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Part 7: Episode 7: Plowing through the lab visits

The eggheads back at the lab surely have more to say, so we'll pay them a visit.

I'm going to visit until we don't see any new videos upon returning. These resulted in just 4 more videos at the moment.

Again, I just go to any spire. You'd be doing this fairly regularly if you were playing on the hardware, since you have to go back to the lab to save the game.

Lab Visit #2

To watch this video yourself, go here:

Doctor: "That was close, Five. You've got to keep moving in there!"

Gal: "You're on your own. We can only observe and advise."

Guy: "When you're set again, here are your stats."

Just another visit with Doctor Grumpy and Mrs. Frumpy, it seems.

Lab Visit #3

To watch this video yourself, go here:

Guy: "You see? Number Four's energy levels spiked right when he ran through that static field."
Doctor: "Do you suppose that's what caused his algorithm to crash?"
Guy: "I don't know. I have a feeling there's more to it than than."

Doctor: "Here's your stats. Let us know when you're ready."

It seems that the lab goons are encroaching on some new understandings of the virtual world of Perfect.

Lab Visit #4

To watch this video yourself, go here:

Guy: "Did you see the energy spike when Five ran through that static field? That's the same thing that happened in Number Four."
Gal: "Yeah but Four's algorithms crashed right after he did that."
Guy: "Yes, but it wasn't the static field. The only thing that static field did was raise his levels. This proves it!"

Doctor: "Five? We may be onto something here."

Doctor: "Run through the static fields of the next few rhythms you crash, so we can gather some more data. If this theory is correct, we may be able to permantly increase your power."
Doctor: "Put up the stats. Let us know when you're ready."

Ah, interesting. In case you're wondering, it's not strictly necessary to do what he's asking.

Lab Visit #5

To watch this video yourself, go here:

Doctor: "Wake up, Five. Come on, open your eyes."

Doctor: "Pay close attention to this. It could make the difference in the success of our mission."

Guy: "So far with every rhythym you've crashed, when you've run through the static field, it increases your power levels. But for how long, we don't know. So I've been running some tests. And I believe that by using the Huffman encoding and interleaving, we can capture those static algorithms and then permanently add their power to your projection into Perfect."

Doctor: "Get to the point!"

Guy: "The more rhythms you can crash and then Huffman, the more powerful you'll become."

Doctor: "...and the better your chances of obtaining our mission objective. Gain all the power you can this way. You'll need it."

Doctor: "Display stats and get ready to jump."

So at this point the videos have finally clued us in on the mechanics that allow our player to build stats.

Next time: I grind like mad and make us more formidable!