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Part 15: Pacifist Run - Sector 5

Sector 5

Not that many changes in logs… seeing as half of them were “ads”.

Komato Log by the Shocksplinter
Author: Komato Trooper 67012-93541-72497
Subject: Finally!
Aw yeah! I knew this’d be an interesting turn when our scout team’s report returned – it was just weird at first, but then General Tor said it was sent by the Tasen – THE TASEN! That’s right, they’re HERE! Three guesses what happens next – we shoot them to pieces, we blow up their Planetary Shielding system with a Phantom Hammer, then we smash this space rock into dust with a full-force Alpha Strike! Man, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Note on the girlfriend side story logs
I mentioned before that this log was going to be different in Pacifist Sector 5 but apparently it doesn’t change yet. Just wait a few more sectors.