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Part 16: Pacifist Run - Sector 6

Not seen here, me pantomiming a lot while recording commentary.

Sector 6

… Man why do I remember there being a lot of difference earlier on?

Tasen Log in the bottom room by the teleporter
Author: Tasen Commander GH814:MAUT
Subject: Damn it
The Komato are slaughtering us, and our last remaining army is falling apart! We’re done for, and so are the humans – the Komato will annihilate them along with everything else on the planet. It’s like we destroy every planet we even touch, because in one way or another those damn Komato find us every time! I’ve NO idea how they did it this time unless that Human anomaly was involved – they couldn’t possibly have seen through our transmission!

For some reason if you pacifist and don’t contact Tor, then this log adds that extra line about the transmission at the end, but this is odd cause there’s no way the Tasen would have known that you contacted the Komato

During the confrontation between Iji and Dan if you read the Asha log
“After Iji tells Dan everything is alright”
Dan: Yeah. We’ll send them back where they came from, and we’ll keep doing it your way… sabotaging their weapons and talking sense into their leader.

Dan adds this onto the “Ya! We’ll send them back where they came from.” one. Minor change but eh… I caught it on camera so I’ll put it in.