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Part 18: Well, that was easy

Hoyooo! Would have had this update sooner, but I picked up Sins of a Solar Empire, and that game is like having a button on my desk that makes four hours disappear at a time. A button that I can't stop pushing.

Update #17: Well, that was easy

When last we parted, Urggzob had rather laboriously cleared out the Battle Square. Why? Because it was there.

Gee, it feels like we've been in this temple for weeks!
Might not be too far off, Pip.
Space houses...a thousand jellyfish with secrets...
Are we gonna get Marty fixed?
Urggzob could hit him a few times.
Probably a poor idea, old chap.

So the last priestess is behind this door, right?
I'm reasonably sure of it.
She's been very patient, waiting for us to finish up with that battle square and all.

Watch out, chaps. I'm going to do something incredibly foolhardy when she's done talking.
Wait, what?

Oh high heavens.

Aaaah, burning! Hurting! What's...where? WHAT'S GOING ON, DUDES?
Good to have you back! You're on fire.
Looks painful.

Kruskrak puts Oria in a Resilient Sphere while we loot her room.

I'll still never think an ice room is a good idea.
Actually, in exceptionally cold climates, an ice house is a VERY good idea; the space inside can remain at freezing temperatures, even if outside temperatures are fifty or sixty degrees lower.
Practical considerations aside, it just looks too repetetive.
Hey, man, crazy lady's done bein' stuck in a bubble.

...Urggzob is faintly disappointed.
That has to be the flimsiest Staff of Power I've ever seen. Urggzob hits harder than that when he's trying to apply a gentle caress.
And how, exactly, are you familiar with a "gentle caress" from Urggzob?
I'd rather not say.
Hey guys? She's here again.

Damn all this nonsense. Pip, go ask that one wizard how to fix this.
I'm sorry, what's that now?
Not you, that other one.

What did he say, man?
We need to use the battle square to travel to another dimension!
Yeah! It'll be fun!
...this temple is SO goddamn retarded.

Huaaaa, Urggzob has traveled through the very dimensions to CRUSH YOU!
I bet she's pretty powerful, so we'd best--
Ooh, no--Urggzob killed her in two hits.

What the hell kind of boss IS that? Seriously...


What in the HELLS are they up to?
I have no idea, Mr. Napalm.
Well, they're taking bloody long enough. There's not a thing left to do in this place! No refreshments, no entertainment, NOTHING!
Truly, the adventuring life is a cruel one.

So...we just killed the bosses. We've got a few loose ends to tie up, and then we'll be finished with this place. Including: Looting!

Okay, no one's allowed to try these. Not even as a joke.
Aww, no fun!

Dispelling eeeeeevil spirits!

What the hell kind of evil spirit turns into a sissy tornado and then just...dies?

Takes care of that, though. Refreshing not to HAVE to kill some monsters, all told.

Aaaand MORE looting!

Dammit, Pip! Mind the traps!
I never meant to hurt you! But...there's a song in all this...
Right on, dude.

I'd almost forgotten about Nathaniel. Let's give his things back, okay?

THERE, we're done here. Finally.
Urggzob had a grand old time.
Even so, it was rather annoying to have to do everything here, considering it was more a diversion than anything else.
Man, I forgot ALL about Oswald!
I just hope we get to a town soon; we're running out of storage space...
Normally I'd just insult your weak, useless muscles here, but you've got a point.

I have a simply ABSURD number of gems and potions. I'm running out of space for them all; my gem bag is full. At least I'm finally beginning to amass some magical equipment that isn't just a bunch of rags.
Hey now, they're practical rags.
I bet.

...Urggzob, do you have TWO dead cats now?
Mittens was getting lonely.
Ooh, what's the second one's name?
Man, that skull is freakin' me right out.
Urggzob thinks it will make a fine cup.

You know what I'm sick of?
What're you sick of, Clobby?
I'm sick of being overflow storage for everyone else. And stop calling me that.

Thanks to my, y'know, totally efficient packing methods, I can carry lots of stuff without worrying too much about the weight!
Marty, this is mostly loosly-packed scrolls. This is the least-efficient backpack I've ever seen.
You're just jealous.

How distressing.
What's wrong?
I...well, I just can't figure out what this Ring is.
I thought you knew everything, Krusky!
My already fragile world-view has been SHATTERED!

One word.
What's that?


Yeah, sorry this update's a bit shorter. There just...wasn't as much left to do here, and I didn't want to cut off half-way through doing something next time 'round.