutorial, Hymncott Forest is now home to King Pengy. Three of ‘em, in fact. Two of which are mandatory battles. King Pengy is just straight up that boss fight from the ice drifts roadblock where Julienne ended up joining to guide us. Each of these jerks has over 5000 HP and a ton of defense, taking a good five minutes to beat each even just slamming it with our heaviest hitting attacks. It’s kind of annoying and really boring, since it’s not a remotely a threat. Their heaviest damaging attack does like... 150 HP of damage. Maybe 200 tops.

I made a big dumb mistake of saving the game and quitting here when recording footage for this update. Have I ever mentioned that reloading in I Am Setsuna results in the respawning of all enemies in an area? It’s true! You know what is counted as a respawning common enemy, despite the fact it plays boss battle music and you cannot escape from the battle? King Pengy. Guess who ended up fighting four of these lousy drawn out (for this game) slogs of a mini-boss for barely tangible EXP gain or worthwhile drops? This guy!

Anyway, the final altar for this sidequest is back where Endir fought Jaboo the Manbear to save a kidnapped girl in the job he took before taking the later to be botched by time shenanigans Setsuna hit.

All life is now separate, and all life now possesses magical energy... Power born from creation speeds up the flow of time, and throws the light into disarray... Connections are broken, and magical energy thrives... The demise of a white world of brilliant light...

Birth, life, and death... Gotcha. I think I got the theme, magic stone.

? Is magical energy a bad thing, then?
No, Kir. You see, when the older generation starts getting afraid of progress they start making vague, BS platitudes like this about “things were so much better in my day before...” And then you mentally tune out and hope the old prick and everyone in his age bracket has a stroke before you see him next...
Oh... OK...?

It’s just statin’ the facts, ain’t it? Magical energy came into the world. I don’t think it’s sayin’ whether it was a good or a bad thing...
I wonder how much time passed after that, before the age of my kingdom...

! Whoa! He spoke!
The saturation and exhaustion of magical energy repeats again and again as time passes... The age of the kingdom was no more than one part of that cycle...
*turns to Kir* Opposing forces are reacting inside the spritnite...
Ain’t somthin’ meant to happen once we’ve been to all three altars?
That was just a guess, right? it doesn’t seem like anything bad has happened... but nothing good, either.
Shouldn’t ya know more about these ancient sorta whatsits? Ain’t you like a thousand years old?
That was Eutess, not me. I’ve only been around for a good decade... over... and over... and over again. By the way, I’m running out of time for that, sooooo...

? *picks something up off the ground*
Looks like it’s addressed to Endir. I’ll go ahead an’ read it...
Hey! What is with you people? Is tampering with mail just not a criminal offense in this backwards land? Tch. Fine... Whatever... Read it.

However, the spritnite stone’s power has likely not yet been unified. In order to make it reveal its true power, one more step is necessary. My house is on an island to the south of the mainland. Come and see me, and I shall tell you want to do.

Whadd’ya think? Can we trust this guy?
He doesn’t seem like a bad person...
Welp. It’s settled. Guys, Setsuna thinks it’s probably fine. That judge of character worked out great so far.

Tune in next time when we find who is behind the mysterious letters to Endir. We may even resolve a loose plot thread from early in the game that never got resolved and you’ve probably forgotten all about by now!


In a related news story, on Monday, January 2nd it will be 10 years since I started my first LP (granted it was 2 minutes before midnight, still...) I'll probably be streaming 4 Resident Evil then and talking about dumb early LP stuff, if that's your kinda thing. I'll update exactly what time I'll start later.

Fucking ten years... Ugh! How has it been that long?!