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Part 8: Violent Run - Sector 8

Today, our mission is to run fast and play space soccer. CAN WE DO IT!?

Sector 8

LPer Note
New songs added to the second post this update:
Welcome to the Party, Pal - Sectors 3 and 8
Glass Solider - Completion Screen Sad Version – This is actually a 3 minute song, I didn’t capture the whole thing in the video.

Interesting logs this time around.

Komato Log right at the beginning
Author: Komato Information Center
Subject: Advertisement
Tired of parasites eating your Nanogun for breakfast? Being nibbled on by those pesky little Blits? With BLIT-AWAY SPRAY, all your worries will be over! Order now, and get a free Assassin-class laser dagger! Note: Due to the aggressive (and heavily armed) local animal rights activists, BLIT-AWAY SPRAY has not been tested on any live organisms, including Blits. Please use the product at your own risk.

Tasen Log right before trap floor
Author: Tasen Soldier HT896:IJGA
Subject: Annihilators
The rumors have just been confirmed; there are indeed Annihilators among the Komato assault teams. Who knows why they brought them, we’re doomed anyway – probably ‘cause they get a kick out of seeing us slaughtered. If I ever live to see one of those walking tanks, I’m not eve gonna fight it… I’ll just stand there and let it kill me in the fastest, most painless way possible.

Komato Log under the turret
Author: Komato Berserker 21435-56097-16959
Subject: We’ve passed the point of no return
Few seem to like thinking about the future of our species, and rightly so. We’re so advanced, we’ve been able to hunt the Tasen clear across deep space without a single individual escaping our grasp, at least to our knowledge. With the Alpha Strike, we have reliable planet killer technology – and the Star Strike may soon no longer be just a theory. We are the grandest, most organized lifeform we have ever come across. Despite past wars, High Command keeps us together, and we colonize an exponentially accelerating number of planets. It’s simply impossible for our race to ever be extinguished if we keep growing at this pace. Back on Origin we were ruled by nature, but now the galaxy belongs to us. With the Imperial Army controlling the military branch uncontested, any planet - any species, any solar system High Command so wishes – we can and will destroy if we put the time and resources into it. The Komato will be eternal.

Komato Log under the Komato Trooper used for the Poster
Author: Komato Berserker 62392-36489-32164
Subject: Our future
The Tasen are soon to be extinct, as we all know – but from that point on, when we no longer have a common enemy, we need more leaders. Powerful leaders to keep the people together, as internal conflicts should remain in our past. General Tor and Annihilator Iosa are perfect examples of who should be our role models – Tor cares about his people, while Iosa is so powerful they couldn’t even kill her with an Alpha Strike. That woman has a great war record, but her future looks even better… history will treat her well. The more young leaders like her and General Tor we get, the better.

Komato Log by the Poster
Author: Komato Independent Newsprogram Archive
Subject: Zentraidon
“Zentraidon” is a taboo word coined by the extinct race we discovered, meaning self-annihilation through rapid technological advancement and arrogance. It was the fate they themselves met. Many mysteries still surround this species and the remains of their homeworld, but our only hope of total galactic dominance lies in fully reverse-engineering the technology they mastered. It is considered treason to suggest that once this happens we will be headed for Zentraidon as well.

Tasen Log on the right in the storage room
Author: Tasen Center of Advertisement
Subject: Lift upgrades
Yes, the brilliant minds who most probably fixed the catapulting Lift bug have once again outdone themselves, with a new integrated soundchip that receives new Lift music every cycle. Just turn in the chip to the nearest legal frequency, making sure to skip the illegal ones so as to not accidentally trigger a global war alarm, and prepare your aural tastebuds for the sensation of such unforgettable classics as “Exploding Eardrums That Are Also On Fire”, “It’s awesome being purple” and “Hel Sarie will kick you in the face”. So don’t delay! Order an upgrade for your Lifts right now, and get a free Elite Krotera action figure!

Tasen Log on the left in the storage room
Author: Tasen Universal Logbook
Subject: Summery of history, Part 3: The Tasen-Komato war
The fury with which the Komato Imperial Army commenced its first strike was beyond belief. Tasen starships and civilian ships alike were raided and destroyed, and the number of casualties grew astronomical as they invaded our homeworlds. The Komato eventually developed a starship-class Nanoweapon called the Alpha Strike, which let hundreds of starships equipped with this space-to-ground Nanoweapon bombard the planet with unbelievable powerful attacks. We managed to create a planetary shielding system to defend our worlds, but even when we finally managed to steal the Komatos’ Alpha Strike technology, so had they in turn stolen our planetary shielding system – since then, the only way to wage war on the surface of a planet was by personal combat, with soldiers and attack ships. We were now hunted across the galaxy, and every time a part of our population settled down on a new planet and erected a planetary shield, the Komato found them, fought them in surface combat, destroyed the planetary shield generators and proceeded to Alpha Strike the planet. Our population rapidly dwindled, until it consisted of only a million individuals – our very last colony.

Komato Log next to the Supercharge GOAL
Author: Komato Imperial Weapon Industries
Subject: Berserker 23948-78397-45533: FOR YOU EYES ONLY
Project 00002-90103-00525 is still starturns from mass-production. We have not yet managed to fully decipher the documentation of the extinct species that invented it, as they encrypted everything as heavily as possible. The only safe way to conceive this weapon is combining an MPFB Devastator with a Cyclic Fusion Ignition System. Either they did the same, or most of the weapons we have now are simply lesser modules or their more potent technologies. Imperial Weapons Industries looks to a future where we shape Nanotechnology to our will, rather than guessing at its inner workings. The next generation of weaponry may be coming, and a “Massacre” prototype was indeed used on Ciretako. Until then, this is the best we’ve got.

HehehehehEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHA, Massacre… yes. We will see more of the Massacre later.

Tasen Log right before the Phantom Hammer Strike
Author: Tasen Soldier JG922:ZMNS
Subject: Vending machines?
The human-made food containers in this area seem to require the use of an elaborate mechanism to obtain their contents. Some narrow hatches and symbol-endowed buttons are the only visible ways to interact with the containers, save for dismantling them. I guess they’re the humans’ equivalent of vending machines, but less sophisticated. Gets me thinking of the ones back on Tadexocora… they had all kinds of fruity stuff, and I don’t mean “fruity” as in contains the crushed flesh of innocent living organisms that happened to be born on a tree”. I mean packaging adorned by such brilliant slogans as “it’s all-natural!” So is nerve poison.

Tasen log in the locked room that the Phantom Hammer opens
Author: Tasen Soldier TJ57:PJVI
Subject: Human message
After decrypting the humans’ language, we began translating everything we could get our hands on to aid research. They possess mainly primitive technologies and equipment, but a few mildly interesting things as well, mainly concerning energy sources like “power cells” and “megacores”. Their so-called “neoweapon” research wasn’t of any use to us, though; its mechanical nature is inherently inferior to our Nanoweaponry. I thought we’d find some answers to the Human anomaly as well, but we’ve had no luck. The only thing I could find around here was a short promotional message. It reads:
Welcome to the weapons branch of the D.C.M.F.P.R. military research facility. Located on the outskirts of a peaceful industrial region, we care about our employees and their work. The sprawling facility consists of 260 Sectors, each focused on a particular line of work. The weapons branch consists of Sectors 1 to 8, with all higher-tiered Sectors consisting of a higher security level. When you first arrive, the healthy open spaces of Sector 3, home of software development, will welcome you with a smile. The nearby Sector 2 contains the local medical services, and a quick trip to the main storage in Sector 4 will get you geared up for work in no time. Sector 5 houses the storage control and materials analysis department, while Sector 6 is the main Neoweapon and genetics research laboratories. Sector 7 handles exotic technology and reverse-engineering research, which along with Sector 6 constitutes the most highly classified part of the weapons branch. Sector 8 is the main recreation area, offering free entertainment network access, games, swimming and sports. Dotted around the Sectors are guard stations, operating from the security gateway in Sector 9, which let you feel safe and secure in your everyday work. Your performance is of great import to the other Sectors of the facility, among them the top-class Sector X which houses some of the most cutting-edge research labs in the world, focused on military A.I. applications and alternative energy sources. Please enjoy your stay in the facility, and have a safe day.

Komato Log next to the Sector X switch
Author: Komato Trooper 87644-06156-86207
Subject: Dangerous potentials
A scanning of the “Human anomaly” has been completed, and the results are frightening. I can understand the maximum health and Nanoweapons, but her innate skills are probably more powerful than she may realize. Air braking, Teching and Nanofield rebooting are well known among the initiated, but this last, unnamed ability I’ve never even heard of. According to her Nanofield, the requirements for triggering it is to have 5 or less HP left, the eight basic Nanoweapons and at least 1 ammo for each of them. As for actually activating the ability, it seems she needs to hold C while getting up after being knocked to the ground. The ability consumes 1 ammo for all the weapons, however, and expels it in a massive storm of explosions while shielding the Anomaly from damage. Luckily this technique seems so difficult to perform, she will never discover it.


Komato Log right before the drop to the final area
Author: Komato Recreational Unit
Subject: Ultra Minefield Run And Seek
Clearly the most lethal game ever created, the rules are really quite simple. First, find or plant a large minefield, and gather every participant in its center. Then it is time to choose who will be the “seeker” and who will be the “judge”. This is usually decided with a large fight, of which the two participants with the least bruises and wounds win. When the seeker and judge have been chosen, they remain in the middle of the field, and the seeker closes his eyes. Then, the other players start running randomly around the field, and whenever someone steps on a mine, the seeker must point in the direction in which it happened, and guess the distance to the explosion. If he succeeds, with a predetermined margin of error, the judge gives him one point. This continues until ten shortcycles have passed, at which point any player who is still alive counts against the seeker’s points. If the seeker has a positive score, he wins, and can expect a thorough and utter beating by the survivor, who are most probably not very pleased with not having become the “seeker” at the start of the game.

And this is why I love the logs in this game.

Komato log under the Annihilator room
Author: Komato Imperial Research
Subject: “Destory”
The invention of the Forced Electron Stream system notably increased the Annihilators’ combat efficiency. Put simply, it allows them to electrocute an enemy at will, causing their personal Nanofield to self-combust. With an effectiveness degree of 99.85%, the opponent is completely obliterated. The only drawback is that the Annihilator must be in physical contact with its enemy, but given their size and strength, it is usually not a problem. It is a problem for certain Assassins that possess this ability, however, as they are too weak to hold their opponent still for long enough. Still, having been proven to blow even Tasen Elites into dust in an instant, the Annihilators have given this extremely powerful ability its own nickname; calling it to “Destroy” their enemies. Of course, certain individuals with particularly strong personal Nanofields may be resistant to this attack, but the Annihilators usually manage to deal with them with their regular Nanoweaponry. The nature of the system even allows for fatal electrocution of those not using Nanotechnology.