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Part 3: Violent Run - Sector 3

Sector 3

I’ve decided to just put all the logs here, even the ones I show in the video. Also, I might put some notes after important logs, they will be in italics.

Tasen Log at the start
Author: Tasen Soldier NS204:FHIC
Subject: Resonance reflectors
A rare Komato weapon, the Resonance reflector, can bounce enemy projectiles away. It’s considers an act of defense, for those worried about your kill counter, unless you were the one who originally fired the projectile. Semantics huh?

Tasen Log to the left of the first elevator
Author: Tasen Soldier DK918:IDDK
Subject: Krotera is right
I heard someone saying that Elite Krotera is “obsessed” with killing humans, and this would’ve never happened with Hel Sarie still alive. Give me a break! Krotera knows what he’s talking about, and I don’t see what these aliens have ever done for us – the “Human anomaly” is the only proof we need that they’re just as hostile and brutal as the Komato! We shot their world to pieces, and people expect them to welcome us as heroes? We have to finish what we started if we want to survive in this place, and hasty action is better than death by far.

Tasen Log to the right of the first elevator
Author: Tasen Center of Advertisement
Subject: The D200 Deluxe Lift
Yes! The Latest in the line of Deluxe Lifts will not only take you to whatever vertical position you desire, it also comes with a number of irresistible features. The most popular addition is the integrated soundchip, which plays comfortable, enjoyable music during your daily Lift rides, with such soothing, classic symphonies as “Insect Mentalists GO CRAZY”, “Annihilating Infinity” and “Welcome to Ciretako”. Consumers will also be happy to learn that a minor, insignificant but in the previous Lift model, which randomly catapulted people through the ceiling, has hopefully been fixed.

Tasen Log by Ribbon
Author: Tasen Soldier MN962:IPSS
Subject: They’re hiding something
Elite Krotera, along with the rest of our leaders, continues to deny any link between us and the “humans”. Aren’t we genetically closer to Origin than the Komato? I don’t like where this is going.

This was the log I was looking for in the video around the Komato Logs, it’s a hint that the Tasen may originally be from Earth, and an interesting plot point.

Tasen Log on the side path that will be in the Pacifist run video
Author: Tasen Soldier UO464:MVNE
Subject: Damn Blits
Whose bright idea was it to skip the infection check on one of our battlecruisers? The whole thing was crawling with Blits, and now they’ve spread across this human complex. The best part about these parasites isn’t that they drain your Nanoarmor in mere pulsecycles, oh no. Those little creeps have to be invulnerable too! Some scientists say they’re a miracle of technology, a self-evolved sentient lifeform consisting entirely of Nano – I say I’m requesting a transfer from this place if I find another one of those lethal little pests in my boot tomorrow! Doesn’t it just suck when you’re armed to the teeth, but the only way to outdo some little blobs is to run around and catch them in jars?

Tasen Log in secret room, in the second building
Author: Tasen Center of Advertisement
Subject: Buster gun
My good person, have you ever considered a replacement? Yes, the army may have given you a standard old Machinegun, mayhap even a Rocket launcher if you were indeed so lucky, but what we have here is something quite different. Why, it’s a shotgun that fires thrice as fast as the regular flavor! Presenting the Buster gun, the cutting edge of yesterday’s technology at an affordable budget price. This hastily cracked combination of a Shotgun and Machinegun may not look much for the world, and uses a questionable lot of ammunition, but in the right hands it may just be a life-saver. We’re not really sure. But look on the bright side – you’d rather be stuck in the planetary war with one of these by your side than a pack of Blits! Brought to you by Redundant Technologies – Inventing Yesterday Today. (Redundant Technologies strongly discourages any attempt to crack your Nanogun to produce this Nanoweapon yourself. Seriously, don’t do it. Please.)

From this point on you’ll start finding logs that hint at weapon combinations, these are mostly useless because you can just keep combining weapons till you find one that works.

Tasen Log to the far left of the Armor Upgrade
Author: Tasen Soldier PI595:PTSA
Subject: Alpha Strike
I never thought I’d live to see an Alpha Strike. Sure, the one we used on this planet was just a taste(r) of a real, full-force Strike, but the kind of destructive force we wield now is insane. Sometimes I wonder if building bigger weapons every industrial cycle really counts as technological progress… pah, that’s flawed logic. We’d never have been able to defend ourselves from the Komato without the Alpha Strike, so who’s complaining? Besides, stolen technology is always cheaper, and it’s technically not on our conscience that way.

This I believe is the first REAL mention of the Alpha Strike, this is those giant beams that were in the intro. It will be mentioned more later in the game

Tasen Log to the immediate left of the Armor Upgrade
Author: Tasen Soldier KG111:PAIE
Subject: Forced apart
Dear logbook, this turn I was transferred to a different subsection of the human building. I’ve been moved all over the place, but I’m still not close enough to my girlfriend. It’s hardly rare for girls as young as me joining the army, so it’s not like they will treat me better than anyone else, and move me to her just because I want to. As long as I keep asking to change Commander for personal reasons, I’ll end up with my girlfriend sooner or later, but I can’t blame phobic disorders forever.

I mentioned this in the video but this is the first of a series of logs that will differ over the series of the game mattering on choices you take.

Komato Log to left on the bottom of the Komato room
Author: Komato Trooper 06712-07892-30144
Subject: Stranded
Damnit! Me and my men were sent as a scout team to this planet, only to be shot down by the Tasen! That’s right, THEY’RE HERE! We’ve found them at last, on a tiny spot on a tiny planet, but all we can do now is HIDE from them – we’re three people stuck Tasen-infested building with nothing but expired rations to eat, and with no means of contacting the fleet. I am totally not bitter at all.

Komato Log to the right on the bottom of the Komato room
Author: Komato Trooper 08965-27358-10735
Subject: Time to act
We still haven’t decided what to do since we arrived here – do we hide until we starve to death, or get out of here and kill as many lousy Tasen as we can? It’s not like there’s anything better to do, and those damn leeches ain’t gonna survive to colonize any other planet, that’s for sure! I’ve had enough of their way of killing everything they come across like they owned the galaxy.

Komato Log on the right on the top of the Komato room
Author: Komato Trooper 12558-61195-78950
Subject: Heheh
I don’t think the situation is as hopeless as the others say. Don’t they remember what planet we’ve crashed on? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we found them here; I rather think the Tasen would never expect us to come all the way here to look for them. And hey, we didn’t, but there’s no way they can escape the Imperial Army now. Those lowlife scum will regret ever messing with justice. You want Iosa coming down here? You’ll get her soon.
Komato Log on the left on the top of the Komato room
Author: Komato Imperial Weapon Industries
Subject: Advertisement
Bored? Tired of your neighbor? Tired of your boss? Tired of those pesky Tasen infesting the universe? Well then BLOW THEM ALL AWAY, with the latest Nanoweapon from Komato Imperial Weapon Industries! Yes, the Resonance detonator will happily blow all utilizing your own personal strength, it may be favored by powerhouses like Berserkers, but after a few weeks at the local gym and with this little bundle of Nanotechnological joy, even the wimpiest of Komato can knock over their un-favorite adversary flying through the air! Order yours TODAY for the low, LOW sum of 25,000 Units! (Komato Imperial Weapon Industries cannot be held responsible for personal injury, technical problems, or being fired from work for blowing your boss out of the window.)

Tasen Log on the left of the preposter room
Author: Tasen Elite Krotera
Subject: We have no choice
The situation is getting unbearable. It’s hard to keep a straight face when we speak of the humans, and it’s impossible getting the Soldiers to understand that if a Komato scout patrol finds us here, we have to kill them IMMEDIATELY before they can report back to their fleet. That’s why we need to stay alert and kill ALL resistance – after all, our lives depend on it. We can’t take ANY chances with the humans, as we don’t know how powerful they can have really grown. I keep hearing reports of a “Human anomaly”, tearing through our troops like she’s on fire. She’s using Nanotachnology – something we thought this low-tech race couldn’t possibly have. If all humans we meet have the potential to be this mighty, we’re in serious danger. I won’t rest until EVERY ONE around our colony is dead. Nothing must stand against the Tasen now that we’re down on our knees, hiding from the Komato and barely surviving. This is what Hel Sarie would’ve wanted – the humans must be exterminated AT ALL COSTS!

Tasen Log on the right of the preposter room
Author: Tasen Commander UT727:MKNK
Subject: Pathetic Soldiers
What weaklings our troops are. I agree with Elite Krotera; we have not yet assessed the true danger of the human species. The “Human anomaly” is a far bigger concern than the Komato, as she seems intent on destroying us and nothing else. She has been moving in the same general direction for some time, but it’s anyone’s guess what her true motives and goals are. The only thing we know is that she is as sinister and coldhearted as Elite Krotera tells us, killing our men at an extremely rapid pace. Our pathetic troops will obviously never be able to stand up to the Komato if they find us here.

Komato Log through the windows
Author: Komato Trooper 06712-07892-30144
Subject: My secret spot
While scouting around our little three-man base, I managed to open the window and climb out here. Nothing but an old guard tower out here though, “decorated” with some Tasen poster. Speaking of the Tasen, I read about some “Human anomaly” in their logbooks. Better hurry back inside before she reaches our base.