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Part 33: Loose ends and the Fabulous little bards who tie them up

I am crushed for time something fierce this weekend, so only a mini-update. Good news to balance this out, though! This is the last week I'll be out of town, so in theory updates will become more regular here shortly.

Update #32: Loose ends and the Fabulous little bards who tie them up

You'll recall we just finished with a whole hell of a lot of killin'.

Sooo...can we actually try to go and kill some bad guys now? Because this other business is really getting kind of stale.
Bad guys, henchmen, pah. All of them are the same once Urggzob is done.
As long as I have enough money to buy a small country, I'm happy.
We never did figure out who's paying us, though.
No matter! I mean to sell all these useless trinkets we've been collecting and then deduct my fee from that.
Fee? What about the rest of us?
Well, Clobberella's a monk, and they don't value material goods. You're an Elf; elves are notorious for eschewing material wealth in favor of a harmonious existance with nature. Marty...well, no one really understands him, so I'll just throw some drugs his direction and call it good. Urggzob only cares about violence, and Kruskrak will invariably settle for a pittance because he's too well-mannered to speak up otherwise.
We waste time worrying about this. It has no meaning in the end, and that end is rapid approaching.
Really, and I'll have to speed it up if you girls don't stop yammering. Let's get our information from Iselore.

Aww, no fun treasures? Fooey.
Fields of Slaughter. Sounds like Urggzob's kind of field.
Well, are we ready, then?
Ooh, wait, no! We have to go back to that!
What? Why now?
Let's just humor him, for now.

So, our party backtracks a bit.

So much walking! Urggzob truly needs to crush off some frustration after fire man stole his dragon kill.
In all fairness, that wasn't even supposed to work.
In all fairness STOP TALKING. Little man will have ill fortune in changing Urggzob's mood.
That's the last thing we need, Mr. Napalm.
And this group needs a LOT of things.

Pip? Are you?
Shh! She's here again! Lemme ease her troubled spirit!
She's nothing BUT a spirit, Pip.
Let me ease her troubled, uh...spirit spirit? Spirit squared? My head hurts now.

Well? What did she say?
She's at rest. She said some very nice things about me! She said I saved the hope of the North!
Oh? And what did she say about the rest of us? By "us," I mean me.
She, um...had nothing but nice things to say, I'm sure.
Good then.

We're completely ready to conquer the Legion, I'm sure of it. Napalm Company WILL NOT be stopped by some half-breed savages.
Hey now...
Pssh, the difference between them and you is that they can't take a few jokes before they go into kill everyone mode. You'll suffer in silence indefinitely.
He's right, Kruskrak. Urggzob, though...

Urggzob is still pouting. Shoo.
Aww, cheer up! You have as many kills as all of us put together!
There will be bigger, better, more rewarding for you, Urggzob. I know there will.
There had better be.

I endure. These dumb bastards would have fallen to pieces by now if I wasn't running around doing all the real work.
What about morale? You can't sing, so I think you'd be pretty bad at that.
I'd hardly say being tone deaf is hampering me. You, though...
Pshh. Jea~looouuus.

I know THINGS. Terrible things. I'm so close to understanding them all...
That's, ah...grand.
I will show you, Kruskrak. When I know, I will show all of you.

Learning is going apace. This has been a good journey, all things considered, and I'd not trade it for the world.
I bet you'd trade it for some self-respect, though.

...when was the last time the fancy elf actually killed anything?
I have no idea! Tee hee.

Napalm Company...we embark on a great quest now.
Why are we all see-through?
Shh! You're ruining the moment!